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Spotted on a nighttime run—was spending most of the time trying to deal with the humidity and mosquitos and then came upon this. The tree cover opened up and this perfect perspective appeared out of nowhere!


A city that beats to its own drum—you either match it or get drowned out by the noise


The enemy’s gate is down


Elderly patients in hospital without photographs of themselves in their youth or w/o obvious evidence of the quality of their former lives appear to receive less attention from their care teams. The larger problem here is discrimination of the elderly in health care; however, a minor point to be taken is the significance photographs can play in our lives & the well-being of our loved ones.


Don’t look up


wandering souls


Quiet, sleepless nights in Seoul


I’ve been in Korea for a month and I already feel sad about leaving. There’s something about being here that feels so comfortable. It always feels safe even when walking alone in dark alleys, the food here is fantastic, and I love exploring the city. On the other hand, my aunt asked me in the first couple of days if I ever thought about living here. I think that question has stuck with me because it brings about a lot of conflicting emotions. There’s not a day that goes by where I regret my lack of Korean—I can only have the most basic of conversations and it’s frustrating not being able to communicate on a deeper level with people. Furthermore, while strangers seem so familiar to me, there remains an unspoken divide—a cultural barrier in which I look the same but am not apart of the larger group. That feeling of isolation is one that breeds a sense of loneliness, further reinforced by the pseudo-requirements of this city being best fit for those in pairs and groups and not the lone being. Despite all this, it still feels vaguely like home.


wow the street lights created a natural division alexa play new divide by linkin park


It never rains but it pours




It’s 3:27 am and I felt an instinctual need to caption this with a sad boy song lyric but caught myself before it was too late, you’re welcome...thanks for coming to my ted talk




2 fast 2 furious: seoul speed edition—featuring angry taxi drivers & reckless chicken delivery scooters


If the concept of finite time is human made, does time cease to exist when humanity is no more?