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A jellyfish enjoying some sunshine. #westernfjords #iceland #jellyfish


About an hour outside of Cartagena in Columbia lies a bizarre 50 foot high mini-volcano cone which you can climb up to the top and down into the crater full of bubbling mud. It’s not hot, maybe 75 degrees and supposedly is about 700 feet deep. The depth isn’t scary as the mud is so thick it would be almost impossible to sink! They said it’s therapeutic. All I know is I was finding mud on and in me days 😂. #columbia #volcanos #totumo #therapedic #mudbath


I’m inviting you to join in on the #byopassion contest! You can enter three photos from your favorite travel spots. Here is my third entry as one of my all time favorite destinations. Guyana is a gorgeous, rugged country with very few visitors. Infrastructure is tough so you pretty much have to fly from place to place on small 12-seaters (or smaller) planes. While it was tough to get around that’s one of the things that made traveling incredible here. We’d go days and days without seeing another traveler, only monkeys and birds and bugs! I nominate @hijabiglobetrotter, @floating.paper.boat and @jessica_traveler to enter the contest! You could win $200 cash!


When I was asked to participate in the #byopassion contest by submitting a photo of one of my favorite travel destinations it was hard to pick one. There are so many incredible places in the world, but I’d have to say hiking up a side of a mountain searching for mountain gorillas has to rate up there as one of the most thrilling and rewarding things I’ve done. Only roughly 800 of these magnificent creatures are still living and they all live in the little corner of the world between the Rwanda, Uganda and Congo border. I nominate @the.gilded.passport, @shesaidoi, and @tesswanderer to participate! I hope you do!


It’s contest time! Post a picture of one of your favorite travel destinations and be sure to use the hashtag #byopassion to enter their contest and a chance to win $200 cash! Guatemala is a country full of friendly people, beautiful culture and about 30 volcanos, some of which are active. This is the view from our tent on the side of Volcan Acatenango after a freezing cold night’s sleep, watching Volcan Fuego erupt over and over. We climbed Fuego later that morning and it was a bit scary and exhilarating to be that close to an exploding volcano’s mouth! I nominate @lauraejsmith247, @mrdivine, and @pip.l.smith to participate in this contest! Check it out!


Bubbling pots of mud, pink flamingos, steaming volcanos..and that was just the first day of the four day over land from Chile to Bolivia. #salardeuyuni #bolivia


So, of course, keeping the tradition alive, I spread a little of Dan everywhere I go. It is also the anniversary of when Dan was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer 9 years ago. Here are the four spots I chose from my last trip: 1. On top of an old wall at the beautiful 4000BC Thracian ruins in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Dan would love it here). 2. In a churchyard at the sweet Romanian village of Breb, because I loved this village. 3. At the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, Romania because I think he’d think this place was zany enough to want to be here and, lastly 4. At the beautiful outside courtyard of the Archeology Museum in Istanbul, because I remember how much he loved this museum when we were here in 2000. Rest In Peace sweet Dan. As long as I am able to go places, you will always travel with me. #restinpeace #foreverinmyheart


Just screwing around at sunset on a big, beautiful, empty beach in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 🌴🌊🌅


As I’m sitting on the couch, icing my knee just one and a half weeks post knee replacement, I’m daydreaming about hiking (and skiing, and golfing, and bicycling, and running) pain free. I think this calls for a ’celebration’ hiking trip in 2019.


Guard dog #bulgaria


I’ve been so sick the last several weeks and barely got out of bed but I feel better and forced myself to take a mild 4 mile hike yesterday. Needed to take advantage of this gorgeous weekend because tomorrow I’m having a full knee replacement and six weeks after that having rotator cuff/bicep surgery. I’ll be mostly benched for at least the next four months and pretty sad about it but thankful I have access to good insurance and great surgeons to be able to have these ‘elective’ surgeries so that I can stay active. (Apologizing ahead of time for my impending grumpiness for the next few months 🙄) #bionic #queenofsurgeries #kneereplacement


The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the biggest and oldest markets in the world. It encompasses 61 covered streets and has over 4000 shops. It’s pretty overwhelming but a must see in Istanbul.


It’s 1969 and I’m feeling groovy in London. #tbt #vintage #feelingroovy #vintagephoto


Kiyann attempts to take a glamour selfie shot #kiyanndog