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Jasmine Joy Housden

Passionate traveler 88 countries so far and mother of 3. I am hoping to give confidence to families out there that want to show their kids the world.


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Tower bridge in London..... love this bridge 😍 so nice to walk along the Thames on a mild winters day, heaps to see on the way.


Our only night without the kids on our big trip was to chase a bucket list item for both Matt and I. We didn’t see them dance but we did get to see some of their beauty.... we will be back to chase them again with Miko at Aurora hunting 🙌


Meeting their new friend after a sleigh ride through the forest.... it was so nice to find a small family run reindeer farm where the kids could take their time with the reindeers and we had the place to ourselves.....


Tears all round during our 10 hour delayed flight out of Rovaniemi... cheers 🥂 Easy Jet! Not every day is smiles when traveling with 3 in tow. Kids have melt downs regardless of where they are.... nothing like being cooped up in a tiny airport when it’s -25 outside for 10 hours with a restaurant serving nothing my picky eaters will touch 😉 the joys!


Mornings in Lapland 😍😍😍 the colours in the sky need no filters ...


Just has the most incredible morning with the lovely couple who own Wolf Trail Huskys. A private husky ride through the forest. We were able to drive our own sleds, they were out of their way to make the experience one we will remember forever..... highly recommend !!


Inside an ice cave chilling on a frozen ice carved bench lined in reindeer skins..... just met the ice princess. Santa park Rovaniemi is a wonderful day with young children 👶 @santaparkfin


Reindeer rides at the arctic circle with my favourite little man.....


That special moment when you hand feed wild reindeer for the first time 😍 wonderful morning spent at a family run reindeer farm a short drive out of Rovaneimi... was wonderful to have Tatuka all to ourselves. A reindeer ride through the forest, crepes by the fire and hand feeding reindeers 🙏👍


Waking down the streets of Troyes there are so many gorgeous tilted buildings.... it’s similar to being in the old parts of Amsterdam so spooky and wonderful at the same time .


The Old town of Troyes is lined with Troyan timber-framed houses from the 16th-century. They are 4 stories medieval/renaissance style. We are in the Champagne district of France..... love that this cities old town is in the shape of a champagne cork 🍾


Running down through donkeys alley.... this walkway is hidden inside Brisighella’s old fortifications. It gets it name from the donkeys who use to cart goods through this passage way. The roof is low with exposed beams and the floor is uneven cobblestones making it the perfect runway for toddlers who ran back and forth along it 😍


Daddy look there is a castle on the hill...walking in Italy with children is so rewarding 😍