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❄️ Medicines of winter ❄️ Came across this fallen beauty on a walk today and I'm reminded of the lessons of death/deep releasing/rebirth that the long, cold season brings. I haven't been posting on Instagram much bcuz I honestly haven't had too much to say; this time of year always has me gathering my energy back and turning inward...which is a funny thing for a Sagittarius rising! I'm still here tho, lol, so here's a cpl updates✨ . . . ❄️I'm grateful to be busier than ever making medicines for clients, friends and fam. I'm at capacity (25 ppl!) for my monthly Herbshare and now dedicate allll of my time to medicine making and supporting clients. This is the first time in my life where I don't need/have a side hustle to support my herbalism practice, which is a big deal for me. As usual, I've been making lotsa medicines to donate to fundraisers and free clinics so if yr based in southern Ontario + looking for donations for yr anti-oppression fundraiser that centres BIPOC communities, plz feel free to hit me up for medicines/donations 🌿 . . . ❄️I'm creating a workshop about herbal supports for survivors, weaving together my experiences as a survivor who has supported many other survivors with plant medicines over the past 15yrs. Most folks who come to see me are seeking support for health issues that stem from trauma, and although everyone is different, there are definite patterns to the ways the human body responds to trauma in general. I've witnessed supportive herbal therapies work some serious magic in this regard and although it's a hard thing to talk about, I feel strong in my heart about sharing these knowledges with folks. More info to come soon ✨ . . . ❄️This is the first winter I'm not terribly depressed and most likely it's bcuz me and Aliza built an outdoor fire heated hottub soooo now cabin living just got a whole lot more cozy and my chronic pain levels are lowering. Southern Ontario pals: come visit me and I'll draw you a hot, salty plant infused bath to soak in under the stars 🌿🔥💦 . . . . . . . #wintermedicine #communityherbalism #herbsforsurvivors #queerherbalism




I'm a week late but HUGE thanks to all who came thru + acquired medicines from me last wknd @pinkmarketto 🌿 Despite struggling with chronic pain + wildly shifting abilities, I dispersed a cpl hundred homogrown plant remedies into the hands of so many badass 2SLGBTQ folks!! I was able to get paid for my labour, hook a lot of folks up with at-cost pricing, do some rly cool trades, mostly everyone respected how my sliding scale operates + I sold out of almost everything I made! ✨ . . . 🌿The biggest takeaway for me tho was how many folks approached me to extend their thanks for the work I'm doing + for the medicines I offer. I'm seriously so humbled by all the respect, affirming words + gifts of appreciation that folks shared with me, my heart is so full! Overall it just feels amazing to be supported by community + to know that my creations/prayers/the plant magic continues to ripple outwards in positive ways so THANKS BABES I'm truly so grateful ✨ . . . 🌿Go raibh míle maith agat // A thousand blessings of goodness to my love Aliza @alizalive for always extending generous heapings of care + support to me while I busy myself with medicine making work ✨Thanks to Kim @the.foragersclub for being the best person ever to table with over the wknd (also omg check out their amazing plant art waaaah!) ✨Thanks to my dear pal Brescia @drawing.with.knives.shadows for snapping this pic of my classic potion hustling pose bahahaha! 😘


🍇🌿🍇 HOMOGROWN ELIXIR GIVEAWAY!! I've never done an online giveaway and I'm excited to be offering this! What's up for grabs is a very potent Elderberry based immune supporting elixir, a 4oz bottle which is enough for a whole month of daily use. ✨ . . . 🍇Elderberry offers very strong antiviral and antibacterial properties, can be taken daily as a preventative measure and can be taken when sick to speed recovery time and to reduce the severity of symptoms. Most of my clients who regularly get this Elixir from me are health/care providers who are frequently exposed to all sorts of unwells and I've gotten such amaaazing feedback over the years about how well this medicine works, which is precisely why I've selected it as the giveaway item ✨ . . . 🍇Like all of my medicine creations, this Elixir is based in my People's cultural traditions and is made solely from fresh herbs grown, tended and harvested by yours truly. Based in a fresh Elderberry extraction with some additionally powerful immune supporting herbs in the mix. Cold and flu medicine at its finest! This Elixir is available as alcohol-free, at the winner's preference ✨ . . . 🍇HOW TO ENTER: Repost this picture, tag me in it and then do one of two things: If you've tried my medicines before you can say what you like about them *or* if you haven't tried my medicines yet you can say why you'd like to! One entry per person, the winner will be selected at random by pulling a name out of a literal hat on Sunday the 2nd which is when I'll announce who the winner is on My Story! Pro-tip: you can enter this draw for yourself *or* you can enter the name of someone special to you instead, just indicate your preference when you enter the giveaway ✨ . . . 🍇This offer is open to folks living here on Turtle Island (north america) and I will personally pay for the postage costs to ship this Elixir to the winning person 😘 . . . ➡️EDIT: Congrats to the winner @mx.pragg 🎉🍇🎉


