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Cats Of Prentice Court

We are a clan of cats that live in Alabama + our 2 dog sisters.

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Buttercup boogied all night, too. Alas, will have disturb her bath to make the bed, then she can go to sleep 😴.


Reggae Kitty - Lexi - boogied all night long. She will sleep πŸ’€ all day. Starts out curled up but will stretch out to full length.


Such a beautiful gift ! Thank you.


This is the cat that was trapped in a parking lot that we were not sure would calm down so the decision was made to tip her ear. Not only did she calm down, she claimed the primo bed, rose to the top of the clan, is best friends with Bitty Baby, walks with confidence & swagger around all the other cats but cuddles sweetly with me every morning. Her name is Lexi - named after the golfer @lexi - because of the same athletic prettiness & long legs.


I find it endearing that - even though a year old - these two sisters find each other & touch while they sleep. Bitty Baby - the tortie on top - is very popular with the other cats. Swoozie - the silver tabby at the bottom is a hunter - birds, squirrels, chipmunks, lizards - catches & immediately kills - no play time. They are very sweet, healthy girls & very interesting to watch commingle with the other cats.


Ringo is 12 & the Top Cat of the clan, now. He is a good peace keeper, especially with Boyfriend - who is obsessed with Ringo - & with the girls who tend to invade each other’s personal space for no other reason than to hiss. Bella - the Beagle mix - is also good at peace keeping. Those are her foot steps coming to investigate & help out if needed.


Ringo - my big boy. To see him walking, he looks menacing but when he meows, it is weak & pleading. I pulled up to a store during a remodeling process of our home & heard the unmistakable meow of a kitten. Sadly, he had been found at the hotel next door but the employee had been told to go put him in the parking lot of the store. It was a very hot day. Thankfully, he had been able to save himself by crawling to just under the building skirting. Upon getting him home, he broke out in horrible ringworm. After that healed he started to grow & grow & grow - even his head is BIG. As big as he is, Ringo is one of my most gentle cats.


Little Hercules.


I am officially a big fan of begonias. Thank you @publix for these delightful lovelies.


Sweet Esta was put down today. Cancer - a tumor that had started in a kidney & spread to the liver. She had come to me via phone call. A friend had gone to a park to exercise. Esta & her brother had apparently been put out there & jumped in her car for safety. She - being a dog person - asked me if I would take them. I said yes. Never have cats been less trouble. Little 6 pound Esta with her crimped ear & no tail. You were loved. See you again in heaven.


Cooperation is a beautiful thing. Little Hercules - 5 years old.


Even though I dread it, time for flea treatments. The first one is not so bad (it does not burn - I have put it on myself), but the word gets around. When they see me coming, they run. If anyone walks near my house, I am not hurting my cats, just applying medication - checking their ears.


The day you see a Last Chance Cat in the newspaper & decide to bring them into your home is a joyous day. They had named him Captain Jack & it was kept. He had fur like a bear - thick & water repellent. He loved beef but not fish. His nails grew back quickly after clipping. He was quiet & liked an afternoon walk. He never, ever bothered another cat but shared politely. First his eyes went bad, one was removed. Next he became uninterested in food. Now, a stroke. March 8, 2018.


Warmer temperatures are the break needed to take up cat bedding and get it washed / ready for when the temps go back down. Anyone with cats know they love πŸ’• to snuggle into clean, fresh laundry.


Bitty Baby got the primo bed this morning. My cats like to go out early, eat breakfast, then take a nap. The primo bed is on the counter where I drink coffee β˜•οΈ, read my Bible, do paperwork. So endearing to me that they want to be near.


Beautiful day but everyone ate breakfast & chose to take a morning nap.


Upon waking on a cold morning, always a surprise who has cuddled up during the night. (Momma Cherry πŸ’ & Bitty Baby)


Yesterday was the cherry πŸ’ on top of the University of Alabama football 🏈 team’s Championship Season. Thank You Coach Saban & team.