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🍀Éireannach//Irish traditional herbalist🍀 🌸 Growing + sharing ancestral remedies 🌸 🌲Dish With One Spoon Treaty Territory🌲 ✨Return to your medicines✨

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🌹💕💕💕 Offering freshly made Heart's Ease elixirs to raise funds in support of @rootsofresistance Sade Musa's SANKOFA Afro-Botany course (one of the most crucially important courses I have ever seen!!)✨ . . . 🌹I make this well loved elixir just once a year, with herbs I've grown + harvested throughout the season. This is strong, intentional medicine which offers comfort to broken hearts, eases feelings of stress + tension and which offers support + protection while grieving. I've been sharing this elixir with folks for many years + I receive much feedback abt how helpful folks find this medicine to be. . . . 🌹Hearts Ease Elixir is made of fresh rose petals slowly solar infused in raw honey for many months, with fresh Hawthorn berries, Poppy petals + Chamomile flower buds slow extracted in raw apple cider vinegar + Irish whiskey. Essences of Red Yarrow + (personally harvested) Irish Quartz act to amplify the energies of the medicines. These plants are all part of Éireannach//Irish medicine traditions; they are also part of many cultures + traditions around this Earth. . . . 🌹This limited batch is available for folks who can pick up in Tkaronto only. Two sizes are available at sliding scale rates: 2oz is $18-30 + 4oz is $35-60 in canadian funds. White folks are encouraged to pay the higher rates whenever possible. All profits are going to @rootsofresistance + to help increase access for low income Black students to take this *badass* 4 month course. // If you don't want any elixir but do want to support Sade's amazing work, follow the link in her bio to learn how to do so! . . . 🌹DM to order! First come, first served my babes so do not delay! Share this post if you feel called to 😘 . . . ➡️Note: I'm currently unable to post more than 1 picture per post on Instagram (???) so plz check out @rootsofresistance page + the link in Sade's bio for all the info abt this crucially important course. Also you can refer to my "my story" for pics of info abt this epic learning opportunity, screenshot from what Sade has written in her course description. . . . 🌹Go raibh míle maith agat!! Thank you + a thousand blessings of goodness to you!!


Grateful✨ On Saturday I had the honour of sharing plant medicines + knowledges with a badass group of student Midwives!! . . . 🌿Together we talked about plant medicines to support self care, to support folks during pregnancy + postpartum. We went through detailed information about how + when to safely utilize the medicines + then we created some fresh potions together, made from plants I had just harvested from my gardens. Overall it was a rly dreamy day 🌿 . . . 🌿The knowledges I shared are rooted in my experiences supporting clients + friends throughout the years, as well as being rooted in Éireannach//Irish plant medicine traditions. It was a great joy to share in depth about some of my favourite ancestral plant medicines, many of whom are also native to Turtle Island + hold long traditions of use in Indigenous communities here on these lands as well 🌿 . . . 🌿This workshop was accessible by donation + the funds raised are going to the amazing folks at the parkdale overdose prevention site 🌿 . . . 🌿Go raibh míle maith agat (Thank you + a thousand blessings of goodness to you) to @sarfireweed + Cello for inviting me + for organizing everything, to all the folks who participated + brought their own knowledges + stories to share, to @drawing.with.knives.shadows for being my emotional support person + to @presqu.une.sagefemme for the medicine gifts 🌿💕💕💕 . . . 🌿Today I'm feeling very grateful for + so humbled by the power of plants as our teachers. In essence, I have learned everything I know from these generous friends + they continue to teach me everyday. It is my intention to follow their examples of generosity + care 🌿✨


✨🌿EPIC LEARNING OPPORTUNITY🌿✨ The amazing Sade Musa of @rootsofresistance is offering this course, open to BIPOC with priority going to Black folks ✨ Plz go to Sade's Instagram page where you can find the link (in bio) to read about this next-level opportunity. I literally got chills when I read the powerful course description! ✨ Fellow yt settler folks, I highly encourage you to respect this work by financially supporting this beautiful, important sharing of knowledges. Go to the course description to find the email address you can write to for instructions of how to do so. 😘


