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Queer herbalism 🌹Tara Ní Máire

🌿Éireannach//Irish traditional herbalist🌿 ✨🌸 Homogrown herbal remedies 🌸✨ 🌱Fresh brews made from living plants🌱 🌲Dish With One Spoon Treaty Territory🌲

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New moon eclipse harvests with my dear friend Mongach Meisce//Mugwort ⚡️🌑🌿 . . ➡️🌿2 PART KNOWLEDGE SHARE: This abundant plant is transforming into tincture, honey, oil, dried for smoke cleansing, steams, baths + smoking mixes ✨ . . 🌿In Éireannach traditions (+ many other plant medicine systems), Mugwort is held in reverence as a powerful medicinal + magical plant. Dried for tea, ritual baths + burnt as cleansing smoke to purify + protect against evil, I put mugwort in my smoke mixes for these same reasons 😉 . . 🌿Mugwort soothes stress, esp when you need to release mental + emotional buildup. Baths + smoke cleansing are my fave methods for this kind of releasing. Overall, Mugwort clears stagnancy + gets things moving energetically + physically. As tea/tincture the bitterness stimulates gastric juices + bile, which can greatly relieve slow digestion, bloating + gas after eating. There are direct links between digestive issues + stress, where each triggers the other; Mugwort helps to address both sides of this. You don’t need much, try starting with a 1/2 cup of tea or 1/2 tsp of tincture about 15 min before +/or after meals. . . 🌿As a blood bringer, Mugwort can stimulate delayed menses for folks who bleed, esp if stagnant liver energy is a root cause (I find this common); other signs that this may be the case are red rashes/acne, digestive troubles, depression, sudden eye issues, hot feeling emotions + anger rising up. I often think about how oppression effects the body in relation to the liver + anger, as I see this connection so often in my practice. Anger is of course a healthy emotion that arises for valid reasons. Mugwort can help clear excess anger so we can have more of our energy freed up to use that anger as a tool for change. . . 🌿Mugwort is a sacred Birthwork plant for many Peoples across Earth. In Éireannach traditions, we know that strong baths + small sips of tea help stimulate labour; Mugwort oil is worked with in abdominal massage to bring labour as well. This herb helps with delivering the Placenta + as an antibacterial herb in sitz baths to close + clean tears. . . 🌿Much more to say! Mugwort knowledge share part 2 on the way!


I'm drenched in sweat + heading to Tkaronto for a day of potion hustling @dufferingrovemarket 🌿 . . . Come visit this sweaty, sensitive homo from 3-7pm to say hi, meet in real life, ask me all yr herby questions + to get yrself some of the freshest plant medicines around! Today I'll have a number of elixirs to soothe stress + to cleanse, tea blends to soothe anxiety + nourish yr nervous system, peppermint cooling sprays to help survive the heat wave, smoking mixes for your enjoyment + a special Mugwort dream Elixir for the witches ✨ . . . I organically grow all my own herbs + hold cultural connection to the plant medicines I work with. All remedies are sliding-scale + are at the lowest rates I can manage. As a small gesture of respect for the Original Peoples of Turtle Island, I offer at-cost pricing for self ID'ing Indigenous folks (self ID'ing means that if you self identify as Indigenous you are welcome to access my at-cost pricing. I won't be asking you to prove anything to me!) 💗 . . . Things are super intense all around + we're witnessing the colonial governments ramping up their evil ways. It's scary but I have hope in the People tho. I'm sending so much love + strength to everyone out there fighting the good fight. I see you. I'm with you. Sláinte mhaith! ⚡️ . . . . . . . #communityherbalism #plantwitch #traditionalmedicine #queerherbalism #homogrown #communitycare #fuckcolonialism #noborders


✨🌈🦄💕 Pride is so complicated but at least I was safely surrounded by wildly psychic, tender hearted water signs the entire time 🌊😄💦 (not pictured are 3 other water sign bbs - you know who you are!) 💙 . . . . . . Photo by + bday wishes to @zukinni 💕🎉


