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Halle-Neustadt, DDR in #brutgroup


Unité d’Habitation (1955) Nantes-Rezé, France Architects: Le Corbusier & Nadir Afonso #brutgroup photo via #isc20c


The tomb of Marcus Vergilius Eurysaces, Rome. The tomb of Eurysaces near the Porta Maggiore was built in c.30 BCE by a man named Marcus Vergilius Eurysaces. A former slave, he had started a bakery and had become rich, which is shown in the decoration. Later, several aqueducts were constructed but the tomb was respected, and it was later included in one of the towers of a city gate belonging to the wall of Aurelian. When this gate was demolished in the nineteenth century, the tomb became visible again. #brutgroup photo via #_di_ma


Take me with you #brutgroup


#brutgroup moment: ..decades ago, half a million people gathered in East Berlin to protest against the Berlin Wall. Via #_di_ma


@utilitarianarchitecture Rozenburg wind wall in Rozenburg, Netherlands, is a wall built to block wind from entering the Calandkanaal, and ease the passage of large cargo ships through the narrow canal, particularly through the Calandbrug bridge. Built in the mid-1980s. Designed by architect Martin Strujis and artist Frans de Wit #brutgroup photo via #utilitarianarchitecture


@defensearchitecture Atlantic Wall, Zuydcoote, France. #brutgroup photo by Stephan Vanfleteren via #defensearchitecture


@_di_ma University Of California, San Diego, Geisel Library, La Jolla, California #brutgroup photo via #_di_ma


Shooting range with sound barriers, near Bucharest, Romania. (60s) © BACU #brutgroup photo by @_ba_cu via #_di_ma


Airport "Sheremetyevo-1", Moscow, 1964, Demolished in 2016 G.Elkin, Y.Kryukov #brutgroup photo via #socialistmodernism


Beirut Spiral Beirut, Lebanon, 2007 #brutgroup photo by Sean Hemmerle @shemmerle