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➳ Lets go on an adventure ➳ ⠀ 1 Peter 1:8 Director @tothmedia Ambassador @sonyalpha

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Young, wild & skrrrrt 🤙🏼🌅 @sanholobeats - we rise


The light we see from even the closest star has taken 4 years to reach us... woah


It’s hard to imagine where I’d be without the friends/family in my life willing to give insight, encouragement, and criticism. Whatever you wanna do in life it’s important to find wise people willing to tell you what they think. Surround yourself with people that will light your path ✨🏔


Congratulations to @jessieashton12 ! You’re the winner of my giveaway with @sackclothxashes! They will send you a DM soon. Thank you to everyone who participated.


You could say they’re rather fawn of each other 🦌🍂 @jasmine.lorimer @deer


When your morning commute involves snowy peaks and ice blue water. I’d wake up for that 👌🏼🏔 @tothmedia


Room with a view 👌🏼🏔


Lets sleep under the stars 🌙 Song: something familiar - @ayokay


Friends! Last day of @sackclothxashes biggest sale of the year! Get 25% OFF all of their blankets and for each one purchased, they give a blanket to your local homeless shelter. (Link in bio)