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Good morning from France. And a metric ton of roses 🌹 #absolueimmersion #lancomemoments



To find one picture where we’re not gurning, squinting, being ridiculous or looking in opposite directions took 374 takes. Between us we managed to get one that we don’t ‘hate’. Anyway. He’s cute. I’m thinking of keeping him. 💙 Now back to the grind. And the footie. See you soon Italy. Ti vogliamo bene 🇮🇹


Thank goodness Facebook reminded me it was your birthday. Snazzy timing making sure it falls on Father’s Day weekend every year. Happy Birthday Jim/Gaz/Huey/Johnny. We love you hard. #MBN #HironsFamJimDivision


The @Gucci Garden is well worth a visit. I’m going back before we leave. Free entrance to the museum and everything on site is Limited Edition. Kill me now. 💸 #guccigarden


🍝 all day 💙🇮🇹


💙 🇮🇹


New Vitamin C alert! Stability and penetration are always issues with a vitamin C, something @dermalogicauk have been careful to address with their new #BioLuminCSerum, which has just launched. Using AMP (ascorbyl methylsilanol pectinate) and AAP (aminopropyl ascorbyl phosphate) two of the more stable forms of vitamin c available, complexed with silicium to help strengthen the skin, they’ve also included lactic acid high up the inci to enable easier penetration along with chia seed to calm any potential irritation. Throw in hyaluronic acid and you’re golden. Suitable for all skins as a twice daily antioxidant and especially good for aging (aren’t we all?) and dull skins in need of some help with texture. Fragrance free and super light texture. 👍🏼 @dermalogicauk


Ah here’s my gorgeous friend @lisapotterdixon with my @scampanddude Swag Bag in aid of @diabetesuk - Lisa’s sister, like my husband, has Type 1 diabetes. Bags and further details are available on @scampanddude and all the profits go to our charities. Thanks guys! #swagbagswithpurpose #diabetes


Annnnd we’re back... last night’s routine... @katesomervilleskincare Goat Milk Cleanser - I know I must be driving poor KS mad as this is long discontinued, but I will use this up until every last drop is gone.. @pixibeautyuk Rose Cream Cleanser - I owe you a review of this - my bad - suffice to say think of a non-glycolic-softer version of the Glow Mud Cleanser - wicked. Suitable for all faces. @joshrosebrook Hydrating Accelerator because I am breathing and HELLO...suitable for all. @chanelbeauty Blue Serum Eye which is light, hydrating and I will use until it’s gone rather than keep switching, which is a review in itself. Suitable for all. @indeedlabs Mineral Booster - I have used this daily for months and am still obsessed. I’m convinced it has strengthened my skin. Great for any skin that needs strengthening. @maulirituals Supreme Skin Face Serum is lush. Think of a lighter Vintner’s Daughter. Suitable for all skins but great for mature. @glowrecipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturiser. I bought this in @sephora because it smelled nice and didn’t have a load of filler ingredients. Superficial as I am. I like. Really light and wet, great for all skins. Particularly in the heat! #365inskincare


When you finally meet @kevinmurphyhair and you’re in a BUN - AND he informs you that you’ve been using the wrong colour shampoo from his range for ages. Alrighty then. 🤦‍♀️ moron alert. @kevinmurphyuk #365inbeauty Credits: Cheek is @jilliandempsey Rose - obsessed. Lips are @kryolanuk Lip Emphasizer and kimono is @topshop - I have three. Two green and a yellow. I figure back-ups are sensible.


Stolen from La Hughes. Recording @bbcwomanshour this arvo for an upcoming feature. @salihughes #365inskincare