🌿Portrait of a (sleepy) artist + their work 🌿 This large jar of stress-soothing plant medicines is the result of 6 months of growth, care, offerings + harvest. It represents approximately 500 servings of tea (!!!) that will fill the bulk bags of loose tea that are part of this month's Herbshare, my beloved monthly medicine sharing subscription that goes out this wknd. . . . 🌿I've been sipping this tea for the past couple of days while getting the Herbshares ready + it's reallly been helping to reduce the severity of my chronic pains + as well has been noticeably helping to keep anxieties out of my mind + heart. I'm grateful to be receiving this kind of selfcare + likewise am feeling so grateful to be able to share these potent medicines with a badass group of folks too. This full moon is illuminating the reciprocities in my life + I'm feeling it in a big way! . . . 🌿If you're already a part of the Herbshares, get ready for a potent package of herbal magic coming your way!⚡️ If you'd like to learn more or to become a participant in this 6 month long, sliding-scale monthly medicine share mcheck out the link in my bio + feel welcome to send me a msg with inquiries. I'm currently at-capacity *but* next month I'll be adding in 2 new spaces for future shares. I reached capacity in less than a week after opening sign ups sooo plz don't delay if you're feeling drawn to this offering. ✨ . . . 🌿Check my story for pics of what's in this month's Herbshare: Double strength Elderberry Immune supporting Elixir • Hawthorn berry + Red yarrow protective heart soothing elixir (with essence of fierce hawthorn thorns that I made atop a sacred cliff last time I was home in Ireland!) • A realm crossing Mugwort dream elixir harvested on Samhain, following my ancestral protocols • Soothing tea to ease anxiety + reduce tension based body pains • Each Herbshare comes with thorough explanations of every herb in each remedy, info about how + when to work with the remedies, in depth safety info regarding interactions with medications + health conditions and a wee story or two about my personal adventures in growing, harvesting + making all of the medicines. Sláinte mhaith!


Genuine questions + suggestions for the witchy product makers of yt settler lineages ✨✨✨


FULL MOON FALL UPDATES🌿 Still here, still genderqueer + still digging roots even as snow starts to fall! Haven't posted in awhile bcuz I've been at (beyond?) capacity with final harvest work buttt me + these dandelion pals wanted to check in + let yas know of some exciting updates✨ . . . 🌿First update: I've officially opened registration for my Winter Herbshare csa! If ya don't already know, this is a monthly medicine + knowledge sharing subscription that I offer from Nov-April. Featuring wide sliding scale rates, all herbs are organically grown by yours truly + all medicines are based both in my 15yrs experience as an Herbalist + in my ancestral traditions. Thorough knowledge sharing of each herb + remedy is included! Second pic is an example of what comes in a monthly share. I'm over halfway to capacity already so check the link in my bio to read all the details of yr interested 😘 . . . 🌿Second update: Tomorrow (thurs oct 25) is my last time vending @dufferingrovemarket for the year! I'll have lotsa fresh medicines available to support your wellness + vitality, always homogrown + always at sliding scale rates. Come visit 3-7pm + get some potent immune boosting elixirs, anxiety easing potions, deep pain relieving salves, soothing smoke blends, essences for dreamwork + for fortifying psychic boundaries, teas to soothe stress + support digestion, to name a few! At-cost remedies are always available for self ID'ing a Indigenous folks✨ . . . 🌿Third update: holy fck, what a world this is eh? So much evil shit happening all around + for so long + I'm just here to say that this white supremacist colonial society is an evil beast + we all need to do whatever we can to continue our work of assisting its death. As a medicine grower, a lot of my work is behind the scenes, making medicines to support people in their own badass projects + activism work. I'm here to offer medicines to people + as donations to fundraisers, and I rly love collabs so get at me with yr ideas + let's see what we can co-create!✨ . . . 🌿Thanks for reading, full moon blessings, hope yr all taking care of each other out there✨


✨Heyyy yt settler folks visiting yr fam for "canadian thanksgiving" (or in the states "columbus day"), talk to them abt what this day actually is. Talk to them abt land theft, abt residential schools, abt no drinking water, abt MMIW, abt colonial genocide. Talk to them abt traditional territories, abt resistance movements + where they can donate $. . . . 🔥Be persistent, interrupt dinner convos, get loud, withhold serving dessert, do whatever it takes to keep the convo going + to centre those most harmed by ongoing colonial occupations. Even if it doesn't seem like it, hearts + minds can change + yr fam is probs gonna hear you better than folks they have no relations to. Pushback is crucial. . . . 🔥And yes this is exactly what I did with my extremely Irish catholic fam for over a decade + it eventually worked! I used to get kicked out of every fam gathering + wasn't welcome for years (my queerness rly informed that too), but thankfully hearts + minds can change + they eventually did. Now we don't at all celebrate this "holiday". Instead we talk abt what we've learned abt our treaty responsibilities, abt the lands we occupy, how colonial governments are pure evil where we live now + are evil back home too, where to donate $, how to reduce harms we cause by being here + other basic ways to work towards being a decent person. . . . 🔥Just want to put it out there that altho initiating these kinda convos can *seem* fruitless, it can also eventually lead to big changes in perspective. Slán abhaile! 🔥 . . . #collectyourpeople #resistcolonialism #thanksgivingisatrick #dontfallforit #settlerresponsibilities #wearealltreatypeople


