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“Who is a true seeker grows, learns and discovers that he is the only one responsible for what happens.” Yes going through a #JorgeBucay phase again I’ll probably spam you for the next days. Or maybe I’ll keep them for myself. Who knows. Thank you @doradelabonbon for the click. I’m #SriLankaLoving it 😍


The kind of traffic I don’t mind. #tb #SriLankaLoving #SriLankaSpamming


#MyColorfulPortraits the “there’s-an-elephant-on-your-back-Cat” edition. #SriLankaLoving


Do you wanna know what was the most beautiful part of the famous train ride from #Ella to #NuwaraEliya ? The fact that you really cannot capture the beauty of the places you pass by with your phone. One thing is for sure. I captured most of the places we passed by in my head -right before I fell asleep 🙈 PS: Those colorful dots in the picture are the people who collect the tea from the tea plants. How cute is that? 😍 #SriLankaLoving


3 days later and I’m still fighting with the allergies this place woke up in my system. Writing this caption with watery eyes, and I have sneezed already 3 times while typing it BUT I don’t regret visiting it. I choose to see it as extended memory created by this place. 😬 🤧 🌸 🌱🌿 #SriLankaLoving #BotanicalGarden #WhatKindOfaGirlIsAllergicToFlowers


Meet my friend Nasimi. I told her we have a place in Dubai called Nasimi and she wasn’t happy. She wants to be the only Nasimi in the world. And I love her spirit. ❤️ #SriLankaLoving


The gorgeous #NineArchBridge in #SriLanka shot by the one and only #Dronina 😋 In frame: @doradelabonbon @nooralmanthari and dozens of other weirdos who were just standing there for an hour to take a pic of a train crossing this bridge. Oh well. I hope at least they got that pic. We got the last tuk tuk. 🤗 WIN! #SriLankaLoving #TheTrainDitchedUs #MerphysLaw


▫️Grateful 🙏🏼 ▫️Grateful for the moments I’ve shared with these beauties 👉🏼 @doradelabonbon @nooralmanthari ▫️Grateful for living in such a colorful world ▫️Grateful for exploring a new destination ▫️Grateful for my clients who have been respecting my mini break ▫️Grateful for my feet who took me places those past days ▫️Grateful for my eyes for seeing beauty in another part of the world. #MyColorfulPortraits - the gratitude edition 😅


Pit stops in Sri Lanka be like... #SriLankaLoving



One moment you’re sunbathing, the next moment you run in the rain. Gonna #SriLankaLoving ! Pic courtesy @nooralmanthari who by the way was lucky enough not to sleep on the couch of the random hotel we entered till the storm passes and watch this gorgeous sunset -unlike some other people (me me me 👆🏻🙋🏻‍♀️).


Continuing the tradition of my last year’s last post, I’m posting a picture of me looking to my right. ------------------------------------- If you remembered I shared a conversation between me and a very dear family member who once asked me “why everything goes the right way for you” and I replied to her because I simply look towards that direction. ------------------------------------- Looking back to the highlights of 2018, I must tell you one thing: To most people’s eyes I did nothing the “right” way -if there’s even such a thing. I didn’t stay in my comfort zone. Because it simply didn’t feel right. Once again I listened to my heart, I took risks, I tried, I failed, I LEARNED, I SUCCEEDED. But first and foremost I stayed true to myself. And it paid off. It’s called the circle of life and I would do it over and over again. ------------------------------------- For the last picture of 2018 I choose to keep again my head towards the “right” direction, ONLY because it brought me luck the last time 😋 I’m also keeping the new friends I made, my positive attitude towards life and all the lessons. ------------------------------------- Happy, Sunny, Bright, Lucky New Year ❤️ #SriLankaLoving


Home is where your friends are. Merry Christmas! 🎄 #DubaiLoving #MyDubaiChristmas


@vickykoumoutsou thought she would be traveling and get rid of me, but life (and photoshop, and @mehdiamarcherif ) had other plans. #RioDeJaneiro CHECK ✅ (K fine maybe not 🙄) #RioDeJaneiroLoving 🤣


I keep hearing around me people seeking for excitement, for this one thing that makes their heart beat faster, fills them with energy and motivates them to do more, see more, achieve more. ------------------------------------- Oh who am I kidding I’m one of them. 💁🏻‍♀️ ------------------------------------- Having lived a fast paced life in 3 different countries, started and grew 3 different business, met hundreds of people, explored over 35 countries and worked in a field that needs me to constantly be up to date and on top of things, sometimes I get carried away and forget how much I love to just stop for a while and just be. Just breath and be. ------------------------------------- Consider this post an audiovisual call to stop multitasking and simplify your gaze, letting our slow and steady pace perfume the world with grace. ------------------------------------- #RotterdamLoving #AmelieSoundtrackAlwaysHelps