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When you and your fish can’t fit in a selfi πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ50+ Pony all day #nicewarn #bassfishing #midfiddy


I’ve seen fish ladders in my time but this thing is next level tech! #elevatortoheaven


Catching flies πŸ•Έ but how’s the engine on this swimmer πŸ’ͺ🏼 #bassfishing #yakbass #squidgybiosmasher


How good is catching baby BreamZ πŸ™„ #fail #fromzerotozero


Few yak Hog shots from the wknd


By no means a big fish but it was the first for the season for me I hadn’t posted. A little wild fella still below the fresh. Who dat creeping in the background @dean__thomson @fezmond πŸ“Έ #youalwaysrememberthefirst


Excuse this pic πŸ˜… But I finally managed to beat my PB ( which was held by a South Coast NSW wild fish at 53cm ) and by over 2cm with this 55+ Brute, it was just mental even to hold her. I struggled with deep water fish this day and smacked them on banks, edges and weed beds until @fezmond dragged me back to the depths for one last chance before the buzzer and this was on my last cast as we made our way home. This is why we are forever chasing that β€˜one more cast’ you just never know what might happen. I am still one very happy boy πŸ˜† #squidgiesBioToughFish70mm @squidgiesaustralia #manspread


This Pigeon 🐦🐦 pair Smashed a TN70 being burned hard out of a weed bed then stopped dead for the hit. The colour on them was outstanding #nofilterneeded 😍 @jackallaustralia


Football anyone? @squidgiesaustralia Fish in 70mm doing the damage on this one when they shut down


@jackallaustralia Gillcra crusher from the edge πŸ™ŒπŸΌ


Think I’ve got a new favourite lure @jackallaustralia this thing SLAYS


Sometimes on flights you’re a winner. But for me, most times I’m a loser 😩 #GoldCoastFlatheadClassic


First for me on the new Squidgy Biotough πŸ˜† #wheninchina #ffs #Koi #china #fishingchina #wancai


Pure legends. Minus the punishment the one and only @the_official_splasherrr #DaveIrvineSnapperClassic


Little Cod trapped in a pool. Starting to slow down a bit from lack of oxygen and food I’d say #greenfish #trapped


Some quality gear for a quality bloke. See you on the water @garethwiddop πŸ€™πŸΌ #stgeorgeillawarradragons


Time for round 2 boys πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ how’s @the_official_splasherrr spilling his lollies over this passing 🐳 with @christopherharris111 - Warning bad language