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Be kind to unkind people..they need it the most.♡Kurtis&Kingston♡ Most recent vlog click below 👇🏻

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You feel like sun down on my skin I'll take my time and breathe you in With you the summer never ends✨ Photo shot by: @socrisp_


Last bikini post until 2019, I promise😇 Anybody else going to miss bikini season?


Seek what sets your soul on fire 🌹


When @makeuupp_by_amanda asks you to be her model for the day 💄🔥 • Makeup deets on her page @makeuupp_by_amanda


Meet me where the sky touches the sea🥀 • • • Photo by: @simply.j.visuals Swim: @zaharaswim Use discount code BreeNew20 for 20% off your order♥️


People like what people see Here I am just being me⚡️


Bae is that you?


Forever living in a bikini✨


Thank you for following me around everywhere and keeping the creeps away😇 #bestfriend


Empowered women Empower women #girlgang 💙💛❤️


Golden hour💛


You, me, & the sea 💙🌊


There’s so much power in just letting shit be.


Be a reflection of what you’d like to receive. If you want love give love. If you want truth be truthful. If you want respect, give respect. What you give will always return.


The last couple of weeks I’ve been focusing on myself more and more which is something I never do. As a mom and a wife you can easily get wrapped up in everyday life and neglect your self care. I’ve realized in order to be a great wife and mom I need to be a better version of me. It’s the small steps that are impacting my mood and body. I’ve recently started working out, eating clean (occasional cheat meals), and dedicating time for myself. Although it’s only been a few weeks I feel so much better about myself and my journey to continue to become a better human inside and out. While on my journey I’m finding it crucial to be around people who will motivate me, push me, teach me, and always be there for me. If you are ever feeling down about yourself or don’t know where to start just remember everyone started somewhere and the biggest step to improving your life is actually taking that step and going for it. Don’t make excuses about why you can’t do it whether it’s changing your diet, working out, or making time for your self. Feeling bad for yourself isn’t going to make you accomplish your goals. Start saying yes more and taking care of YOU. I hope I can inspire someone today to make changes, cut out the toxic shit in your life, and be a better human mentally and psychically! ✨💕 ⚡️📸 @dontbejaded


People leave you out in the cold & get mad when you learn how to get warm by yourself☀️


Two moods 😋


Accept what is, let go of what was.