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New York City with the @frombarreltobottle crew was a blast. Managed to take a few photos that didn’t contain a whisky bottle 🤭


Caught the travel bug somewhere along this trip a couple months ago, and am feeding the addiction again tomorrow as we head to New York City! A couple projects/events coming from @frombarreltobottle while we are there if you want to keep up!


Did you really visit the Rockies if you didn’t get your feet wet? @rystrax out here finding himself.


Met some incredible people the last few days while working on a project that took us all through banff and up to Jasper. Would definitely recommend that drive, especially if you want to see a dozen 🐻


Volcanic lifestyle 🌋


After a month of travel there is still nothing like Home 🤤


Truly one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve experienced in my life. I’m back from Europe, graduated, and ready to start a new chapter. Through the next while Im excited to share my journey with you and mix the feed up with photos from the trip, mountain landscapes and portraits. Thanks to everyone for sticking around!


Even sub par mornings at Vermillion Lake are some of the best sights in the world. - Excited to announce I’ve finished my last exam of my undergrad today, and am excited to begin a new chapter in my life 🙏🏼🎓


Off to Eastern Europe for a month in a week and a half! Will miss these spectacular views, but I’m excited to explore new environments, cultures, and experiences!


I’d say we experienced our first day of spring yesterday in the mountains. Not losing feeling in my fingers while shooting is something I could get used to😅


Taking portrait applications for Lake Louise, will be tough to compete with @braystoro, but anythings possible 😜


I enjoy the simple things in life. Give me a bomb sun flare and I’m good.


Exploring new angles


One of the best Mondays I can remember. A full day of adventure served up with some unreal company


Can’t get enough of Canmore covered in snow


Making @braystoro look back at it to catch the sun flare 🤙🏼


That warm light rushing through the bridge was no reflection of the freezing temperature that morning. Someone hit me up with gloves that withstand -31C and still allow me to function my camera 😫❄️


Get yourself a Robbie, everyone needs a @robbiewigg