GAYEST GREETINGS + FRIENDLY REMINDER that I use they/them pronouns, I'm genderqueer + the way to pronounce my name is "taw-rah" (not "tare-ah") . . . 👉🏼I regularly receive a lot of messages from folks whom I don't know + have noticed most folks seem to assume that I use "she/her" pronouns, which I actually don't, soooo I'm just broadly announcing my preferences. It's ok to slip up now + then but I would rly appreciate if folks cld put in a bit more effort. Thanks! . . . 👉🏼I've also noticed that when most folks meet me IRL they pronounce my name wrong which again is totally ok to not know at first or to slip up now + then but I just want to let yas know how to properly pronounce my name: The first + last syllables both rhyme with "saw". It's totally ok to ask me abt this IRL if that pronunciation feels confusing or hard to understand 🙂 . . . 👉🏼Please + thank you in advance for respecting me + my identity! 💜 And, if anyone reading this happens to be transphobic you can hit that UNFOLLOW button immediately 😘


🍇🍇🍇 ELDERBERRY ⚡️ This tree of lore is part of many cultures. In Éireannach traditions the Elder tree has long been associated with fierce teachings + has long been utilized for medicine + magic✨ . . . 🍇Known as Trom in Gaeilge + Sambucus nigra as a scientific classification, these small trees are said to be inhabited by an elder mother spirit who can offer you protection or cause you harm, depending on the relationship you build with her + whether or not you respect her instructions. It is said that she offers teachings not only about the Elder tree but about all plants + ways we interact with them . . . 🍇Traditional protocol is to always ask her permission before harvesting medicine + to wait for + respect her answer. The wood must never be cut or burned, or it is said that one will face an untimely death! There are many stories about this that play out over thousands of years . . . 🍇 Some of my understanding of the teachings woven into these old stories relates to the necessity of consent + not walking in entitlement. Another way I understand the protocol is that the wood + leaves are toxic when taken internally + it's only safe to harvest the berries when they're fully ripe, as they can make you quite sick if harvested too early. If you take the time to ask the elder mother spirit if it's ok to harvest from her + wait for an answer, yr likely gonna notice if the berries need more time to ripen or not . . . 🍇The elder spirit is said to offer protection from harm + I can see that in how Elderberry protects us from getting sick. They support + stimulate the immune system, as well as being strongly anti-viral + anti-bacterial. They are known to keep unwells away when everyone around us is under the weather, especially from respiratory infections, colds + flu. This potent plant helps us heal faster + reduces symptoms when we're in the depths of sickness . . . 🍇On this new moon day I'm brewing my big fall batch of Elderberry medicine to share with folks over the long cold season. Some of this will be in this month's Herbshare, some will be available @dufferingrovemarket on the 27th + some will be available for private sale/trade if ya msg me 😘🍇💕


🌼Medicine of Mary Magdalene's flower✨ This cross continental plant, known in English as St.John's wort, has a rich tradition of use in many cultures. In Éireannach traditions this flower is known to repair the tissues + overall function of a stressed or injured nervous system, to reduce pain + swelling of both new injuries + chronic pains, + to relieve "melancholia" which is emotional/mental depression due to a stressed or low functioning liver. . . 🌼Following my tradition, I harvest the bright yellow flowers around noon during a full moon, quickly cover some with oil + some with Uisce beatha (whiskey). When infused into oil or alcohol, plant chemicals (namely "hypericin") are released from tiny glands, which have a deep red pigment; This changes the colour of the oil or tincture from yellow to a rich, blood red (see pic #2)! . . 🌼I mainly work with the oil to help relieve nerve pain + help bodies *regenerate* nerve tissue; I've seen it work some serious post-injury + post-surgery wonders! I've supported a lot of friends//clients through their gender-affirming surgeries + this oil is always a part of the herbal protocol I design for their post surgery care. It's ability to help new nerve tissue grow + help sensation return to numb areas is just spectacular. . . 🌼I mainly work with tincture to repair nerve tissue + help relieve depression; I find it most effective for winter sads, esp if nervous tension or nerve pain are present. The chemistry is complex but in short it helps increase the amount of time that serotonin is circulating + thus increases happy feels. . . 🌼I have some homogrown, fresh made oil + tincture ready to share, send me a DM if you'd like to get yrself some 😘 . . ➡️Safety info: Never take internally if taking SSRI's + plz check in with a knowledgeable person before taking this plant internally as it can adversely interact with a number of meds + health conditions.