Solstice flowers for heavy hearts 🌼Colonial powers tearing families apart is not new. White supremacist governments attacking Indigenous, Black + Brown families is not new. Let us be clear: This is a centuries old, methodically planned nightmare that will continue to wreak havoc + violence until it is outright destroyed ⚡️ . . . Chamomile is a powerful medicinal plant who grows on many lands across our earth. On this sacred day of Solstice I'm thinking not only of my ancestral connections to these small beauties but also reflecting on how Chamomile/Manzanilla grows in the borderlands separating Mexico + the USA; on occupied Indigenous territory that is currently in the hearts + minds of many. I'm reflecting on past times I've spent in those borderlands, seeing Chamomile/Manzanilla growing wild. I'm reflecting on what friends have told me about this plant offering soothing medicine to their relatives while on long migrational journeys, seeking freedom 🌼✨ . . . Fellow white settlers: As we have learned from BIPOC communities, it is our responsibility to research the history of the lands we occupy so we can have a clearer picture of the current context. It is our responsibility to be damn sure we are talking to our people about this. It's our responsibility to share our resources, to lift up + support those who's oppression we benefit from. If you're not sharing money + resources already, now is an excellent time to start! . . . On this bright Solstice day, my wish for us all is that the hope + strength in our hearts be nourished, illuminated + fortified. Sláinte mhaith! 🌼✨


TKARONTO AREA FRONTLINE WORKERS: Plz come to a (free) Day of Care this Sunday where you can receive massage, acupuncture, active listening, footbaths, naturopathic consults, herbalist consults + custom made herbal remedies to take home with you 🌿 . . . Swipe the pics to see all the details + plz get in touch if you have any requests 💗 . . . #tkaronto #caregivers4caregivers #communitycare #communityherbalism #communityhealing


From @wiisaakodewinini : "Claudia Patricia Gómez Gonzáles was a 20 year old Mam womxn who was shot by the US border patrol. Borders are violence. Human migration is natural. Say her name. Remember her." #claudiagomezgonzales


🌿TKARONTO FOLKS: Me, my gay earring + this bushel of Mugwort will be vending at @dufferingrovemarket this Thursday! I'll have freshly harvested potions, elixirs, salves + teas for your vitality + enjoyment . . . 🌿Come visit me from 3-7pm + sip some homogrown iced tea, ask me all the herby questions + get yrself some of the freshest spring medicines while they last! . . . 🌿As always, all remedies are organically/traditionally grown by yours truly, all prices are sliding scale + I have at-cost pricing available for (self ID'ing) Indigenous folks . . . 🌿Hope to see ya then! 😘 . . . . . . . . #plantwitch #communityherbalism #traditionalmedicine #queerherbalism #homogrown #queercare #tkaronto #dufferingrovefarmersmarket


✨🌿Nettle medicine 🌿✨ These fierce plants are some of the first to show up in my gardens in early spring. While most plants are just waking up or still sleeping, Nettle braves the cold + bursts forth at rapid speed. It can be hard to think of a plant as moving fast, but if you consider that they usually reach maturity + reproduce in 1-2 years, I'd say they move much faster than we do as humans. It's all about perspective 🌿 . . Nettle is part of many medicine traditions as it's native to multiple continents. In Irish, Nettle is know as Neantóg + has long been utilized as medicine, relied on as sustenance food + woven into durable clothing. Those badass waterproof capes that the Éireannach//Irish people wore/wear? They're traditionally made of tiny Nettle fibres, gathered + spun by hand in an extremely time consuming labour of love 🌿 . . In Irish tradition we know Nettle as a nourishing, restorative + cleansing medicine when taken as tea or eaten as food. It's taken throughout the spring to "cleanse the blood" which speaks to its virtues of nourishing + strengthening the function of the urinary system, kidneys + liver, organs which support the body's natural self-cleansing process 🌿 . . Nettle is a classic remedy for rheumatoid + osteo arthritis, bcuz with regular use it helps the body to clear out acids that become stuck within the joints, acids which eventually erode bones + connective tissue. Nettle is infamously used as an external remedy to reduce pain + swelling of arthritic joints; to do so, the fresh plant is rubbed (or smacked!) on sore areas which at first causes stinging + redness but soon leads to reduced inflammation + a dramatic reduction in pain that can last up to a week! 🌿 . . Nettle is nutrient dense, high in vitamins A, C + K, high in iron, calcium + protein. Nettle was one of the wild foods that helped folks survive during the great famine, when British colonizers + their military starved out the Irish people causing over a million to die. That's a post for another day, but feels important to honour this plant by mentioning 🌿 . . Today I'm harvesting Nettle to make medicine for my next Herbshare csa. Link in bio if ya wanna join!🌿😘


