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Sometimes it’s about food that’s good for the soul!!


Busy pulling everything that has shot to seed and getting this patch ready for more beans, tomatoes and peppers. I’ve labelled everything over on stories!!


Gorgeous morning spent @matakanafarmersmarket this morning - funny story though... I went off to find something I hadn’t eaten before - which was a delicious plate of dumplings - insta hubby (NOT) went for a personal fave - which was nearly gone by my return (only a minute at most) so I got the best pic available 😂😂 kinda ironic when you consider the first pies from these guys he tried were gifted !!! Now they are just inhaled at every opportunity!!! My favourite cannolis were not there 😭😭


White radish is growing itself right out of the soil!!!! Might have to use him with dinner tomorrow!!


Nachos for dinner - amazing chilli made from @alexandrafinefoods New Mexican Chilli - it is gluten free and vegan friendly - they are not labels that I luckily don’t have to look for - but if you do - this was a fantastic flavour bomb!!! #chilli #gifted #nachos


TB to when we grabbed a bite - I think it was after someone’s last exam for the year!


Dinner tonight !! Homegrown asparagus and broccoli... can’t wait for tomato season !!


Lucky enough to try the famous @lazeretto ‘egg’ from @hentleyfarm . The Taste Theatre @tasteofauckland had an incredible line up of chefs sponsored by @electroluxau Taste Theatre so - all the demonstrations are free and a little taste of something delicious!! I highly recommend catching one of these little 30 min sessions. (Hand model @creative_jacqueline )


Had THE best evening at @tasteofauckland this evening - if you’ve been watching stories...!! I tried all the award winning dishes and they are all very worthy - this is the dish I’m eating again over the weekend though... @xoong_mt_eden soft shell crab gua bao - gochujang mayo, pickled shallots. Along with many many others... I actually have to make a second trip for unfinished food business !!! It’s a great layout some indoors, some outdoors so it’s perfect for any weather Auckland cares to throw at us for the weekend!!


Visit to @puredelishltd factory today !! . Total Behind the scenes tour is up on stories.... to launch their newest ‘no-grain-ola’ pecan, ginger and coconut!!


How could you say no to these!!?? Giant jam doughnuts were being offered around like appetisers @chelseasugarnz cafe opening on Friday.... I think that’s cheating....


Afternoon tea @chelseasugarnz brand new education centre and cafe!! An amazing spot and worth a visit with the kids too!! Opens tomorrow....


Breakfast today - I’m planning on some gardening today - even though I have an email from IRD telling me to do my GST 😒 So I popped the garlic pita in the toaster and stuffed them with breakfast and took off outside - @dannyspitabread sent me these and they’re delish!!