Literally eating lavender to chill while on my way to tkaronto for a day of potion hustling at @dufferingrovemarket 🌿 . . . It's been a rly hard week of chronic pain flare up's but with the help of some pain easing plant friends, I've managed to harvest + make a plethora of potent medicines to bring to market today! I'll be there from 3-7pm + here's what's on offer: . . 🌸Potent pain easing salves made with the strongest pain relieving plants I grow . . 🌿Elixirs to ease anxiety, to revitalize burnt out adrenals + to deeply replenish the nervous system . . 🌹Tea blends to soothe stress, heal the gut + uplift the spirits . . 🌱Tinctures to stimulate + strengthen the immune system, specifically made for the return of cool weather . . 🍃Smoking mixes for your pleasure + enjoyment . . 🍀Plus a few special surprises! . . . As always, all herbs are homogrown by yours truly + all remedies are based in Éireannach//Irish plant medicine traditions. Everything is offered at sliding scale prices to accommodate differing levels of income, privilege + access. As a small gesture towards right relations, I have at-cost pricing available for (self ID'ing) Indigenous folks. . . . 3-7pm yall! Come by + say hi, sip some extremely delicious herbal beverages, ask me all yr herby questions, commiserate about society + get yrself some fresh plant medicines while they last! 😘


Full moon medicine ✨🌼🍯🌕✨ This is Slat Óir (goldenrod/many names), which was collectively made into medicine with a badass crew of folks as part of a dreamy plant medicine event I was invited to co-facilitate✨ . . . Most goldenrod species are native to Turtle Island, with a few being native to Ireland + Europe. There's many ways to work with this plant + based in my experience I call on them them mainly for their astringency (drying to tissue), anti-inflammatory + antimicrobial actions. Goldenrod is great as tea, tincture, honey or vinegar extract to dry up all sorts of "runny face stuff" like watery eyes, runny noses + coughing up liquidy mucus from allergies, colds + the flu. A strong cup/moderate dose of extract usually does the trick + quicker than you'd expect! Keep drinking daily until symptoms have passed ✨ . . . I commonly work with Goldenrod in treating UTI's, along with stronger antimicrobials + soothing demulcent herbs to ease irritation. 3 strong cups of tea daily until all symptoms have passed can often do the trick. Chronic UTI's usually call for longer term diet changes as well. . . . The medicine in these pics was collectively harvested + made while tasting + smelling the leaves + flowers to determine their potency, while speaking of how they feel to us intuitively, while speaking of the physically medicinal qualities, while speaking of the process + recipe for creating this medicine. We bathed the flowers in honey + apple cider vinegar, capped + labelled our jars in some of the languages of our ancestors which you know just fills my heart with happiness. Bearing witness to the entire day filled my heart with hope ✨ . . . As a settler herbalist on these lands who is learning how to reduce the harms I cause + how to walk in a good way, I'm both humbled + grateful to my pals at @sacred_seeds_collective for generously inviting me to share abt plant knowledges at this 2Spirit + Indigenous focused gathering - go raibh míle maith agat. Everyone in attendance had so much beauty + wisdom to share, my spirit is feeling full of goodness 💛 . . Happy full moon bbs, hope these dreamy Pisces moon vibes are feeding ya with at least wee bit of beauty🌊🌕✨


