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Ride or die.


I haven’t posted in ages.. so incase you guys are worried.. yes I’m still alive.


Sometimes you get so caught up in where you wish you were that you forget how far you’ve already come.🦋


Thinking of starting a Blog called “My name’s Brandi and I really suck at Instagram because all I want to do is eat carbs and watch romcoms” 💕


I normally don’t post pictures of my day to day life. But this whole weekend was such a wave, thank you @airandstyle. 🌊 (also met these two girls 5 seconds before taking a picture together)


Hi can I get a Large pepperoni, mushroom and olive pizza? ..actually can I get two.. and cheesy bread. It’s Vday tomorrow and I’m trying to eat my feelings. 🍕❤️ #foreversingle


Runaway with me🌊


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the worlds biggest over thinker. ✨


I’m bout to hit you guys with some personal shiz. My whole life I hated my jawline.. I always thought it was too square, masculine in a way. Recently I’ve had many compliments from it. Everyone has insecurities. Others will see beauty in parts of you that you thought were flaws. That’s the beauty of the power of social media.. we can all impact eachother in a powerful way if we choose to with the simplest of compliments. Uplifting eachothers confidence. Through modeling I’ve come to love myself more, not because of the way I see myself in pictures but because of the way other people tell me they see beauty where I thought flaws were. Kindness is powerful. You never know how you can touch someone with the smallest thought. Be kind.❤️


It’s ya girl, B.


If you’re a bird, I’m a bird. 🕊


In a world of my own.🌹


When you see a snack walk into the party


Illusion: I have abbs. Reality: I like cookies too much.


Dear Diary, I started 2018 with the flu. But on the bright side starting the year off on the bottom means I’ll at least end the year a little above the bottom. -Ya girl B


False reality. Real emotion.


Brandi in Urban Wonderland.☁️


I'm in my car listening to "Sweet child of mine" and it's misty raining but I'm about to walk into work sadly .. And I really wish I was back here on this road with my friends. 🍂