✨ Dandelion medicine ✨ I've been unearthing dandelion roots + making dandelion medicine for the past cpl weeks since the soil thawed. Root harvesting is a labour of love; Deep, meticulous digging is required to not break the long tap roots, care + attention is needed to help earthworms safely untangle from roots + multiple, thorough washes are needed to prepare the roots for medicine making. I like to think that the medicine of roots works similarly in our bodies, slowly + thoroughly working their magic . . . Dandies grow around the world + as such are part of many medicine traditions. In Gaeilge they're known as Caisearbhán + have long been regarded as a sacred plant of Brigit, as well as a powerfully cleansing medicine. All parts of the plant are usedin traditional Irish medicine, roots + leaves + flowers + sap. Dandies have long been a food source, being eaten especially in the spring + fall when root medicine is at its most potent . . . In my herbalism practice I work with dandy leaf as a nourishing, mineral rich tea to support the overall function of kidneys + urinary systems. I regularly utilize dandy root medicine to support the function of the liver, which is especially important for folks who regularly take pharmaceutical meds. I also work with dandy roots to nourish + energetically cool down all sorts of liver based conditions. Very generally, liver heat/stagnant liver energy can present symptoms like acne, psoriasis, eczema, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, extreme PMS, late/painful bleeding times, explosive anger, to name a few! I consistently see dandy medicine reducing folk's symptoms + with regular use I see symptoms disappear completely . . . A less common way to work with dandy root medicine is to help release deeply rooted trauma that is showing up as intense anger. I've seen some amazing transitions happen with clients in this regard. I first discovered this as a homeless youth, being drawn to eat dandies I saw growing around me + noticing they were helping me release some of my rage. Anger is of course a healthy reaction, but it can start to harm us if stagnant. If this resonates with you, try some dandy roots + see how it feels 🌱✨


🔥🔥🔥 Lá Bealtaine sona daoibh!! Blessed Beltane!!🔥 We are precisely halfway between spring equinox + summer solstice. Traditionally for Éireannach people this is when we burn bright fires, call to our ancestors + send up blessings for abundant harvests. A dried bushel of the 7 sacred herbs are lit + this smoke is bathed over the body to cleanse away old energies + to renew us for what is to come . . 🔥Wishing you all a joyful abundance of whatever it is that brings you life ✨🌱💕 . . . . . . . #bealtaine #beltane #plantwitch #traditionalmedicine #welcomeabundance


🌼PLANT DEVOTION AS SURVIVAL🌼 No filter needed for these homogrown beauties, who are part of a tea blend in this month's Herbshares. I counted (twice) + there's over 1000 flowers in this blend. That's 1000 flowers that I raised from seed, tended to for 6 months, picked by hand + meticulously dried. By volume it's 8 Litres of plant magic about to be in the hands of some lovely folks across Tkaronto . 🌸 . . I devote almost all of my time, resources + labour to grow all of my own herbs to support my dear clients throughout the year. This devotion feels like a slow prayer, a continuously rebirthed spell, a deep well for me to draw strength from when hard stuff happens. And some hard stuff happened recently, which I mention below. Content warning for non-descriptive mentioning of sexual harassment, assault + trauma. Please feel free to stop reading + take care of yrself if you need to. 🌹 . . . . . . Like many folks, I've been dealing with sexual harassment since I was rly young. I've survived many sexual assaults + situations of violence. I've thankfully also learned a lot of skills around coping with trauma; devoting myself to work with plant medicines is a big part of that 🌿 . . Early last week I was harassed//assaulted by a terrible man in a large grocery store. In the middle of it happening, I did something I've never felt brave enough to do in similar situations: Asking for help. I calmly begged a cashier to help get this man away from me, I pleaded to a manager + cried out to the crowd of shoppers for someone to please help get this man away from me. And you know what? No one did a damn thing. The situation spiralled out of control but in the midst of it, I could feel the strong presence of my favourite plants offering me strength. I finally escaped + spent a long while sobbing in my car before I cld drive home. When I finally got there, it was my partner + my plant medicines who held me safe 🌸 . . If we were to collectively list plants that are helpful for survivors, it would be unending. Whatever you feel drawn to is right for you. One thing I know for sure is if you devote yourself to plant medicines, they will do the same for you. 🌱✨


