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Christ 🙏 Marketing Assistant at Ferrari South Africa 🇮🇹🇿🇦 Automotive YouTuber 🚗 Check out latest YouTube video, link in my bio! 🎞

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An absolute privilege to be invited to view this 1992 Sasol Jordan Yamaha of Stefano Modena, although not the most successful Formula One Car, a great honor to view it up close. These were the days of V12s, Mansell and Marlboro. Thank you to my dad and @sasolsa for this occasion! 🏁


Whenever I come across a Ferrari with gold wheels, majority of the time it’s a Special Series car. The gold wheels always remind me of the greatest historic racing cars, most notably red and gold was used on the Ferrari 330 P4, 412 P and 312 P. Have a google, you’ll see what I mean, it’s just so remarkable how even on this 488 Pista, is imitating that of its elders.


One of many gelato cups consumed that day. No weight saving needed in the Portofino, it’s got ample power to shift you and three friends and it has saved over 80kg from the California T, addition of 30 kilowatts and torque figures the same as the 488 GTB, makes for quite the experience 😏


Here’s the scene, I’ve just driven the Portofino and placed it back inside after spending the day with it. I see this parked in the delivery bay, I didn’t have the privilege of seeing the 488 Pista on it’s immediate arrival being out of office for the day. But it was an absolute pleasure to find it there, I was so overwhelmed, trembling with emotion. The Ferrari 488 Pista, the first special series launched since I’ve worked for the incredible @scuderiaferrariza and here it was, right in front of me. Needless to say, I took a million photos... here’s one.




Alfa: “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili” - it’s crazy to think that when the company started in 1910 that the first car they manufactured, produced a whole, 24 horsepower (18 kilowatts), I mean, my lawnmower has more than that - but still, the progress in over 100 years, Alfa Romeo’s relationship to Enzo Ferrari, what a beautiful brand - and lately they’ve been making some absolutely fantastic cars! 🇮🇹


Person: what’s your favourite Ferrari? Me: ...choosing your favourite Ferrari is like choosing your favourite child, it simply cannot be done. They’re all special.


Biggie and Smalls 💀


What is behind you, doesn’t matter - do your best to pursue what you desire ➕


Friday Night Lights 🇩🇪


Throwback to stretching the legs in the countryside. How good is the Portofino in the city? BRILLIANT! How good is it on the open road? ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! 😍 definitely an all rounder of note. 📷: @chanellezackey


Always nice to switch up the angles. I’m by no means a photographer but you can get caught up in the standard angles, quarters, heights and thirds. So, here’s my car on a lift 🤣 new angle discovered. Also, interesting to have a peak underneath and see all the mechanical components 👀


NEXT! 😏 Ferrari Portofino’s getting big love, it truly is an absolutely incredible motor car. How does every Ferrari feel so unique? So different? Astonishing! 😍 as for the 488 Spider, keep the roof up, drop the rear window and GOOOOO! 🚗🏁 📷: @chanellezackey


Presenting the latest edition of The Official Ferrari Magazine, what a breathtaking cover! 😍 this is the 5th one I’ve received which means I’ve been with @scuderiaferrariza for 5 quarters! 🙈 how time flies 🤭


What would you do if you were handed the keys to the city?


In this world, exists a talented photographer, an eye built to see the finest lines of beauty of the automobile. A heart of gold for animals and a sense of humour that is highly contagious. Thanks for being such a great friend, Bugatti Divo, @diviophotography 😝✌️ 📷: @diviophotography