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There’s nothing like strolling along the canals on a warm sunny day in Bruges! ☀️ Thanks for the lovely shot, @darcy.moore. Safe travels! 😊 #busabout


We’ll never get tired of seeing the Trevi again for the first time. One fountain to rule them all! 💦


Imagine waking up to this view every. Single. Day. Greece, you’re too much. 🙀🇬🇷


If you’re visiting Seville (you should!) be prepared to fall in love with Plaza de España! Especially at sunset, it’s majestic. 😻


Budapest, you really are quite something. Day or night, you never cease to impress. ✨


Welcome to Meteora, arguably Europe’s most spectacular monastery. 🇬🇷


If you’re looking for more than just the usual sights in Italy you HAVE to visit Siena! One of Tuscany’s loveliest medieval cities. 🇮🇹


There’s a reason why Slovenia has the word love in it, when you visit Lake Bled you’ll understand why! 😻


The results are out! Having to choose from so many great applications wasn't easy, but we finally got there. Thanks to all 2,234 of you who took the time and effort to submit an application. Please join us in congratulating the winners & don't stop chasing your dreams! In the end, that's what it's all about. Link to the announcement in the bio.​


This is what a casual stroll around Nice looks like. What’s not to love? 😻 It’s the French Riviera at its very best! 🇫🇷


Have you really been to Croatia if you didn’t go chasing waterfalls? 🤔😂


Attention travel addicts! We know you've been waiting impatiently to find out the results of the Ultimate Travel Squad competition, but we're sure you'll understand this is not an easy decision to make with so many great applications to choose from. We've now made a shortlist of candidates for all the positions and will be making a decision over the next few days. A huge thank you to all 2,234 of you who took the time and effort to prepare and submit an application. The announcement will be made here next week, so stay tuned. Good luck! P.S. You can still vote for your favourite videos using the link in the bio.


Did you know Krakow has one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe? It’s quite a sight! 👀


Waking up to this view is why you MUST add Ellmau to your itinerary! It’s pure Austrian Alps goodness. 😍 Great shot, @busaboutsusie. 🙌


Our favourite view in Barcelona? It has to be this stunner from the quirky Park Guell! ✌️


There ain’t no sunset like a Santorini sunset. It’s picture-perfect! 😻


If you’re looking for reasons to stay an extra couple of nights in Munich, add Neuschwanstein to the list! An easy day trip that will take you right back in time. ✨


If you go to Montenegro, make sure you hike up to the Kotor Fortress. You’ll be exhausted, but it’ll be worth every drop of sweat! 😅