🌿GROWTH🌿 Found baby Motherwort growing amongst a deer's skeleton on this full moon morn. I'm grateful for the reminder that life can prevail even where there is death; That new growth can sprout from + be nourished by the deep process of transformation. . . . 🌿Motherwort is always one of the first plants to return after the long winter + can often be found bursting forth through snow. In early spring when the temperature is still below freezing, I find deer tracks in the snow that lead to well nibbled Motherwort patches. The deer in this picture would have found nourishment in early springtimes by eating the tender young Motherwort leaves, while most other plants were still asleep underground. Motherwort is very bitter which means the deer would only eat small amounts as sustenance, when other plants were scarce. Motherwort would provide the deer with not only nourishment but also the digestive stimulating + cleansing qualities that bitter plants offer. . . . 🌿It's been long known by traditional peoples around the world that animals seek out + ingest plant medicines. In modern science, this is well documented + known as zoopharmacognosy. Many cultures carry the knowledge that we originally learned about plant medicines from observing + being in communication with our animal relatives. There's many traditional Éireannach//Irish stories of our ancestors being brought into the realms of different animals + receiving teachings from them around how to locate, harvest, prepare + utilize plant medicines. Some of my favourite of these stories are about the Fia Rua, or Red Deer, who are said to be wise + kind teachers. . . . 🌿So I'm sitting with this baby Motherwort that is growing from the crumbling bones of a deer, being reminded of the power of transformation. Being reminded that although we are living through times of such extreme chaos + death, there is still life + vibrancy that is fiercely sprouting forth. Around us + within us. . . . ✨May this full moon assist in releasing that which is ready to pass. May this full moon illuminate that which is tenderly sprouting within us✨ . . . . #plantsareteachers #fullmoonmedicine #motherwort #queerherbalism


SCREAMING WITH JOY 🎉 Happy spring! Blessed Ostara! Welcome Aries season! (also screaming with PMS but hey what's new?!) 🌋 . . . It's spring + the official start of the growing season! As ya probably know by now, my entire life + livelihood revolves around tending plants. I was lucky to grow up in gardens + have been building deep relationships with plants my entire life. I consider them to be generous, wise + helpful friends. Every year when spring comes, I know my plant friends will return from their deep winter sleep. It's a truly emotional time for me, akin to a crew of long lost pals returning after being away for half a year 😂🌿 . . . As a full time grower + herbalist, I make all of my medicines from fresh living plants that I raise up myself. From carefully assisting seeds to sprout in the early spring, all the way to collecting their mature seeds come end of falltime, I'm working with the plants in some way everyday. It's very hard work, to be honest. It's thoroughly exhausting at times, but the rewards are so worth it. The potency of medicine that can be created from fresh plants is unparalleled; I hear this feedback time + time again from my clients. It's truly a gift to be able to support so many badass folks by working with plants. 🌹✨ . . . So happy spring yall! As my amazing pal Brescia of @drawing.with.knives.shadows once said in a song she wrote: "flowers can be good compensation for the turbulence of spring". May we remember that we can look to the plants for support when the inevitable turbulence comes our way. ⚡️🌷💕 . . . . . #communityherbalism #queerherbalism #plantwitch #queerfarmers #traditionalmedicine #queermedicine


"Call Out to all Anishinaabeg, Water Walkers, Water Protectors, Allies & General Public. We are gathering in Ceremony led by Josephine Mandamin to raise the consciousness about the Water in support & solidarity of Anishinaabe Kwewag & Supporters and their efforts to protect the Allison Aquifer, for the healing of our Nation, and to bring together ALL NATIONS to unify in prayer life's most precious entity, Nibi. #waterisliving Please share and help us spread the word!" . . 💧💙 . . Shared from @smorningstarr . . . . FB link: . . . . ✨A note to fellow settlers who live within Dish With One Spoon Treaty Territory: As we learn from Indigenous community, it is our responsibility as Treaty-people to help keep these precious lands & sacred waters clean. Please show up how you can.


