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Christ 🙏 Marketing Assistant at Ferrari South Africa 🇮🇹🇿🇦 Automotive YouTuber 🚗 Check out latest YouTube video, link in my bio! 🎞

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Suits and Swimming Pools 😜💦


NEXT! 😏 Ferrari Portofino’s getting big love, it truly is an absolutely incredible motor car. How does every Ferrari feel so unique? So different? Astonishing! 😍 as for the 488 Spider, keep the roof up, drop the rear window and GOOOOO! 🚗🏁 📷: @chanellezackey


Presenting the latest edition of The Official Ferrari Magazine, what a breathtaking cover! 😍 this is the 5th one I’ve received which means I’ve been with @scuderiaferrariza for 5 quarters! 🙈 how time flies 🤭


What would you do if you were handed the keys to the city?


In this world, exists a talented photographer, an eye built to see the finest lines of beauty of the automobile. A heart of gold for animals and a sense of humour that is highly contagious. Thanks for being such a great friend, Bugatti Divo, @diviophotography 😝✌️ 📷: @diviophotography


Got to meet this race car, with a name, Mulan. Yes like the Disney movie, ask the owners daughter that story 😂 I’m going to tell you, that this is the view most of its competition sees, the rear. Because when you’ve got a parachute strapped to the back, you’re talking serious launching and straight line speed. I’m a circuit racer at heart, but I’ve watched this car eat up the drag strip and I must say, it’s mighty impressive! 🤭


I don’t usually share this but history is about to be made. A journal entry from today... “Tomorrow is Capital Markets Day for Ferrari, Mr Louis Camilleri (CEO) will announce his five year plan for the brand. It is exciting times ahead. The share price itself is bouncing off its $139 price ceiling, his statements and plans tomorrow could break that ceiling and see it exceed $145. The whole worlds top economists and automotive industry journalists will be watching. SUV? Electric Hypercar? 10 000 units? Questions could be answered, or more could arise. The future of Ferrari begins today.”


Increase your capacity, do it. Everyone might laugh at you or think you’re crazy, chanting “jack of all trades, master of none” but if you’re like this engine, you’re turbocharged. You can do anything, you can do everything and do it well because you are hard working, you are capable and you practice every day to get better at everything. Taking on so much can cause risk in your life, but nothing happens for those who don’t take risks, what risk have you taken in the last year? 🏁


Not your everyday average view. - as this 488 Challenge was reversing in, the sound resonating from it could actually be felt in the seat of the Portofino, the new layout in the Portofino is absolutely beautiful and in the dark, it highlights all the bits and the bobs, buttons and the knobs 😎🙌 exciting!


F355 Challenge and 488 GTB... am I hinting towards a certain arrival in Johannesburg today? 😉


Opportunity; a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Always value your opportunity, never take it for granted. On the contrary, never miss your opportunity. Never stop working hard at the opportunities you’ve been given. This particular opportunity is one of my greatest memories so far, shooting our launch car, Ferrari Portofino on our rooftop. The amount of excitement when seeing the images in newspapers and magazines was incredible. Truly something that can’t be explained. Always grateful - Grazie @chanellezackey & @scuderiaferrariza 🇮🇹 Just me and the car for two afternoons, she’s got a soul. She speaks with the contours and the lines and she’s definitely going to make an impression when she arrives soon! 😅❤️


The scene is set, you’re sitting there in an E63 AMG S in the dark of night, at the end of the pit lane of @kyalamigrandprixcircuit (don’t ask why) and this thing comes rushing up your side, what will you do? 😮


In the days of old, the V8s were for the hardcore racers, the young men who wanted to be on the edge. The V12s were for the cruisers, those that ate the tar across the continent rather than around a race circuit. But, answer me this - could that principle apply with the 812 Superfast? 588kw 😅 it’s okay, it’s still a GT-Tourer in our books 😏🤣 having driven a few, someone asked me what it’s like - my simple response was “when you apply the throttle and you get to the bottom, it’s as if you’ve unleashed a nuclear bomb, then you move forward and the earth starts spinning backwards” 😜🏁


Welcome to the family you beautiful thing! 😍 #Ferrari488PistaSpider


I’ve got a list, divided into various tiers of greatest machines I’ve ever driven. In this specific tier, not to be mentioned. It’s the 488 GTB - truly a mind blowing experience every time and the more you drive it, the more you begin to understand it. Like, being nervous at first because she’s out of this world beautiful but slowly getting the confidence to be a natural clown because you’re comfortable like that and she understands? That’s basically the relationship you can have with a 488.


Now, I’ve driven a lot of cars in my time. The short time it is so far. Happily, a lot of SUVs and Bakkies (Pick ups for the Internationals) and I must say, the time spent in the X-Class was quite pleasant and as seen in the picture - the company was good too 😏 anyway, I won’t disclose too much. Full video and review coming soon to my YouTube channel! 🚗


Ground clearance is also good. Enough for us to tear through some off-road trails, wade some water and climb some rocks but not too much that it was unstable at high speed. Also, you are inspired by the confidence of the chassis and suspension workings with lane changes and navigating the passes leading down to Kwa-Zulu Natal 🚗💨


Had quite the adventure with the X-Class and the awesome people at the AMG Academy - thanks for the invite and a great time out - @mercedesbenzsa 🚗 first thing, first. Love the looks! Very much aggressive but still maintaining the class.