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Custom surfboards for the people of Spaceship Earth

The @kamasiwashington show The Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo last night was pretty incredible. Y'all do yourselves a favor and check out his music, if you haven't already.


A trio of round pin 7'2"s at the old deserted Oxnard Train Station. Right to left; contemporary B5, Russ Short B5, Russ Short B3


Mural at Oxnard Blvd. and Cooper Road. The 7'2" Russ Short B5 fit right in.


Before and After Science: MC with the original 1971 Bonzer#2 and the first replica from a few years back. Flat bottom, pre concaves. The replica is on permanent display at the @bonzer_front inside Café Haleiwa. @campbellbros_hawaii #bonzer3


Rocket launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base CA. Just a few minutes ago. As seen from Oxnard CA.


Three are replicas of one of our 1971 Bonzers. 5'4", 5'6", 5'8". We did these up as part of our present collaboration with @rvcasurf @rvca The original was a 5'4" red white and blue diddy. For those who weren't there; the red, white, and blue was often used ironically, within the 'counter culture'. These days it is hard to imagine Surfing as part of the 'counter culture'. @bonzer_front @campbellbros_hawaii


Terry Richardson @richosurfboards has a new book out 'RICHO' which documents his life and the seminal influence his surfing had on performance and style. Check the link in Terry's bio for more info or to order. Footage is from 'Ocean Rhythms' by @stevecoresurf @bonzer_front #bonzer3


@onboardstorebyronbay is on point with a wide selection of bonzer craft. Ace board and glass work as always by @rhinolaminating & @psillakissurfboards. Stop by to check these out as well as the store's impressive portfolio of other labels. #RussShortModel #MiniBonzerLightVehicle #Octafish


*Be Mindfull*


Bumblebee amongst it @bonzer_front @campbellbros_hawaii


Ian Campbell dropped in for a healing session with Mother Ocean a week ago. 6'8" Bonzer 3 Egg.


POD 28's up and spinning. Link in the bio, or find it on all main podcast frontiers. Peace! 1. Marisa Anderson ~ Cloud Corner 2. Cowboy Junkies ~ All The Reckoning, Pt.1 3. Mary Margaret O'Hara ~ Body's in Trouble 4. Entourage ~ Euphoric Bells (Alternate Take) 5. Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton ~ Heron Dance 6. Jim White ~ Drift Away 7. Sylvie Simmons ~ Lonely Cowgirl 8. Ryley Walker ~ Spoil with the Rest 9. Yo La Tengo ~ Let's Save Tony Orlando's House 10. Mind Over Mirrors ~ Bellowing Sun 11. Cross Record ~ High Rise 12. Fovea Hex ~ All Those Signs 13. Damien Jurado ~ The Last Great Washington State #BonzerRadio


U F O ≈ #MiniMerk 5'6 x 19 3/8" x 2 3/8" @bonzer_front @campbellbros_hawaii


Jacob @campbellbros_hawaii taking a break from the shaping room to carve a few Bonzer trails. Jacob is here shaping in CA, for a couple of weeks. @bonzer_front


Couple of Eggs for the @fresnoripper #bonzer5 #bonzer5egg


@jaredamuscat slashin' on a #AlphaOmegaTwin. Jared has an amazing story, you can check it out in his profile. Photo: @lukewilliamsvta


Self administered color work by the amazing @gerrywedd on his #bonzer5 custom


Full spectrum radiance 7'11 x 21" #RussShortModel Airbrush by Chris @studio609 @bonzer_front @campbellbros_hawaii