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Sunday funday with the unbelievably delicious @jaldeebrighton 😊👌 good friends, perfect pub (@bottomsrestpub )lovely wine and sensational food 🥘 dreamboat 🌱🙌


Going straight in to our top 3 breakfasts of Brighton & Hove is this masterpiece - Vegan breakfast @theset_restaurant ♥️🌱 Obviously The Set is gifted with a beautiful restaurant and sea views but that don’t mean a thing if the food isn’t exceptional and this, my friends, is exceptional. Delicious home made beans (BBQ flavour), spinach, fried potatoes, @flintowlbakery bread, mushroom, slow roasted tomato, avocado and some green magical stuff that tastes like heaven 😋 YAY!!


No YOU can’t stop eating! Vegan 🌱 curry wurst down at @thetempestinn 👍


Actually can’t get enough of @lavashbrighton 👌 the mouth party with every bite is out it control 🎉 🌱🤤 and don’t get me started on that bread 🥙


Cooked from scratch 2 nights in a row, whaya gun do?. . 📸 smokey bean cassoulet (sort of) with @sainsburys shroomdog ‘meat’balls and crispy potatoes 🌱😋💯 . 👈 swipe for build badness


It’s December and that can only mean one thing - Christmas Burger time 🍔🌱 @movingmountainsfoods B12 patty with cranberry, minty peas, mustard and stuffing • Roasted cauliflower with a cashew cheese sauce • Sprouts and chestnut mushrooms pan fried with toasted mixed seeds and sriracha mayo 💯 festive banger 🙌🏻😋💨🤦🏼‍♀️


This week needs to look a lot more like this 👀 Hands up who activated Christmas mode about 4 weeks too early (about 2 weeks ago) 👋 . . 🌱 Few last bits from @delikitchen_tm and . 🌱 📸 Açai bowl . 📸 Tofu Scramble


Who knew Munich would be vegan heaven?! We stumbled across this AMAZING burger place @hans_im_glueck_burgergrill which looked pretty cool from outside and turned out to be absolutely INSANE inside. We need one of these in Brighton PLEASE!!! Not only is it absolutely beautiful but the burgers were some of the best we have had 🍔♥️🌱🙌🏻


Step 1: Eat all the plant based goodness @tibits_uk 🌱😋 Step 2: Eat a whole @doughnuttime_uk vegan donut 🍩♥️ . Winning at life ♥️🌱🙌🏻


Well would you look what we have here... it’s the lesser spotted home cooked breakfast! 😋 •Shroom dogs, baked beans, cavolo Nero, roasted red pepper, red pepper hummus, avocado with whole grain mustard and chestnut mushrooms ♥️🌱😋


We always used to love bringing people to @sixbrighton for their beautiful breakfasts but stopped a while ago due to some inconsistencies (mainly hard potatoes). This delight yesterday however was an absolute banger and there is no denying it’s an absolute stunner! ♥️😋🌱 📸 Vegan breakfast


There are many pretenders to the crown 👑 but if @v_and_h_cafe isn’t your favourite breakfast in town, you’re simply not doing it right! . Sure, It’s not the whizziest looking and there are no pink and purple bits but... man, is every single bit delicious! 🤤 . . 📸 Full Vegan (the cav nero is so so good at the moment)


No filters here 📸 . you know when you really want something naughty and tasty but you know you need something nutritious? That’s when we head to @socialboardbrighton - never let us down yet 🙏🏻🌱