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Filter who?! No need babz! #DubaiLoving


I can’t think of a caption. Just felt like posting something on insta. #InstaHonesty


Cmon admit it. Every time someone’s telling you they’re from Greece, that’s the image and sound you have on your mind. Am I right or right? 🎥 Fellow “Greeks”: @manos_zacharakis @jalilase @katty_yurkova @mterracarlos @serbindubai #DubaiLoving #HattaDam #KayakHatta


“To love is to risk, not being loved in return.“ Saying goodnight to the fuss of #ValentinesDay with my beloved #LeoBuscaglia and an addition to #MyColorfulPortraits series ❤️ Thank you @deepikamundrasaboo for the click ❤️ #BNI #BNIfamily #DubaiLoving #Vitality


I captured this moment during my cousin’s last day in Dubai thinking that I’m saving this memory in this photograph ( #EdSheeranWho?). What I’m thinking now is that I miss those days as a kid, that I didn’t even realize I was making memories, all I knew was, I was having fun. I can’t help but thinking, in the instagram era, how forced are the photo memories we’re making? 🤔


Pulling answers out of your hat or just throw it away? 🤔 Fashioning around with @kindafolka and @myrtodramountani


Da...t onion and garlic tho! 🤦🏻‍♀️ What happens in #Mythos stays in Mythos ! #DubaiLoving feat. @mythosdubai


“TIME is like a handful of sand, the tighter you grasp it, the faster it runs through your fingers.” One thing I know: seeing @eldamal after so many years and feeling like a day hasn’t gone by makes me realize that when it comes to people you love, TIME is... timeless! Till the next TIME habibti! ❤️ #HabibiMono #DubaiLoving


What my acquaintance think I do when I’m out with my girls: 👉🏻 Looking faaaabulous. 💁🏻‍♀️ 👉🏻 Order a glass of wine. 👉🏻 Enjoy the view. _____________________ *Swipe left now* _____________________ What my FRIENDS K N O W I do when I’m out with my girls: 👉🏻 Order a sparkling water. 👉🏻 Ask for a pashmina as no matter how many layers I wear, I’m never hot enough. 👉🏻 Bring my plus one with me and kill the vibe. (My plus one: 💻 ) _____________________ #DubaiLoving #DubaiKiddingGuys 🙄


Fourth time I’m visiting #GrandMosque and I couldn’t help but notice that unlike all my Muslim friends who love this place for its spirituality and unlike all the tourists who love this place for the great architecture and design, I love this place because.... we all remove our shoes! 🤦🏻‍♀️ (ok soes in my accent 🙄) For about one hour, there’s no Louboutin, no Prada, no Nike, no Zara there. We are all the same. If you were a shoe, what type would you be? 🤔 #AbuDhabiLoving


About 7 years back, when I was a teenager (🤥 just keep reading K? 🙄) I was at my friends’ place waiting for them to get ready for our afternoon ritual (hide and seek, chilling with friends, walks around our neighborhood. Beautiful years. Drama and smartphones free *sighs*. ) It was taking longer than usual for my friends to get ready so I turned the TV on and I happened to see a deer with a broken antler. It looked so miserable and sad it broke my heart... 😥I’ve always had deers in my mind as this graceful, powerful animal and a totem representing sensitivity, intuition and gentleness. Seeing this image stroke a chord in me and I couldn’t stop crying. My friends saw me crying and immediately asked me: “did he text you that he’s not coming to our neighborhood”? (lol as if I would ever cry over a guy’s decision not to hang out with us). I said no. Their second guess was “your grandpa. Something happened to your grandpa”. (They knew how much I loved him and they loved him too). I said no again. Long story short I just said I thought of something personal and it brought tears to my eyes. I stood up, wiped my tears away and I was ready to go! 💪🏻 ...Why am I sharing this story? Cause I realized that I was shy to tell that I cried cause I got sad because of the deer’s broken antler. They wouldn’t understand. This past week it was a tough week. I cried in front of my team while I was holding the weekly meeting....Yep.... First thing on a Sunday morning, your -normally bubbly and happy- Director is crying in front of you! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I didn’t hold it back. I cried. And this time I wasn’t shy to share the reason. I didn’t care if I’d be still eligible to be part of the cool gang if I show my -ok -sometimes-over-sensitive- side. And I must tell you. It was a very productive week. I felt their love, I felt their support. They took extra responsibilities and we left this week behind with a big smile. Deers to a relaxed weekend. 🥂🦌


The shapes of the world around us... 🙌🏻😍 Nothing fancy here. Just that. Loving the shapes I see in this image. #ImInLoveWithTheShapeOfYou #DubaiLoving Pic credit:👉🏻 @ismailnoor 👈🏻


I say goodbye to #BlueMonday with one more picture of #MyColorfulPortraits series. Every day has the color you give it. End of story.- #tb


You must be thinking what this lady there is reading so focused? She seems to be super intellectual. (Lol) Spoiler alert! It’s a menu guys! 🤷🏻‍♀️ And most specifically @MythosDubai ‘s menu 😍 Check out our #StopMotion review on @DubaiLoving and let me know If you’ve tried any of my recommendation and what are your thoughts about Mythos. Big insta hug!


It’s this season again when I can’t have enough of the clouds and the colors of the sky in Dubai ❤️ It’s this season again where a part of me really misses Europe and its weather but then I have a walk by the beach, I see this and I’m thanking the big forces for bringing me here. Now. #DubaiLoving @dubailoving


Have you set the goals for 2018? Pic by my dear friend @kindafolka ! #DubaiLoving #DubaiMissingKindafolka


What happened to the “looking towards the -right- direction”, Cat? 🤔😅 Happy New Year insta-habibis! ❤️ #DubaiLoving #2018Loving


So here we go. Last day of 2017. What a year! 😍 My heart is filled with gratitude. I could write a long text mentioning everything that made this year so special to me but I’ll keep it short. 🤥🙈 In a nutshell, in 2017: - I’ve seen me growing as a business owner, as a business partner, as an employer, as a coach. So many different roles and all thanks to @SquareMotion . - I’ve seen my family and people I love growing healthy and happy. - I’ve met plenty of new people who played a minor or massive role to my personal or professional growth and some of them seem like they’re here to stay. - I’ve visited two places I wanted to visit ever since I remember myself: Bali and Madagascar thanks to @Rahhalah 🙏🏻 - I’ve seen one of my best friends getting married and I had the blessing to baptize her daughter. ❤️ - I’ve set goals and started working towards them that they will fulfill @DubaiLoving ‘s purpose ☺️ I could go on and on and on with that till 2020 but I think I’ll stop here. I couldn’t but close my instagram year with another colorful portrait of #MyColorfulPortraits series , not because I think it’s a flattering pic or anything, but just because seeing this pic brought to my mind one conversation I had with a very dear cousin of mine a few years back. She felt like nothing in her life was going right and I was constantly there trying to show her how to always look at the bright side. She eventually said to me - a bit frustrated I must say- “Caterina, you don’t get to talk. Everything in your life goes the right way”. And I remember replying to her: “Yes, because I look towards that direction.” I’m leaving 2017 looking to the “right” direction, smiling, enjoying the wrinkles and panda eyes the long hours of work have left to my face and... drumroll #FeelingBlessed (I had to 🤷🏻‍♀️😅) Much love to everyone! Happy last day of 2017 ❤️ you’ve been absolutely fantastic. ☺️