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This guy saw me doing a Facebook Live at the airport. When I got back from the restroom, he admitted to looking down at my Boarding Pass and Googling my name. He said he was then in the process of buying my book on Amazon, because it sounded like exactly what he needs right now (he’s in a major transition—two people closest to him passed away recently, and he just started out on his own business). - Luckily, I happened to have one copy with me. So I told him he could cancel the order and I would sign one for him. He just sent this message. - I love how life works sometimes.


This badass mama and her man traveled from one US Coast to the other, almost 3,000 miles—on foot!! And she walked through her entire pregnancy!! Mind blowing. She’s worth checking out #Repost @lyfes.aok ・・・ Follow up after 3 days no tech no talk! Here's to the next adventure! #thankyou #mentor @calvinwayman


A great first trip ever to North Carolina. Hope to be back soon. Peace out, Raleigh ✌️


Nothing like a 5k family fun run to kick off Thanksgiving Day! (This is becoming a tradition in my fam) 🙂 If you’re near Southern UT on Thanksgiving and want to join my fam for the run, let me know :)


#ThrowbackThursday #DidYouKnow #FunFact Did you know I don’t “normally” have a beard? If fact, this is the first time in my life I’ve ever had one. So...why the beard? It’s a sign of a belief. A commitment. A reminder— I believe that a shy, awkward, home schooled farm-boy from a polygamous upbringing can become a multimillionaire. To anchor my belief to that possibility (to myself more than anything), I started documenting my journey to my first $1,000,000 about 3 years ago—on a show now called Making The Millionaire—on YouTube. The documenting started LONG before I had any “right” or reason to think this would be a good idea. At the time, I was at zero. I was at less than zero ($53k in debt). I had fears and doubts. (Often still do) I had no social media. I had spoken on no stages. I had done almost no traveling. I had no business. Heck, I didn’t even have a product or service to sell. In short, I didn’t know HOW I was going to do it. All I had (and continue to have) is a dream—a belief that if I’m dreaming it, it has GOT to be possible. Everything is “figureoutable.” So to further prove to myself that I was serious, I decided to start growing a beard and I told myself I WOULD NOT shave it off until I make my first 1,000,000. (PS, it’d also be rad when I hit it if someone like @theellenshow shaved my beard) I’ve learned some amazing things on this journey. Even though sometimes it feels like almost nothing is moving forward, when I flashback in a journal entry or old photo, it just reminds me to keep going. Because things ARE happening. Progress IS happening. Lives ARE getting touched—which has become the best part. I’m not there yet. But I’m closer today than I was yesterday. Anyways, thank you for reading to this point. That’s “why the beard.” I’m curious to keep going, and see who it is that this regular guy is becoming. :)


A major question I’ve gotten asked lately is, “How do you find your passion?” Or, How do you get started - And if you aren’t sure? How do you uncover the steps? - This was a MAJOR sticking point for me when I started my journey in entrepreneurship. My answer to finding it might surprise you. Enjoy the show! - #StayCurious - Full podcast on Apple, Android, Spotify, iHeart Radio and YouTube! - #passion #entrepreneurship #goals #dreams #motivation


Ready for takeoff.✈️ - Southern UT > Raleigh, North Carolina


We always learn best from experience. But it doesn’t have to always be our own. #powerfulu


When we’re losing weight, we are too focused on “stepping on the scale.” - There are much better things to measure. I talk about them in this video. - Stay INSIDE your control. - #control #motivated #inspired #inspiredaily


Oh I know! I’ll go get all the phone numbers from GaryVee’s Birthday livestream and spam them. No one will have ever thought of that! So unique! They’ll totally want to do business with me. I’m a genius!!! 🤦‍♂️


🤯 @legacyperez1 dropping value bombs here at @colehatter’s house.


If you look closely enough, you’ll find that the joy is in the JOurneY. - PS. happy birthday @garyvee. We love you brother 🎂


Life is unfair. - Sometimes it throws things our way we didn’t ask for, or couldn’t have predicted. - It’s easy for life’s obstacles to throw us off balance - But...what if these things weren’t just obstacles, but actually were opportunities? - This is part of the conversation my friend PJ Dixon (@thepjswisdom) and I explore on today’s show. - PJ and I have been friends for several years now. What’s crazy, is even though we don’t talk a lot, it’s like we’re still brothers. We “get” one another, even though there is still much of our backstory we have yet to share. - Today is a fun conversation that shows our dynamic. It’s full of good stuff. I hope you’ll join the conversation :) - #StayCurious - Full podcast on Apple, Android, Spotify, iHeart Radio and YouTube! - #obstacle #opportunity #success #wisdom #motivation


Nick is a beast. Such an inspiration. 💪 - #Repost @nicksantonastasso ・・・ TAG A FRIEND TO MOTIVATE - Throwing it back to pulling sleds with @smith.julian in Key West! - I always test myself, pushing the limits to see if I can accomplish difficult tasks. It was pretty tough pulling a sled on concrete...but - I would have never known if I could do it or not unless I TRIED!! GO out and try new things!!(besides drugs..don't do those😂)


Growing your business begins with growing yourself. At this dude’s house for the next couple of days. Pumped! 🔥


When I was getting started on my fitness journey, I didn’t know if I really could get to where I wanted to go. - If I was talking to my younger self today, I’d tell him one thing: just know that you CAN! - Shout out to all of you guys going after it! - #fitnessjourey #weightlossjourney #youcandoit #justdoit #pushforward