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Over the years, Trondheim has given me a lot of memorable sunsets, moments, and experiences that I will forever remember. In a place so remote and cold, happiness comes in different ways. Solitude, tranquility and self-reflection first come to mind. If there is one thing I have learnt from life in such environment, it is to appreciate every sunny moment, because you never know when you will have it again. And nothing better encapsulates those thoughts than this very day, when the sun managed to peek from behind the clouds for the very first time after yet another long, cold winter. === 16 mm, f/11, 240 s (10-stop ND filter), ISO 50


Here’s a photo for you. We worked very hard for this one, especially on finding a boat captain willing to help us with the composition. So give it a like. It will mean a lot to him, and you won’t even feel it. 1 like = 1 happy captain ⚓ === 18 mm, f/7.1, 4 s (10-stop ND filter), ISO 160


I came home welcomed with tireless screaming. That could mean only one thing — my roommate's kids were back for the week. An invisible drop of sweat formed on my forehead, knowing that I won’t get much sleep in the next seven days. My roommate was sitting on the floor with a tired look on his face. The kids were running around in circles, playing some silly made-up game. Our eyes met for a moment, but instead of greeting me, he just released a quiet sigh. I stayed there for a bit, joining the party, but it wasn’t long before I retreated to my room, completely drained of any energy. A few hours later, I came back to fetch some food. The kids were riding their dad as a horse, with sounds of laughter and happiness filling out the room. I woke up around 7 in the morning to the same sounds of screaming piercing through the walls. It was kindergarten time, and the little one was throwing some food-related tantrum. I put my headphones on and played Ludovico Einaudi, in an attempt to cancel the noise. Needless to say, it didn't help. Instead of being annoyed as I usually would, a strong feeling of respect for my roommate overwhelmed me; respect that I rarely felt or showed to my parents, just because I had never really understood how much effort and love is needed to raise a child. I quickly grabbed my phone feeling a strong urge to write to my mom, only to see that her message had already been waiting for me. "You could sometimes call your mother, you know," it said. Happy birthday, mom. This is for all the times I didn't call you. === 15 mm, f/4.5, 120 s (10-stop ND filter), ISO 1000 (yes, 1000)


You did well boys. It's nice to be a Croat these days. 🇭🇷


This is the only photo on our entire feed taken with a lens longer than 50 mm. Although we got it primarily for video, 70-200 mm focal lengths are a lot of fun for photography too, providing new perspectives and a lot of room for creativity. It’s just funny how, after years of shooting wide-angle, it’s somehow weird to get used to it, as if you forgot all you knew about photography. We couldn’t help but notice that, due to its size, a lot of passersby thought that we must be hardcore professionals, giving us that look of (unearned) respect. Also, the amount of people that would sneak behind us to take photos from the exact same spot increased exponentially. Despite the new pseudo-influencer status, lens' weak auto focus combined with the dimensions and weight of a brick didn’t justify the 1.5k EUR price tag. Gotta thank Jahve for Norwegian return policy laws! The plan? In theory, eating pasta and tomato sauce for 6 months straight and go for the f/2.8, 3k EUR version. 😰 In practice, though, eating pasta and tomato sauce for 6 months straight and rent the lens when needed for 40 EUR/day. === See before & after in our Stories. === 166 mm, f/10, 30 s, ISO 100


I imagine this is how Croatia looks right now. Tonight is one of those rare moments when I would love to be home and celebrate with my own people. Of course, football is not the solution to their struggles and will in no way make the future any brighter. However, in a country so broken and robbed, it is probably the only thing that can unite the nation, and at least for a brief moment help us forget the reality. === No camera settings because it's coming home.


It was the winter of 2015, and Sandro and I had just moved to Hamburg. As we didn’t know anyone, we would spend our time walking around with our cameras and exploring the city. Every day we would pick a different metro station, grab a few beers and just go wherever the road would take us. I remember often thinking about how great it would be to have some friends to share those moments with, but meeting new people in Germany was everything but easy. Last Saturday, we hosted our seventh PhotoBeerWalk and walked some of those same streets together with 38 other people. Looking back, it feels almost surreal that all of that happened because two Croatians felt lonely and liked German beer. Instagram has unfortunately become a game of numbers, but every once in a while something like this reminds us what it’s really all about. So grab your camera, overcome your social anxiety, and go out and meet people. It could be a start of something special. === A huge thank you to all the cool people who joined the walk and to @st_michaelis for providing a unique experience of their church. === #PhotoBeerWalk7


