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Watching the sun set over hills of green is always such a vibe. No place i’d rather be 🌄


Exploring the depths of Stephens Gap Cave⛰ @calop_ with the dope edit 🤯


Testing my finger strength to see what’s below🔦@yovaaannn and I hiked to the top of Starr mountain and shot for a few hours through sunset until it was pitch black out and shot some stuff of the stars. Here is right before the sun went completely down🌄


Fun fact i’m actually not standing on a giant brownie🙃 going back through old pictures and came across this one of me holding the flare🔦


Jumping for joy for instant coffee on top of the mountain ☕️⛰


2 days in NC⛰


bird’s eye view




It’s always amazed me how surreal you can make something look with a camera. Also can you spot the hidden person in this picture?🙆🏽‍♂️⛰


Walking around the plunge-pool after a long day of rain. The weather actually worked in our favor once the storm passed and a cloud of fog rolled in making it a perfect scene 🌿


Taking landscapes has always been one of my favorite things to do when traveling. We got to the main waterfall and unfortunately it was littered with people, but we managed to get away from the crowd. I made my way down stream and luckily found this hidden spot that was tucked away in the woods 🌲🌊


Out of the places I’ve been this is one of my favorites and it is absolutely mind blowing🤯 Can’t wait to take another trip back here and shoot some more🤘🏽


We had gotten up around 4:30 to catch the sunrise and there ended up being a blanket of fog over Alabama. After a while the fog eventually rolled out and it ended up being one of the best sunrises we had seen ⛰☀️ Love moments like these


I’ve been working on a bunch of things these past few months stepping up my photography and videography game. I have been so caught up in weddings and client work I haven’t been able to travel much and do what I love, but I have some pretty cool trips coming up soon and I can’t wait to share 🙏🏽✈️