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@smith.julian then and now 👀 - #transformationtuesday with TEAM Signature Athlete Julian Smith reminding you that your fitness journey will have different phases! Growing/bulking, cutting, maintaining... everyone’s journey is different! Focus on YOUR goals and what phase you need to be in to reach it! It may mean getting uncomfortable in one phase before starting another.. - “While all the other dudes were getting cut for summer or spring break every year, I got bigger and focused on building muscle for 6 years straight. Those guys had little to no progress in that time period and I made more progress than I ever have in my life! Which set me up for the physique I have today. This is always a good opportunity to speak about social media and how it affects young (or new) lifters today. Back when I was rockin the moon face 🌚 and weighing in at 260lbs I had one goal in mind - I wanted to get huge. I was 22 years old, switching off my training every other week between powerlifting and bodybuilding. I didn't know anything about flexible dieting (or nutrition in general) but I knew enough to stay way the hell in a surplus of calories.. and clearly I was killing it 😎I didn't know or see anyone in the fitness world that was shredded 24/7. I honestly didn't even consider the benefits of looking lean or trying to track my intake closer. I was going to school full time, working, I didn't have time to mess with it! I held onto this particular look for SIX YEARS. No summer cuts, no preps. I credit this time period for my current physique. Now I'm not saying you need to be 60lbs overweight to see progress.. but I am saying you need to let go of the idea that you can be shredded and make crazy gains all at the same time! A lot of the fitness icons you see today spent a good amount of time in a thicker state for muscle maturity and growth. You need to spend quality time in a surplus without yo-yo'ing into a cut every 3 months.” - Have a transformation!? Tag us #bbcomtransformation to be featured! - #transformation #bodytransformation #bulkingseason #transformyourbody #fitness #weightloss #bodybuildingcom


HEY TRY THIS! - Leg raises are a great ab workout, but turn up the intensity by not allowing your legs to fully come down. This keeps the tension on your core and it is one of @hunterdelfa1’s favorite ways to feel the burn and build his abdominal strength. - Have an exercise variation you love? Let us know! Use #heytrythis and tag us in your videos! - #bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #workouts #abworkouts #sixpackabs #nutrabio #coreworkout


The only thing stopping you from greatness is yourself. You determine how far you go. - Athlete: @mrusa2017 - #bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #animalpak #tuesdaymotivation #tuesdayquotes #fitness #fitnessmotivation


"Working hard for something we care about, that's called passion. Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress." - Is fitness your passion or just a stress? We are here to help! Drop a comment below so we can help you find that passion! Find your reason for loving + being passionate about the gym or however you choose to get healthy! #motivationmonday - Athlete: - #fitnessmotivation #bodybuildingcom #buildyourbody #optimumnutrition #workoutmotivation


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Sunday To Do List: 1) Rest (or workout)✅ 2) Meal Prep✅ 3) Smile.. it’s a new week tomorrow! ✅ - What’s on your Sunday agenda to get ready for a new week!? - Athlete: @yamimufdi - #sundayvibes #sundayfunday #restday #mealprep #smilemore #bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #teambodybuildingcom


Sunday Stretching 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ - Don’t forget to relax, rest, and stretch! Take care of your body so it can perform properly in the gym! - Athlete: @brookeericksonfitness - #sunday #stretchingtips #bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #bestself #buildyourbody #restday



TOP 5 BRAIN BOOSTING SUPPLEMENTS! - Dr. Douglas Kalman is here to give you some insight into how you can supplement for cognitive benefits! - #bodybuildingcom #supplements #fitness #supplementreview #healthandwellness #supplementsfacts


If it were easy, everyone would do it. When it is the hardest, keep fighting... challenge your limits! #flexfriday - Athlete: @briandecosta - #bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #buildyourbody #testyourlimits #challengeyourself #fitnessmotivation


HEY TRY THIS! @gatsupplements - @sadikhadzovic brings you one of his favorite ways to isolate his hamstrings, putting his heels on plates! By elevating the heel and doing a stiff leg deadlift, it can allow your body to be in a better position to feel the stretch and pull on the hamstrings! - Have a unique exercise variation you love? Use #heytrythis and tag us so we can learn more! - #bodybuildingcom #bodybuilding #exercises #workouts #GATsupps #deadlifts #legday #legworkout


#bbcomin5 What is your favorite deadlift variation!?🤔 - With so many options to hit the hammies... everyone has one they prefer! Comment below your answer for your chance to win $35 of in-store credit! - Athlete: @jimstoppani - #jymarmy #deadlifts #bodybuildingcom #jimstoppani #jymsupps #thursdaythoughts