I've been invited by my pals @sacred_seeds_collective to co-facilitate a day of plant identification, storytelling, knowledge sharing + medicine making! We'll be focusing on plants that are both Native to Turtle Island + to the 6 Celtic Nations (specifically Éire//Ireland + Alba//Scotland) 🍀 . . . ***EDIT: DATE IS CHANGED TO SUNDAY AUGUST 26th 11am-4pm*** Happening at the Sacred Seeds Collective gardens, we will be making medicines together to take home! Garden fresh lunch provided! Funds available for support with transportation within the region. Get in touch with Hunter + Flint for info at or 705-761-9441 // (plz don't contact me, Tara, directly for info bcuz I'm not organizing this event, I'm just teaching at it) 🌿 . . . Plz take note: I'm an Éireannach//Irish settler living here in Dish With One Spoon Treaty Territory + within the violent colonial occupation of these Indigenous lands. My pals have invited me into this gathering as a guest, however please take note that ATTENDANCE IS OPEN TO TWO SPIRIT + INDIGENOUS TO TURTLE ISLAND IDENTIFIED FOLKS ONLY ✨ . . . And don't get yr knickers in a knot my fellow settlers, if you you feel confused as to why exclusive space is important, plz google it or comment below or contact me directly. Just don't go bothering my pals abt that plz 🌹 . . .


Thanks @chaninicholas for yr wise words // This basically sums up my previous post for folks who may have found it TLDR (TLDR = too long, didn't read) 😘✨💕


🌑✨ECLIPSE REALITY CHECK: white herbalists living on stolen Indigenous lands, we need to be learning how to reduce the harm we cause. We live in + benefit from a society built on land theft, cultural genocide, slavery, imprisonment + oppression of Indigenous People, Black People + People of Colour. Being an herbalist doesn't exempt us from these legacies of violence. It doesn't exempt us from our responsibility to destroy these systems of violence. . . The #susanweed thing is part of a bigger problem. I've been in community practice as an herbalist for 15 yrs + I can say that most white herbalists I know of base their work in stolen knowledge from traditions they hold no ancestral or cultural connections to. Most white herbalists work with herbs they hold no ancestral or cultural links to, herbs that are part of living medicine traditions. Many white herbalists are "ethically wildcrafting" Indigenous medicines without permission from Indigenous communities to do so. Most white herbalist teachers profit from teaching how to continue this violence + theft. All of this while BIPOC folks get treated like shit. 💥How the actual fuck is this ok in any way?!💥💥💥 . . I get frequent, consistent feedback that my work is inspiring so I wrote this in hopes of inspiring white folks to think critically abt reducing the harm we cause. For transparency + as examples, here's some basic ways I try to reduce harm: 🌿I build relationships, listen to + support what BIPOC folks are saying bcuz they're the experts; Everything on this list comes from what I've learned in this way. 🌿I don't wildcraft. Instead, I grow the herbs I work with + stick with herbs from my people's traditions. If a client 'needs' a wildcrafted herb, I refer them to an Indigenous run biz. 🌿I decline invites to teach at herb conferences that uphold white supremacy (basically all of them) + I ask that BIPOC teachers be invited instead. 🌿I donate herbs to BIPOC-led fundraisers, protests + healing justice events; I have free/at-cost remedies for BIPOC folks on request; I reach out so folks know what's on offer. 🌿I start convos with white herbalists abt how we cause harms + ways to change that. ✨✨✨