🌸Surgery support series🌸 My dear @alizalive is healing up so well! They've been working with herbs daily & the results are remarkable. Generally, bandages stay on for the first cpl weeks post surgery so we're utilizing herbs internally to help heal externally. Here's what we've been focusing on! . . 🌿Easing stress & anxiety 🌿Supporting tissue healing 🌿Supporting detox of meds . . 🌿Most folks will be taking antibiotics & pharma pain meds right after surgery so it's important to choose stress & anxiety easing herbs that won't interact. It's crucial to check with a knowledgeable person abt herb-med interactions, but here's a few anxiety soothing herbs that are usually safe to work with: Milky oats, chamomile, lemonbalm & hawthorn . . 🌿After surgery bodies focus on repairing wounds & herbs can greatly help support. Since bandages are covering wounds for the first cpl weeks, we work with herbs internally to facilitate tissue healing. This is where Vulnerary herbs are super helpful bcuz they help bodies heal & repair damaged tissues, often reducing excess inflammation too. Vulnerary herbs are gentle yet powerful & often have little interaction with pain meds & antibiotics. For tissue healing, Aliza & I have been focusing on: Gotu kola, Calendula & Plantain teas, as well as lots of ground flax seed with meals . . 🌿Heavy duty pain meds & antibiotics are given at the time of surgery & are always part of allopathic post surgery protocol. This can put stress on the liver & kidneys & can damage gut flora. Milk thistle seed can safely be taken alongside meds to protect the liver & help repair damage. Dandelion & burdock root teas support the body's detoxification process & moderate doses are safe to take alongside meds. Eating ferments everyday will strongly protect gut flora while taking antibiotics . . 🌿Working with therapies listed in my last 2 posts will be super helpful after surgery too! Check past posts for more info abt the herbs mentioned here . . ✨I'm creating an in-depth workshop for folks who wanna learn abt specifics that can't fit into these tiny insta posts 😘 . . #queerherbalism #communityherbalism #queercare #surgerysupportseries #queerhealing


🌸Surgery Support Series🌸 This is a pic of Betony, an herb I grow & often work with before surgery to greatly help the healing process afterwards. When I'm supporting folks for an upcoming surgery (gender affirming or otherwise), we meet a month beforehand to discuss their specific needs. From there I create custom medicines & a care plan to help them be fully prepared for their procedure. This always looks very different person to person, so instead of focusing on specific herbs in this post I'll explain the 3 main ways I work with herbs to support folks before surgery: . 🌼 Supporting the nervous system . 🌼 Supporting the immune system . 🌼 Assistance with releasing . . . 🌿 Supporting the nervous system will help nerve tissue to regrow, reduces stress levels & helps folks relax into their healing process. Lowering stress levels directly helps to lower inflammation & pain levels too! There's many nervine & adaptogenic herbs to look to, my fave's being Milky Oats (fresh extract), Skullcap, Lavender & Betony (in the pic!) . . . 🌿 Supporting the function of the immune system will help reduce the risk of wounds becoming infected & will clear up current ills so the body can focus on healing post-surgery. Working with Immune amphoterics (herbs to balance the immune system) is rly important for folks with some auto-immune conditions so their body doesn't under-react or overreact after surgery. Again, there's many herbs to look to, my faves being Reishi mushroom & Elderberry . . . 🌿 Assisting with energetic release will help folks let go of old beliefs//trauma being held in the area that will undergo surgery. I mainly work with herbs as cleansing smoke/steam, protective anointing oils & ritual releasing baths for these purposes. There's many different traditions around this kind of herbwork; My ancestors teach me to call upon Mugwort, Yarrow, Hawthorn & Thyme for cleansing & release work . . . 🌺In-depth workshop abt this is in the works! Also you can check earlier posts for more info abt herbs mentioned here 😘 . . . #queerherbalism #communityherbalism #surgerysupportseries #queermedicine #plantwitch #queerhealing


💔 There is no justice nor truth in the vile colonial courts💔 Fellow settlers on stolen land, may we remember that it's our duty to destroy this nightmare of a system⚡️ . . . . Image credit: @survivorsinsk


It's my birthday & I'm gayer than ever 😘 Thx for all the well wishes dear pals!! This Aquarius-Pisces cusp bb is way up a mountain not getting yr texts buttt I'm so happy to be assisting @alizalive in their chrysalis super healing for the next cpl weeks✨ . . . #queerlove 💕