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Campbell Brothers Surfboards

Custom surfboards for the people of Spaceship Earth

We got some CB trucker hats° <~<<|[O]|[O]|>>~> / link in profile Pic @bdh2103


Local Color. We were happy to contribute a couple #bonzer3 wall hangers as well as some archive photos for 'The Shores', a newly opened restaurant in Oxnard. Pretty fitting as the Bonzer was born only a stone throws away on Seabreeze. Stop in @theshores805 1031 Harbor Blvd for food, drink, and surfboards.


The Way It Is, POD 27 is live to stream or download. Link in the bio or in your podcast app of choice. Peace! 1. John Zorn ~ Halcyon Days 2. Phil Cohran & Legacy ~ Blue Nile 3. Bayete ~ Free Angela 4. Jack DeJohnette ~ Jongo 5. Vibration Black Finger ~ Blackism 6. Arve Henriksen ~ Cosmic Creation 4 7. Ravi Coltrane ~ Spirit Fiction 8. The Awakening ~ Mode For D.D. 9. Dave Holland Quartet ~ Conference of Birds 10. Gil Scott-Heron ~ 'B' Movie #BonzerRadio



🚨Check out this great interview with Jacob over at @shapermade 🚨 :: Jacob has entered the shaping world with his wits about him, and is doing excellent work @campbellbros_hawaii ::


Mini Merks rally round the Plumeria on a Sunday morning. This gang headed to @surfers_supplies


A big thanks to @thaliasurf for hosting a nice launch of the RVCA /CAMPBELL BROTHERS line of threads. Campbell Brothers x RVCA


Join us @thaliasurf tomorrow night for the @rvca x @campbellbros collection launch. Malcolm and Duncan will be there to chat all things bonzer. Should be a great night! @bonzer_front @bonzer801 @campbellbros_hawaii @rvcasurf in the bio for the collection!


Some of the @campbellbros_hawaii stocks currently @bonzer_front. 5'8 & 5'10 #bonzer3 5'8 & 5'10 #AlphaOmegaTwin 7'6 #bonzer5egg


CAMPBELL SURFBOARDS On Oahu, Jacob @campbellbros_hawaii and Duncan @bonzer_front have a full mix of new stocks, relics, and replicas on display at the boardroom inside Café Haleiwa. Stop in for breakfast, or hit the link in the bio to see what's available. #bonzer3 #bonzer5


We're happy to announce an apparel collaboration with @rvca. This project came to light through @knostthankyou and energy generated from THE BONZER show he and @daniellagirl put together last year at the @costamesaconceptualartcenter. Hit the link in the bio to check out the full collection.


WISHBONE. Need a bucket full these days.


POD 26 is up for listening. Link's in the bio.🔼Peace🔼 1. The Messthetics ~ Once Upon a Time 2. Pylon ~ Beep 3. Destroyer ~ In The Morning 4. John Cale ~ My Maria 5. Ulaan Markhor ~ The Nocturnal in Daylight 6. James Holden & The Animal Spirits ~ Spinning Dance 7. Jane Weaver ~ Modern Kosmology 8. Brian Eno ~ Dead Finks Don't Talk 9. Nadah El Shazly ~ Ahwar 10. Alexis Georgopoulos & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma ~ Lost Summer 11. Devadip Carlos Santana & Turiya Alice Coltrane ~ Angel of Water 12. Mount Kimbie ~ SP12 Beat 13. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith ~ An Intention #BonzerRadio


ONE LOVE. NO SEPARATION. Good solid gathering and March in Oxnard today. Folks, it's line in the sand time. With what is going on with the detention and family separations, the recent Supreme Court decisions, and the new vacancy on The Court; human rights, civil rights, woman's rights, voting rights, workers rights are all in jeporady. Along with all of this there is the dismantling of public education and environmental regulations and much more. This is not hyperbole. This is reality. This should be proof to every one of us that voting matters. We must get and stay active. Vote Vote Vote, and show up in the streets when the opportunity presents itself. If we don't, our grandkids and kids will be looking back from a dark future asking, " how could they let this happen? Why didn't they try to stop it.?" As mister Bob Marley said, "Get up, stand up........ WE CAN DO THIS. Peace, love and justice.


Two yellow customs made in Oz at @rhinolaminating, both #bonzer3 Left one for Michael February, right for Wayne Lynch. Pic from @onboardstorebyronbay


Heads up: @thaliasurf has stocked a small range of '71 #bonzer3 fin replicas. Stop by to check those out as well as other bonzer related wares. @tapedoff @bonzer_front @campbellbros_hawaii


Speed and flow with @noahlane_ finding some through lines on a Russ Short #bonzer3. Clip from @stevokinevooo @bonzer_front @campbellbros_hawaii #russshortmodel