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Our baby @c8xo graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cal State Fullerton ❤️❤️


a decade of unique. #uniquela


There are a handful of new features up on We Are Phenomenal, including an interview with with JJ Anderson, co-founder of @hrdwker. If you could give one piece of advice to young individuals around the globe, what would it be and why? JJ: Stand by your vision. People won’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish until someone they feel is worthy, validates it. This is bullshit, but nonetheless, it is a common occurrence. You are valid. If you are passionate about what you are doing, are willing to work hard, and committed to being patient- your vision will become a reality and sooner or later others will see it too. 📷 Taylor Rainbolt


It’s officially here! Jack (@strutz) and I worked together to photograph and interview the oh so talented tattoo artist Diana Bustamante (@dianabstudio) on her journey through the LA tattoo scene. I am beyond grateful to be apart of this magazine, so thank you Sonja for allowing me the opportunity to contribute. Also, peep the cover by my badass friend, Vanessa (@fromabolivian) ❤️


I’ve been spending a lot of time with my thoughts lately and I’m discovering parts of myself that I didn’t know existed, as well as parts I’d like to change and celebrate. Self reflection is an important part of my day to day life and I’m curious to see who I will become.


this one is for you, @strutz


36 hours in San Francisco 🌆


Last week, I spent a day in Palm Springs touring @canndescent’s facilities and learning all about the Hermés of Cannabis. Now, my feature is live on The Dieline and ready for your viewing eyes. Hit the link in bio to read on!


Can we build it? YES WE CAN! 🛠 Real talk, building the furniture for my room with Jack is a treat and I’m grateful to be dating Bob The Builder.


This photograph properly represents how I’m feeling about life lately. This week alone, I spent a day in Palm Springs touring a cannabis facility for The Dieline, worked on a photoshoot/interview for an exciting project, received pitches for We Are Phenomenal (which is a first) and had two publications reach out to me for my words (another first). On top of that, my new place is slowly coming together and starting to feel like home. All in all, I'm grateful for the journey I took to get here and all of the lovely people who helped me along the way. 📷


Behind the scenes magic with Diana (@dianabstudio) and Jack (@strutz) for a rad, surprise project.


Obligatory photo from the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs


scrolling through camera rolls and landing on magic


@fromabolivian makes me look like a superstar in her line @paragondesert


After two years in Los Angeles, I’ve finally taken the steps to create a home for myself and it’s exhilarating. If you’ve been around me at all over the last couple of weeks, you’ve felt my stress and anxiety around this whole process and the fact that it’s all coming together now is A M A Z I N G ✨ my body is slowly starting to feel less heavy and I cannot wait to start this new chapter with two radical friends.


This morning, @fromabolivian and I got up early to shoot her new looks for @paragondesert 🌵thank you for inviting me on this journey. I am forever grateful for you and your friendship ✨


We Are Phenomenal is a labor of love & I am grateful for all the women who made the inaugural photo shoot possible. Thank you Marissa ( for taking gorgeous photos of Vanessa (@fromabolivian), Sierra (@vivalasantana) and Chandra (@jedicha) in Isadora’s chic and badass line @backbeatrags. You are all phenomenal women and I am grateful for your love and support ✨ #wearephenomenal


We Are Phenomenal, my passion project and baby, had its first shoot & I am excited to share the photos with you all. 📷