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Christ 🙏 Marketing Assistant at Ferrari South Africa 🇮🇹🇿🇦 Automotive YouTuber 🚗 Check out latest YouTube video, link in my bio! 🎞

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Probably one of the most intense fitness tests I have ever done, in those moments of fatigue, you truly realize how powerful the mind can be. On the contrary, insightful training on being a marketable racing driver. All about being the right package! And tomorrow - we race cars 🏎 🏁


Turns out there’s no need to hang up those blue racing boots. Starting a racing adventure tomorrow, yep, a racing adventure! Zwartkops for the week - will definitely post about it when allowed to 👀 because race car! 😂 shot by the incredible - @dbn_spotter 📷


So I’ve been invited to drive the X-Class from Johannesburg to Durban tomorrow, bright and early 4am start. Will update the trip on my stories but keep an eye on YouTube for a full vlog of the adventure! Anything particular you want to know about the premium “bakkie?” Let me know 🤔 and thanks to @aust_malema for the amazing pics as always and @alutamaqoko for photobombing them 😴❤️


02:25,78 🏁 Chelsea got a lot more time in her but we’ll see 😉


Let’s play a little game? Name the car on the left while I edit the vlog! 🤓⌨️ #FERRARI


Tomorrow I’m shooting a first - someone’s garage! If anything, I would say it’s a documentation 😯 here’s a clue to what’s in the stable - 1983, 1988, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010. Any guesses?


Do you like fast cars?


Trying to figure out where this weekend went 🤔


CONGRATULATIONS to this lovely lady - @alutamaqoko on your feature in @motormagsa 😯 can’t wait to read it! May you continue these successes and achievements in all things 🙏 much love fam x As always, thanks @aust_malema for the best pics 😏📷


I think they call it classic? 🤔 #TBT to being an Intern - which rose to be one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Today, the passion continues to grow, the roots run deeper and the sun shines brighter! 🇮🇹


My dad has always been there for me, always supported me and allowed me to experience things above my imagination. Today he reached a milestone in his life and we decided to commemorate it by helping him achieve his childhood dream of owning an Austin Mini Cooper. A few months of searching and we found this minty beauty! Happy Birthday Dad, we love you ❤️ P.S - he never saw it coming! SURPRISE!!! 😄 thanks to the guys from @carbonblackauto for all your assistance, second purchase and more special than the first ❤️🏁 #NewCar #Vintage 😎 can’t wait to share many blogs of this characterful car!


I may or may not have bought another car 🙈 find out tomorrow! 😏 #NewCar #Reveal


Leaders are impeccable - they are works of art. Truly, I admire all the leaders in my life, it’s amazing how maturity leads to such incredible thought patterns, creativity and all those other things only a true leader can express. I’m grateful for the leaders in my life, my parents being my mentors at home, and my managers being my mentors at work. It’s amazes me how one can bring out the best of someone, always giving of themselves to push their mentee and being constructive in their discipline - absolutely intrigued. Anyways, just thinking aloud. Thank you 😊


Woman Crush Wednesday 🤔🤣🏁 #WCW


Was a bit on the fence with posting this one - asked my brother to check it out and he said “OH MY WORD THAT 488” and well, here you go 😂


Yes, there are newer models in the range faster than this one, the likes of the turbocharged 488 GTB. But that’s a supercar. Having 544kw and 690nm, surely this is too? Nope! This is a GT! With that amount of power and torque?! Yep! Even has a decent boot. But this is raw power, from the bellows and trumpets of its naturally aspirated V12 - this is the F12 Berlinetta 😍


STORY TIME: 1 year ago, I started at this beautiful brand. AN ENTIRE YEAR. WHAT. Anyway, just taking the opportunity as always to show to my gratitude to God, my parents, @chanellezackey and @scuderiaferrariza for this incredible year. This constant learning, experiencing and living in an environment I can only call passion. Cars have been a special part of me all my life. Being a part of a brand such as this? Pinch me. Yes, there’s some periods where one can feel low on the battery but you’ve got to punch and push yourself to constantly innovate and accelerate your life. No matter how difficult, how big an opportunity seems. TAKE IT AND GIVE IT EVERYTHING YOU GOT! God Bless You All ❤️❤️❤️


Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