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BOLA granola

Handmade in small batches, by our family for yours, with pure & natural premium ingredients. #bolagranola 🌱#vegan 🌾#glutenfree 🚫#nongmo 👇Click👇

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Real Food🌱


@bolagritz covered in chocolate with dear friend Leslie, at Michèle’s bakery “Suchele” in Lenox, Massachusetts 1979.


We make it for you!🌻 ——————— photo❤️by @dianajeronimo


“It’s toasty, nutty and salty sweet.” - Michèle Miller, BOLA founder . .. ... .... Photo❤️ by @dianajeronimo


“While we watch tv, we always have granola for dessert. A little strawberry or plain yogurt, fruit that’s in season, and BOLA granola.” -@inagarten describing the dessert she and her husband Jeffrey enjoy on a nightly basis in an interview with @bonappetit. “I buy granola because unless you can make something that’s better than what you’d buy, there’s no point in spending the time!“ BOLA loves you back Ina!🧡 . .. ... BOLA granola Parfait: 1/2 cup Original BOLA granola 1/2 cup Plain Yogurt 1/4 cup Seasonal Fruit 1 tablespoon Maple Syrup


We’re really feeling ”simple, healthy & delicious” in 2019.✨ 🧡Who’s with us? Comment if you agree! . .. ... .... Bowl & photo🧡@juju_onthebeet


Happy New Year! 🎉🧡2018 was a year to remember - now it’s time to reset and refocus. ☀️Today, we set new intentions, creating the mental space to allow for the stresses, struggles and fears of the past year to wash away. What are you planning on accomplishing in the year 2019?


🧡 @BOLAgranola loves you back with 9-10 grams of plant-based protein, per 1/2 cup serving. . . . 🔸BOLA is a family business. Our products are handmade and hand-packaged in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. . .. . 🎁We ship our freshly baked granola directly from our ovens, to your door. BOLA granola is 100% vegan, with gluten-free and low-glycemic options available as well. All of which are made from clean & natural, premium ingredients. . . . ☝️☝️Did you know⁉️⁉️ All granola orders placed on both our website **link in bio** & @amazon are baked fresh to order and shipped in the same day? . .. 🤲Handmade by our family for yours…BOLA loves you back!


Happy Holidays to all from Michèle and the BOLA family🧡 #bolalovesyouback


🤲Handmade by our family for yours. BOLA loves you back!!!❤️


#Repost @reset.mia ・・・ o p e n | up | to the unknown. ~ we have this idea that we can settle down and be comfortable at a certain point in our lives. ~ the truth is life never stops changing and the unexpected is always a part of our path ✨➿➿➿ Do you allow life to s u r p r i s e you? || Heart opening inspiration from our past guide, @anaheartayoga || ❤️


The goods🧡


A timeless classic: Strawberry, blueberry and banana bowl topped with BOLA granola. —————- 🥣&📸 by @dianajeronimo 🧡


Shooters are gonna shoot @joseph.nikolai ⛳️ 🚨Warning🚨: Shots powered by BOLA are proven to be more powerful and accurate😁


There’s only one.🧡 ———————————————- Photo by @dianajeronimo