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Silhouettes of grandeur by immensely talented @nattesferd 😲 We are all but a small part of a larger puzzle #canonnordic


EOS R puddlegram 🔃 We borrowed the new #EOSR camera to @mortenordstrom and it seems like we're on to something with the EOS R system. "I have had the chance to use the new R system for a few weeks now, and I am honestly blown away by the quality. Just take this photo as an example of why: The flip-out LCD screen made it possible for me to actually see what I was shooting AND I could handpick my focus point on it. Also, the built quality of the lenses are better than anything I've ever tried. This is shot on my favorite prime lens so far, the new RF 50mm. I love how this setup makes photos that are somehow soft as crystal sharp at the same time. Notice how crisp the leaf looks, while the houses behind and the road in the front are soft as butter. Moreover, the camera still feels like a real Canon as I know and love it, and the color science beats everyone else out there. These things and much more are the reasons why I am planning to shift over to the new R system over the next years."


During our #RentACanon campaign this summer our EOS M50 cameras have travelled around the world several times. It went to the top of Mount Fuji in Japan, which was a first for @miimeij 🗻👏 #liveforfirsts #canonnordic


What’s your ‘weapon’ of choice? We received this lens shot from @jacobbuchhave of his Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS USM II and it was too good to pass on 👌 #canonnordic


All it takes is one image. @cliveboothphoto explains how #EOSR is enabling photographers and filmmakers to capture 'the shot' quicker and more efficiently. #LiveForTheStory #CanonAmbassador #TeamCanon #photography


The sands of time. @mbeiter explored a small hospital in a deserted mining town in Namibia. A ghost town captured with Canon 5D mk4, EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM, ISO100, 16mm, f8/0, 10 secs #liveforthestory #canonnordic


350km above the Artic Circle Auden Rikardsen proves it’s only you that’s the limit and not the equipment. See the whole story in our bio!


The Canon Zoemini is here. An ultra portable printer that lets you print in instant on-the-go and add filters, AR, frames and everything in between


Superior quality, today and tomorrow. Customisable controls give filmmaker and #CanonAmbassador @b_visuals_dk the flexibility to deliver his creative vision #EOSR


Yesterday was International Coffee Day and this damn good cup of coffee was brought to you by @viggo_lundberg and the Canon EOS M50 😍☕️ #liveforthestory


The new EOS R camera is on a journey right now with our Canon Nordic Photographer @hannessoderlund All the new features, buttons and whatnot are being put to good use 🤗 #eosr #canonnordic


Using the #EOSR camera, #CanonAmbassador @BrentStirton was able to capture a snapshot of life amongst the San, Himba, and Herero tribespeople #CanonPhotography #teamCanon #liveforthestory #travel #Africa


The new EOS R and @brentstirton has been in Africa to uncover some important stories that previously have been impossible to uncover. See much more on your local Canon website. The #eosr is shipping really soon 👌


The summer is definitely gone and we now set sail towards the autumn and it’s wonderful colors and moody light. This is from @icelandic_explorer and his epic adventure on a schooner for 8 days in Greenland 🇬🇱 🙌 #liveforthestory #canonnordic



The majestic polar bear. There’s no better words to describe the important story than from @icelandic_explorer himself: “There’s no way that a picture can do justice to these incredible creatures of nature. During our last trip to Greenland, I was fortunate enough to see five bears in total during one day; luck doesn’t even come close to covering it. Exploring these parts of the world with a polar explorer who’s been coming to Greenland for over 30 years, and has only ever seen up to 3 polar bears during one day, puts things into perspective. It’s really taken me a lot of time to be ready to go through and process these images as the pictures will never come close to capturing what it felt being there in person. Whenever you see a picture that completely blows you away, then try to take a moment to think about the person behind the camera, what it actually felt like being there in the wild, the smell, sounds and a sensation incredible fragility.” #liveforthestory


A new level of innovation is here. Introducing the RF lens mount for #eosr 📷


Capture the future. Thirty years on from the original EOS launch, the EOS R is here #EOSR