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Bokitta is for women that have places to be. It is timeless, innovative - it's the standard [Patented Hijab]

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Shop the remaining BASICS collection, only few left at . ❤😇@miaadlatoof


The perfect, unique yet practical gift for a hijab newbie, graduate, a friend's wedding, friend's birthday, newly delivered mom, ...and the list goes on. #bokitta


The most destinctive character about the CHIC hijab, apart from being totally instant in an arab wrap style, is that it has a matching tassel on the edge. Who is a CHIC hijab lover? 😍


Welcome to the world of @bokitta - we design #hijabs with YOU in mind. We realized your needs are changing, and we wanted to give you something that will make you look your best, effortlessly and instantly! • @miaadlatoof🌠 • #hijabfashion #modestfashion #hijabi #streetstyle #modestroute


The 1st hijab choice for moms! 👶 Join the pin-less tribe of #bokittalovers, order your first pinless hijab now at any store in our story highlights or from and feel the pinless difference! We can now ship to Hawaii, for real! 😅🧜‍♀️💃🌺 P.c @bokittajapan


We are in 8 locations in Parkson Departement stores in Malaysia. We just recently opened in East Coast Mall in Kuantan, Alhamdullilah always❤ . 🏛 Please check our story highlight section for all authorized distributor, franchise, and dealer shop locations in Malaysia and Brunei . 🌏 If you live outside Malaysia, you can order at | We deliver within 3 to 7 working days Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50, for a limited time! @parksonmalaysia @bokitta_lovers @bokittavoila @bokitta_subangjaya @bokittahijabista @bokitta_filzcloset


In 2009, the first Bokitta hijabs we had were "Voila!", we later added more styles...❤ #throwback Which style is your favorite?


One of the biggest acts of love is “Dua”. You actually love someone enough to talk to Allah about them. ❤  #randomquote


Any newbie can now get the perfectly wrapped look! ✔ #hijabfashion


🌾Behind the camera ~ Farfalla Collection - Autumn 2018 with @wwags @wahastudio #hijabfashion


We are now open in a new mall in Indonesia "ICON MALL" at Centro departement stores,  Gresik city. 🎉


Did you know the inspiration behind this print? It's a painting inspired from Blue morpho butterfly wings. The Blue Morpho's wing underside is dull brown when the wings are closed. When the Morpho flies, the contrasting bright blue and dull brown colors start to flash, making it look like the butterfly is appearing and dissapearing....🦋 Check the painting video we posted earlier ❤


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