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This is honestly some of the best sushi I’ve ever had🍣 At the restaurant ~Kublai Khan~


My sweet kitty Draco taking a nap ❤️🐱🐈


2 mile walk for suicide prevention. ~we miss you so much Ben, we think about you all the time & we will never forget you 💔 #suicideprevention


Happy Halloween Everyone,Stay Safe & Have Fun! Hope you like all my photos and edits , ~Skeleton & Vampire shots starts on slide 4 ..~dragon 🐉 appears in the last slide number 7 and decided to eat the skeleton lol I was just as surprised & couldn’t help myself from laughing...also FYI that’s not a wig , that’s my real hair 😅


I love my necklace 🐱🌙


Biting a friend at a Halloween party in 2016! Where has all the time gone 😱 #tbt


Hershey & Sneakers , I love these boys 🖤🐾🐾


Well somehow I made it through this year! Happy birthday to me 🎈🎊🎉 if anyone ask for my age then I’m 20 let’s leave it at that 😅🤣 ...I’m so not 20😆


Couple more pics from Renaissance—-> scroll the pics I didn’t take many pics cause my cell phone was low on battery sadly but I got a few , next time I should take my actual camera.


More fun from Renaissance festival More coming soon , hope you like it ❣️


Renaissance festival 2018 A fairy & her dragon aka me (scroll for more pics..Pirates on image 3 and our loyal side kick is with us too 😉 I have a couple more pics that wouldn’t fit in this post. Hope u all can enjoy them.


It’s about that time again, who wants a free hug from this guy?


A forest with a road 😻


Draco and Domo hanging out


Happy National Cat Day ♥️🐾🐾 Hershey and Sneakers love Draco and share the bed with him. Sneakers actually shares his chew hides with him & Hershey protects him. Hershey also doesn’t let Sneakers play with him rough because he doesn’t want Draco to get hurt...even though most of the time it’s Kitty Draco that’s bullying them.🤣 these animals 😅


Draco~”Come here so I can chew and suck on your fingers , I need a chew chew NOW🐈Meow Woo” (silly sounds he makes) 🤣♥️🐾🐾