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📷☀️🐾 ⛵️✈️ All photos are my own - shooting iPhone and Canon 5Ds ... DM me for info or chat. Brisbane based.

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September 2078. We have arrived at our first stop, Ceres. I went up to the observation deck and took this photo. You can easily see the mining station, Piazzi, on the surface. It looks tiny from up here but its actually huge. The refinery domes you can see are many kilometers across. It is the biggest mine humans have ever built (water, hydrogen, oxygen, lithium, iron and lots more) but is nearly entirely automated, so not many people actually live on the surface (and they have to alternate one week on and two off due to the low gravity). We can’t go down to the surface, but that's fine, I am comfortable up here with the 0.9g living quarters on the ship. Also, the best part of today was that for the first time I did not feel ill in the weightlessness of the observation deck!  We are one quarter of the way through the cruise, the next stop being Europa where we get to see the famous Muskfish. #ceres #dawnmission #future #spacecolony #asteroid #asteroidmining #mars #dwarfplanet #spaceexploration (Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, UCLA, MPS, DLR, IDA)


Family concert #thecatempire matinee today. Awesome all ages no alcohol - not quite a big as GIJ Mount Gambier but still a great gig. Music is the language of us all.


One year and no Instagram posts? #instabreak


Do you like my cover photo??? 😀. Hey - Get this single. So amazing. I guarantee you will have this on repeat. @gracehughesmusic_ @jeanpaulfung ✌🏻😎


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