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🚩MEAL PREP RECIPE!🚩 - Salmon🐟+breadcrumbs+egg+seasonings= a high protein masterpiece! Make and grill the patties in advance then store in the fridge up to 3 days for an easy meal option! #mealprep #mealprepsunday #salmonburgers #bodybuildingcom - Burger Recipe: *16oz Salmon *1 egg *1/4c of breadcrumbs *2-3 TBSP Horseradish *2TBSP dijon mustard *salt+pepper Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Form 4 patties. Grill each side until thoroughly cooked.


WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE TO KEEP PROGRESSING?⠀ -⠀ This is a common question we get... you stopped seeing results so now what? @bajheerawow thinks the best thing to try is to make small things and make one change at a time to see what truly impacts your results the most! - What is one change you have made or need to make for your best results?⠀ -⠀ #bodybuildingcom #makeachange #buildyourbody


BEAST MODE💪 - What are you training today? Deadlifts like @leanna_carr? - #bodybuildiingcom #buildyourbody


CHEST DAY WORKOUT! SAVE IT🚩 - Grow your pecs like @lawrenceballenger! Check this quick and effective chest workout! - Full workout: (3x10)Flat Bench (3x10) Champagne Press (3x10) Cable Cross Over (3 angles) (3x15) Underhand Flys (3x15) Diamond Push-Up - #chestday #chestdayworkout #bodybuildingcom


Weird flex, but okay?💪🏼 - @smith.julian loves changing up his exercises with unique variations like this lying lat "pulldown". What are your favorite exercise variations? - #bodybuildingcom #flexfriday #buildyourbody


Good things never come to those who stay in their comfort zone. Are you ready to step out of yours? - Athlete: @kizmvp #bodybuildingcom #buildyourbody


TRAIN WITH JULIAN SMITH‼️ - Leg day is tough... we get it. So many exercises and variations, how can you make sure you do it right? The first of a 3 part series, @smith.julian takes you through his favorite exercises + giving you form tips along the way! First up: leg extension! Full video link in bio! - #bodybuildingcom #buildyourbody #legday #fitness


WORKOUT WEDNESDAY: Triceps + Tempo - When doing cable pushdowns, hold the concentric portion of the exercise. Push the cable down and add a 3-5 second hold then slowly release back up. The tempo being used will create a much harder exercise and don't be afraid to lower the weight as needed to still perform it correctly! - Athlete: @bajheerawow - #bodybuildingcom #workoutwednesday #tricepsworkout #buildyourbody


Cookies + Pancakes= Stack of gains for #nationalcookieday 🍪 🥞 Tag a friend who needs these! - Perfect or pre or post workout, these Peppermint Cookie Pancakes will sure hit the spot! Plus, while they are decadent, they also pack in some high quality protein from our Signature Whey! Recipe from @pancakeguru below 👇🏼 - • 79g of Kodak Cakes Power Cakes pancake mix • 51g (1.5 scoops) of Chocolate Signature Whey protein powder • 6oz of Milk (regular or dairy free) - Mixed dry ingredients together and added them into the milk. Mixed thoroughly and let sit for 3-5 minutes Sprayed a flat pan with coconut oil and turned to a low heat of 2 Makes about 7-8 mid sized pancakes. Optional: Top with chocolate nut butter, crushed peppermint candy cane, protein bar chunks, and a Peppermint Bark Chocolate Sandwich Cookie ✅MACROS: (crushed peppermint candy cane not included) 750 calories: 14g of Fat, 80g of Carbs, 16g of Fiber, and 83g of Protein✅ - #pancakes #breakfastideas #proteinpancakes #bodybuildingcom


CONGRATULATIONS to our ambassadors who have been announced as participants on the first season of the @nbctitangames 👏🏼💙💪🏼 - See @ben_afuvai and @kelseyhorton1989 compete in the brand new TV show airing on January 3rd!! Mark your calendars! - #bodybuildingcom #thetitangames #bbcomambassador