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What do you see. A Machine to collect debt or avenue to build a empire. #vision how much risk are you willing to take 🤔


This is a daily learn. Some days you will go backwards but learn from those days and keep pushing forward. Enjoy the process of change . Be excited about the results. The small victories. You control you. 👊🏼 #motivation #mondaymotivation #Deegan38


When the boys go #fullsend 🎯🔥 #Dangerboy #representing the ramp #skills 👊🏼👊🏼 @dangerboydeegan new collection @shopdeegan38 #moto


Interesting to see @lucasoiloffroad make some rule changes to run DOT tires in Pro2 in attempt to save drivers $. Actually this saves the tire manufacturers $ not having to produce always changing one off race tires at 3-500 a tire. This is the perfect opportunity to implement the buy in for tire companies to the class putting the $ towards a proper pro purse. As of now it is 2,415 dollars to win Pro2. With the tire buy in we could raise purses to 10-20k to win a race and a 25-50k or more to win a championship. This will increase truck count quickly. Allowing the 410 motors to start ahead of the 436 motors each race will eventually force all drivers to switch over to the 410 motor ( the class should have one motor size like all other major racing classes ) . 2019 will be a interesting year for Shortcourse. Would be nice to see the class grow because the racing is good. Really is time to quit letting the motor guys dictate the sport we pay for. Just make@the call go to 410s and raise the purses through tire company buy-ins. I know a handful of guys that would come back in 2019 ! 🎯


Pretty stoked on this T just in time for #Christmas hit up link in bio . @shopdeegan38 #coolgifts #Deegan38 #familybiz link in bio


Comment below ideas for a Christmas themed YouTube video!! #youtube #subscribe #moto #shred #sendit #daily





Power of positive mindset . Has been instilled since birth. “Just because it hasn’t been done doesn’t mean it can’t be done!” @hailiedeegan is at the beginning of her @nascar career with her mind set of getting to cup and being competitive . We are ready for the task. And btw there is still a few spots left for strong partners to join the team . Prob a good time to get in early 🤔 just saying. As we honor the ones that help us get there. 👊🏼 #DeeganFamily #Racing it’s a Family #Team thing ..