Still in love with this ridiculously beautiful and expensive city. I just hope that the Danish Krone will depreciate soon so we can finally visit again and maybe even afford something more than a bed in a 12-person dorm and two McDonald's cheeseburgers each. === We’ve added before & after version of this photo to our Story highlights, together with the step-by-step Lightroom editing procedure. === 15 mm, f/13, 1 s, ISO 50


Happy 4th of July to all our American friends and followers (and there is over 5k of you). We wish you plenty of fireworks, barbecues, family reunions and yet another successful year for your beautiful country. For the next birthday, it would be lovely if you could consider including sales tax in the total price of products and services. 🙏 P.S. We had no photos from the US so here’s this Strasbourg sunset for you. Sorry about that. === @SonyAlpha 7Sii + @ZeissCameraLenses 16-35 f/4 @ 18 mm, f/9, 120 s (@LeeFilters 10-stop ND filter), ISO 100


While human creativity and vision have no boundaries, only a few things manage to withstand the ravages of time and become timeless. Interestingly, Jack Daniel's had been founded before Speicherstadt was even designed. Today, these 140-year old veterans are still here as a symbol of human ingenuity, continuing to inspire generations to come. === This is the second photo from our series for @jackdaniels_de #sponsored #werbung 18+


While we're waiting for the most boring match of the World Cup to end, here's a little something to please the algorithm. As for Croatia, it looks like yet another early exit. Nevertheless, a good reason to get drunk. === No camera settings this time because we're stressed out.


While I was planning the next romantic brotherside trip, I learnt that there is a city called Rome on every continent except Antarctica. What's the most useless fact that you know? === Muchas gracias once again to the Speicherstadt keymaster @jan.scholle for this ridiculous view. === @SonyAlpha 7Sii + @ZeissCameraLenses 16-35 f/4 @ 25 mm, f/8, 30 s, ISO 100


[ #PhotoBeerWalk7] Saturday, July 7, 16:30 Meeting point: St. Michaelis Church (south side) It's time for the second PhotoBeerWalk of 2018, world's most prestigious beer-fueled photo event. This time we will we exploring the landmarks, alleys and kiosks of Neustadt. Also, you're in line for one huge (literally) surprise. Please note that we've moved the event 30 minutes earlier to 16:30. As always, everyone is welcome to join regardless of photo skills, lactose in(tolerance) or affection for Instagram bots 🔥 See you on Saturday, b&s


Once you accept that the shittiest beer in a bar is worth 10 EUR and that May is a perfectly reasonable time for snow, you should be just fine in Norway. === @SonyAlpha 7R + @ZeissCameraLenses 16-35 f/4 @ 16 mm, f/11, 30 s, ISO 100


There are those of us who wet the toothbrush before applying the toothpaste, and those who do it after. Despite the differences, both schools of thought have valid arguments so I'm happy that we can all coexist on this planet. And then there are those strange people who don't wet the toothbrush at all. I mean, I know that medically it is the most correct way, but, come on, those people are scary. I think those are the same people who refuse to vaccinate their kids after reading a 10-minute article on Potential psychopaths, vapers, and serial killers. Pay close attention and don't say I didn't warn you. === @SonyAlpha 7Sii + @ZeissCameraLenses 16-35 f/4 @ 17 mm, f/6.3, 300 s (@LeeFilters 10-stop ND filter), ISO 100


We need your help. We are collecting ideas for the new Tutorials section of our website. Our goal is to give you an insight into our creative process and share our knowledge about photography, editing, location scouting and much more. If there is any particular topic that you would like us to cover, please let us know. === @SonyAlpha 7R + Voigtländer Heliar III 15 mm f/4.5 @ f/4.5, 1/40 s, ISO 200


When I saw these two swimming close to the riverbank, I quiclky prepared for that cliché romantic swan shot. I'm not even sure why I did it, as I hate those bastards ever since they bullied me when I was a kid. And just as they got closer as if they were to start cuddling, they suddenly dipped their heads and instead left me eye to eye with their rectums.


I first saw the Louvre Pyramid more than ten years ago in The Da Vinci Code. I still remember reluctantly paying a good part of my pocket money only to follow Tom Hanks wandering around the world, trying to find the Holy Grail. Although the movie was kind of crap, the final scene featuring the Louvre was so impressive that it got stuck in my head for many years to come. Eventually, in 2017, I got the chance to see it myself. It was every bit of beautiful as I have imagined. P.S. Stars are as real as the Holy Grail. === @SonyAlpha 7Sii + @ZeissCameraLenses 16-35 f/4 @ 16 mm, f/4, 1 s, ISO 100