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Captains Rest / Sarah Andrews

Captains log of the Heritage listed waterfront cottage in Lettes Bay. Hear all about it in podcast format here 👉

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Hi! There’s an @airbnbmasterclass happening today in Hobart - head over to that account to sticky beak! X


‘When I’m on a high mountain looking over my country, my Unggurr (life force) flows out from inside my body and I fall open with happiness.’ - David Mowalijjarlai . . @lady_bro - you finally made it, and I am so glad you did.


Good morning, good bye’s. No filter and trying for no tears. It’s always so heart breaking to leave. Let’s not talk about it ....


Last night, long log book entries .... @lady_bro


I’ll tell you something very true, when @hayden_quinn asked me on his podcast, I was a ‘haha no’. But the smart guy attached one he had done with @clintkimmins - and I was in, i listened to it to the end, then again once more. That’s big for me. I’m no authority on anything, but I’m confident the world needs good things, and I did the @therovingmicpodcast because, it’s a good fucking thing for this world. If your Into good, could you share it via your own channels? It’s only just started but it’s moved everyone so deeply i know who listens, and I think that’s a good thing to pass on. All my love, Sarah. . . 📷 who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out, much love my friend x


My mum listened to my podcast this morning, and said ‘Sarah, the bigger the storm the brighter the rainbow’ - that was beautiful. I love this photo because I know what my face looked on the other side of it. I feel really brave and proud I spilled a few more of the secrets you haven’t heard to @hayden_quinn ‘s @therovingmicpodcast ... if you’ve loved the bits I’ve told you so far, listen to the link in my bio for more. Lots of love to rainbows and storms, Sarah.


Hey - so fun news, @hayden_quinn came to visit me the other day and we recorded a podcast about this place, some sailing stories, life, love ... adventures, all the good stuff. I just listened to it, it’s weird hearing yourself talk but @therovingmicpodcast - you did such a beautiful job! So much love, link in bio if you’d like to hear me spin some stories x


After a huge week, followed by a huge weekend of snuggling in bed at @captainscottagehobart I’m making my way back home, to where the wild things are. Including me. Behind my instagram this past year or so has been so much heaviness. But that’s all lifted now, this trip? It will be the first I get to go on here where I won’t be wondering ... is this my last. The joy about that is so electric. Alllllssoooo I had a 2 week cancellation from the 15 of Feb. Who’s the lucky wild one who will take that! X . . 📷 @olliekhe of @westcoastingpete 🍃


Still in full come down mode from the QLD @airbnbmasterclass with @albertandgrace and @primulafloralstyling ... gosh, what a heady wonderland of joy, abundance, learning and pink gin. Lots of love to you all.


Day one round up for the @airbnbmasterclass - such full hearts and minds and eyes... @albertandgrace is covered with flower confetti and pink gin stains. Dusting ourselves off for day 2! See you all soon for breakfast QLD! ☕️ 🌷


Side news, I getting a bit excited about teaching some lucky Queenslanders everything I know about being an inn-keeper and more tommorow. Perched as close as I’ll ever get to heaven at @albertandgrace ... wish me luck at my @airbnbmasterclass ?!? 🤙


Are you dreaming of coming next year? So you know, I’m booked now until June 2019. I’ve spent the last hour booking in all my visits. I think you should do the same ... much love 💕


So about those book recommendations, I’ve brought nearly every single one I haven’t read, and they are flying in from all over the world to Strahan GPO. The very first thing I do when I am home is swing past the post office - Max the postie always laughs and tells me bets are placed on when I’ll be showing up based on how high my pile of parcels are. The whole situation is so endearing. 🚣‍♀️