Lúnasa heart medicine // the world is a mess but Femme magic is everywhere 🐝💕


Taking a moment to reinforce my psychic boundaries with my pal Athair thalún//Yarrow before heading to market today 🌸 . . . Athair thalún//Yarrow grows in many places on Earth + is part of many medicine traditions. In Éireannach (+ many other) traditions this plant is an important medicinal + magical plant. It is said to be a plant of protection, a plant that helps strengthen our energetic boundaries + protects us from harm. . . . Working with Athair thalún//Yarrow as an essence, taking tiny amounts of its medicine or just spending time connecting with the physical plant is said to help create a container around us. Working with this plant ally helps us differentiate between what is coming from within + what is coming from outside of us, which can be rly helpful for sensitive folks who tend to absorb things from outside of them - fellow empaths I'm talking to you! I frequently give this medicine to clients + friends who are care providers (parents, body workers, social workers, healthcare workers, therapists, sex workers, etc) as it helps us remain open + empathetic without taking on other people's stuff. . . . There's much to be said of Athair thalún//Yarrow's physical medicines in relation to its energetic medicine. As a strong anti-microbial it protects us from sickness, as a diaphoretic it helps our bodies to push out illness + toxins by way of sweating, as a potent hemostatic it helps stop excessive bleeding when applied externally. Again, the theme of reinforcing boundaries. . . . I've made a fresh batch of Athair thalún//Yarrow flower essence which is part of this month's Herbshare CSA + I'll have some available today @dufferingrovemarket from 3-7pm. Also on the market menu today: . • teas to soothe stress + support digestion . • Elixirs to ease anxiety + help with cleansing . • peppermint cooling sprays to help get thru the heat . • smoking mixes to enjoy on their own or mix with cannabis/tobacco . • salves to heal + repair skin tissue (amazing for chub rub!) . • herbal iced tea made with 8-month slow infused herbal honeys . • AND A WHOLE LOTTA GAY


These are heavy times + although we know that white supremacist violence + toxic masculinity is nothing new, the spikes of violence are still horrendous + need to be named as such. 💔 . . . Extending care + sharing resources is always important for white settler folks like me to be putting energy towards + especially so when violent acts ripple out in harmful ways. Sharing medicines is a small gesture of care that can go a long way in supporting folks who resonate with that medicine 🌿 . . . I'm aware that a lot of budding herbalists follow my insta so please take note: If yr white, it's imperative that you build capacity in your business to be sharing + donating medicines on the regular; it's a baseline decent thing to do. Like right now. I live in poverty + struggle with lotsa trauma + daily chronic pain but still manage to share a lot of medicines so I'm reallly hoping that yall can find ways to extend generosity even if you don't have a lot to give (at-cost + sliding scale are good options if yr broke + can't afford to always give out free medicines). And if you come from wealth, fckn get on it + share those resources!! . . . Sending deep love + protection to all those harmed by the ongoing violence of white supremacy, settler colonialism + toxic masculinity. Let me know if you'd like any medicines from me + I'll do what I can🌹💔🌹


New moon eclipse harvests with my dear friend Mongach Meisce//Mugwort ⚡️🌑🌿 . . ➡️🌿MUGWORT KNOWLEDGE SHARE: This abundant plant is transforming into tincture, honey, oil, dried for smoke cleansing, steams, baths + smoking mixes ✨ . . 🌿In Éireannach traditions (+ many other plant medicine systems), Mugwort is held in reverence as a powerful medicinal + magical plant. Dried for tea, ritual baths + burnt as cleansing smoke to purify + protect against evil, I put mugwort in my smoke mixes for these same reasons 😉 . . 🌿Mugwort soothes stress, esp when you need to release mental + emotional buildup. Baths + smoke cleansing are my fave methods for this kind of releasing. Overall, Mugwort clears stagnancy + gets things moving energetically + physically. As tea/tincture the bitterness stimulates gastric juices + bile, which can greatly relieve slow digestion, bloating + gas after eating. There are direct links between digestive issues + stress, where each triggers the other; Mugwort helps to address both sides of this. You don’t need much, try starting with a 1/2 cup of tea or 1/2 tsp of tincture about 15 min before +/or after meals. . . 🌿As a blood bringer, Mugwort can stimulate delayed menses for folks who bleed, esp if stagnant liver energy is a root cause (I find this common); other signs that this may be the case are red rashes/acne, digestive troubles, depression, sudden eye issues, hot feeling emotions + anger rising up. I often think about how oppression effects the body in relation to the liver + anger, as I see this connection so often in my practice. Anger is of course a healthy emotion that arises for valid reasons. Mugwort can help clear excess anger so we can have more of our energy freed up to use that anger as a tool for change. . . 🌿Mugwort is a sacred Birthwork plant for many Peoples across Earth. In Éireannach traditions, we know that strong baths + small sips of tea help stimulate labour; Mugwort oil is worked with in abdominal massage to bring labour as well. This herb helps with delivering the Placenta + as an antibacterial herb in sitz baths to close + clean wounds. . . 🌿Sooo much more to say, when the time is right! 😉


