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That noise in the background is what all our chopping and banging around in the kitchen today sounded like @erinbakerchi


That hot pink is everything!!!! 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓


If I have to see, smell, cook or taste one more stew I will lose it. So tired of winter weather and winter food. Been craving way more raw dishes, think my body is just calling out for spring weather, and lighter spring foods. Chicago people- ya feel me on this??


Overwhelmed by all the information, and MISinformation around healthy eating? • Come join me Thursday the 12th at Head/Heart Therapy in Ravenswood for a free lecture on healthy eating. Open to all, and would love to see you there! Link in bio to sign up ⬆️ @headhearttherapy


Who bakes their pork chops? I'm in need of an easy, fool-proof cooking method for some dry marinaded pork chops. What temp, for how long...? And ideally without having to pan fry first. . . . These have parsley, mustard, garlic, paprika, ancho chili, salt and pepper. (The parsley is fresh. Everything else is dried)


Super happy to see such awesome reads available at the airport bookstore.


Meat and veg. Food really can be so simple. Of course we crave other things, and indulge on some not so great stuff. But when you're looking to eat well... •JUST•EAT•REAL•FOOD• This may not be the same for everyone. Some people don't eat meat, some have food allergies/sensitivities, some follow a more restricted diet, but in general, try to eat meals made from simple ingredients. Here we've got the makings for meatloaf, bolognese, rosemary garlic pork tenderloin, and some chicken thighs. Simple, healthy, nourishing, real food.


When there is a foot of snow outside, and you feel too bad for delivery drivers having to be on the roads to order a pizza... might I suggest curry? . . This recipe is thanks to the amazing @minimalistbaker it's #dairyfree #glutenfree and just loaded with produce and warming spices like ginger and turmeric. So comforting, so nourishing and most importantly- so delicious.


Have snack. Will travel. Super easy grab and go snack: hummus, olive oil, olives, sun dried tomatoes and zatar. With a colorful pile of veggies to dip!


These crazy cold days totally call for #shepardspie ❄️🍽 Since I'm not a huge fan of potatoes (unless they are in the form of @portilloshotdogs or @inandout___ French fries) I typically top it with a cauliflower and grilled onion mash. And holy smokes is it delicious.


Great big batch of a new grain salad. •Recipe from @cookieandkate "favorite quinoa salad" •Few minor adjustments- I used homemade bone broth to cook the quinoa, added in chicken, and shredded carrots. Packing in Mason jars for grab and go lunch options. •*soaking the red onions in lemon juice before adding to the mix can help soften the "bite" of raw onions that turns some people off. Personally I love onions, cooked and raw, but it's a great little trick if you're easing into them...


Grab and go snack, loaded with fiber and healthy fats! Base is nuts and seeds, then add in dates and maca (great for energy and hormones), salt and cinnamon. Roll in shredded coconut or hemp seeds. •I don't use a specific recipe here, I just start mixing in my food processor and adjust as needed. However- I know this can be frustrating to hear for people who don't cook a lot. So simply google date energy bites. And look for recipes that avoid processed sugars, agave, or or any other ingredients you may try and avoid.


Gazpacho in the winter??? Unusual, yes. But LOADED with vitamins and minerals. And it gets a major immunity boost by adding in @firecider_ tonic. (Also- totally ups the flavor profile of this chilled, raw soup too!!) recipe thanks to @runningonveggies


Tomatoes? In January?!?!?! And grown locally in Chicago? Say what!!???!? What are your thoughts on green house grown produce? I pretty much stop eating fresh tomatoes and berries outside of the summer, because they just can't compare to in season ones. But very curious to try these...


Dill pickle!!! Been wanting to check out this store for months- and let me tell you, it was the cutest, raddest food co-op. I was already well stocked on groceries, but snagged some @sirkensingtons mayo, some queso fresco for tortilla soup, and coolest of all: some soy-free fermented miso paste. Totally thrilled to find a sweet grocer like this in Chicago. God knows I've been missing the wonderful people and foods from @biritesf reaaaaalllllll bad. Thanks @erinbakerchi for being game to tour grocery stores for our hangout!! If you live in Chicago- GO!!!


Pretty much every day I eat a big breakfast, eggs, avocado, bacon... and too often I forget about all of the other options. Made #overnightoats this week. Coconut milk, oats, walnuts, cinnamon, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, maple syrup and @vitalproteins collagen