🌹HUGE thanks to all who've bought these Hearts Ease Elixirs + helped raise $ to support low income folks to participate in @rootsofresistance beautiful knowledge sharing opportunity, SANKOFA: Reclaiming healing traditions of the African diaspora. Check out the link in Sade's bio for more info + to see ways to support✨ . . . 🌹Money transparency: Total $ from potion sales was $517 in canadian funds! After paying for materials costs ($90 for tincture alcohol, raw honey + bottles), converting the funds into American currency + paying the PayPal conversion fees, that amount is $333 USD. I've sent the funds to Sade @rootsofresistance this morning + am feeling so grateful for everyone who participated, shared the wealth + got themselves some potent heart mending medicine at the same time! . . . 🌹I'm sharing these details for transparency but also in hopes that it'll inspire other folks who make/sell herbal remedies to engage in (more) resource sharing by doing fundraisers in a similar way. As a very low income person, I have little $ to offer as support but as an herbalist I have lots of medicine to share which, with some effort, can turn into $$$ that can then be donated to badass people + their badass projects. When I have materials costs covered by the funds raised, I'm able to utilize my time + labour to raise $ even when I have little-to-no $ of my own to share. Make sense? Feel free to msg me if ya have questions abt how to do this kind of thing. . . . 🌹Yt folks in particular: I'd realllly love to see more of yall raising + sharing monies for BIPOC folks + their badass projects. It's rly the least we can do, considering that we constantly benefit from the historical + current oppression of BIPOC communities. Show some love + leverage what you can! . . . 🌹I hope everyone is enjoying their new Elixirs! I'm mailing out orders this week so look out for that if you're receiving a mailed order. . . . 🌹To all who participated: Go raibh míle maith agat! Thank you + a thousand blessings of goodness to you!


Today + always. 🌼 In old Éireannach traditions, Calendula is known as Mary's gold + is a strongly protective plant, said to shield us from harms + to bring light to the shadows . . . 🌼Some ways to call in + work with this medicine are by adding fresh or dry flowers to water, hot tea + soups, by bathing with them in a tub or foot bath, by burning or smoking dried petals + by simply sitting with the fresh or dry plant. Call to them, state your intentions + ask for the help you need ✨ . . . 🌼Fellow survivors: may we all be strongly protected as we witness the continual unveiling of abusers + abusive institutions within colonial governments, within the media, within our communities + in our personal lives ✨


🌹💕💕💕 Offering freshly made Heart's Ease elixirs to raise funds in support of @rootsofresistance Sade Musa's SANKOFA Afro-Botany course (one of the most crucially important courses I have ever seen!!)✨ . . . 🌹I make this well loved elixir just once a year, with herbs I've grown + harvested throughout the season. This is strong, intentional medicine which offers comfort to broken hearts, eases feelings of stress + tension and which offers support + protection while grieving. I've been sharing this elixir with folks for many years + I receive much feedback abt how helpful folks find this medicine to be. . . . 🌹Hearts Ease Elixir is made of fresh rose petals slowly solar infused in raw honey for many months, with fresh Hawthorn berries, Poppy petals + Chamomile flower buds slow extracted in raw apple cider vinegar + Irish whiskey. Essences of Red Yarrow + (personally harvested) Irish Quartz act to amplify the energies of the medicines. These plants are all part of Éireannach//Irish medicine traditions; they are also part of many cultures + traditions around this Earth. . . . 🌹This limited batch is available for folks who can pick up in Tkaronto only. Two sizes are available at sliding scale rates: 2oz is $18-30 + 4oz is $35-60 in canadian funds. White folks are encouraged to pay the higher rates whenever possible. All profits are going to @rootsofresistance + to help increase access for low income Black students to take this *badass* 4 month course. // If you don't want any elixir but do want to support Sade's amazing work, follow the link in her bio to learn how to do so! . . . 🌹DM to order! First come, first served my babes so do not delay! Share this post if you feel called to 😘 . . . ➡️Note: I'm currently unable to post more than 1 picture per post on Instagram (???) so plz check out @rootsofresistance page + the link in Sade's bio for all the info abt this crucially important course. Also you can refer to my "my story" for pics of info abt this epic learning opportunity, screenshot from what Sade has written in her course description. . . . 🌹Go raibh míle maith agat!! Thank you + a thousand blessings of goodness to you!!