I'm drenched in sweat + heading to Tkaronto for a day of potion hustling @dufferingrovemarket 🌿 . . . Come visit this sweaty, sensitive homo from 3-7pm to say hi, meet in real life, ask me all yr herby questions + to get yrself some of the freshest plant medicines around! Today I'll have a number of elixirs to soothe stress + to cleanse, tea blends to soothe anxiety + nourish yr nervous system, peppermint cooling sprays to help survive the heat wave, smoking mixes for your enjoyment + a special Mugwort dream Elixir for the witches ✨ . . . I organically grow all my own herbs + hold cultural connection to the plant medicines I work with. All remedies are sliding-scale + are at the lowest rates I can manage. As a small gesture of respect for the Original Peoples of Turtle Island, I offer at-cost pricing for self ID'ing Indigenous folks (self ID'ing means that if you self identify as Indigenous you are welcome to access my at-cost pricing. I won't be asking you to prove anything to me!) 💗 . . . Things are super intense all around + we're witnessing the colonial governments ramping up their evil ways. It's scary but I have hope in the People tho. I'm sending so much love + strength to everyone out there fighting the good fight. I see you. I'm with you. Sláinte mhaith! ⚡️ . . . . . . . #communityherbalism #plantwitch #traditionalmedicine #queerherbalism #homogrown #communitycare #fuckcolonialism #noborders


✨🌈🦄💕 Pride is so complicated but at least I was safely surrounded by wildly psychic, tender hearted water signs the entire time 🌊😄💦 (not pictured are 3 other water sign bbs - you know who you are!) 💙 . . . . . . Photo by + bday wishes to @zukinni 💕🎉


Solstice flowers for heavy hearts 🌼Colonial powers tearing families apart is not new. White supremacist governments attacking Indigenous, Black + Brown families is not new. Let us be clear: This is a centuries old, methodically planned nightmare that will continue to wreak havoc + violence until it is outright destroyed ⚡️ . . . Chamomile is a powerful medicinal plant who grows on many lands across our earth. On this sacred day of Solstice I'm thinking not only of my ancestral connections to these small beauties but also reflecting on how Chamomile/Manzanilla grows in the borderlands separating Mexico + the USA; on occupied Indigenous territory that is currently in the hearts + minds of many. I'm reflecting on past times I've spent in those borderlands, seeing Chamomile/Manzanilla growing wild. I'm reflecting on what friends have told me about this plant offering soothing medicine to their relatives while on long migrational journeys, seeking freedom 🌼✨ . . . Fellow white settlers: As we have learned from BIPOC communities, it is our responsibility to research the history of the lands we occupy so we can have a clearer picture of the current context. It is our responsibility to be damn sure we are talking to our people about this. It's our responsibility to share our resources, to lift up + support those who's oppression we benefit from. If you're not sharing money + resources already, now is an excellent time to start! . . . On this bright Solstice day, my wish for us all is that the hope + strength in our hearts be nourished, illuminated + fortified. Sláinte mhaith! 🌼✨