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•👁•👁•👁•👁•👁•👁•👁•👁• . The gender binary is a myth. Something made up to keep white supremacist, colonialist, capitalism in place. It is something to be deconstructed. Interrogated. Composted. Humans have ALWAYS come in multiple genders. The harm perpetuated by the myth of the gender binary is endless, vast, and impossible to calculate. The Trump administration is trying to erase our human story. Strip us of our truth. Sterilize the vast expression of our soul’s manifestation in human form. Voice your opposition. Interrupt transphobia every single time you encounter it (if you are non trans). Every joke, jeer, leer, and dehumanizing sentiment made about another person’s gender expression supports the kind of evil this administration doles out daily. Please check out my stories for some orgs to support ❤️ and name some below. If you are gnc or trans and need some help right now please call 877-565-8860 US or 877-330-6366 in Canada. . Last week a family member asked me if young folks might think that are trans because they’re depressed. I said “no, they’re depressed because of cis-normativity.” This shit is soul-destroying. Check on your people and tell them they are loved ❤️


Forever mood. Being an accomplice is all in the action. . In honor of Mercury trine Neptune and square Mars today, here are a few end of week writing prompts✏️💌🖌 . Who was a good ally/accomplice to you this week? What’s the sweetest or most helpful thing someone did for you this week? What are you leaving the week grateful for? What did you receive this week that you want to pay forward to others? Who has been modeling accountability and compassion to you? What has this helped you to realize about taking the actions you know are yours to take? . Leave comment below if you like 💓 . Tweet by @victorianachos #FridayFeelings #LoveYou


. 🌹V E N U S R E T R O G R A D E 🌹 . We all want something. Some space from our pain. Some project to get off the ground. Some love to enter our lives. Some healing for our heart. . If you are ready for a change say this will me, “I am willing to do whatever I need to do to (fill in the blank). I am willing to give up what gets in the way of this. I let go of the security blankets that are smothering my potential. I am committed to this process come good days and difficult ones. With this commitment I know that doors are opening for me. I trust my process because I know the depth of my commitment. My growth is not linear and I am here for the entire ride.” . Venus is now deep into her underworld journey. The layers of our denial/former survival strategies are being peeled back. The issues surfacing need to be held consciously. If it’s hard right now, please ask for a hug, a cat meme, or a friend date. Surround yourself with folks that know how to hold the complexities of the healing process. People who know how to take the risks necessary for their dreams to become a reality. People who know hard times pass, but need to be tended to with great care and love. . If you fee moved to share what you are declaring commitment to, leave a comment below! #VenusRetrograde #Healing #Commitment #Astrology #LoveYou


Hi from Venus in Scorpio! 🖤🌹 . . . . . . What sign is your Venus in and what do you like about it/find difficult about it?


I’m at a loss for words. To be honored alongside the incredible @chasinggarza is a shock to the system, to be honest. To be honored by @astraeafndtn an org that I love so much, is beyond. The work they do is so incredibly vital. Globally. Please check them out. If you are in LA we would love to see you and celebrate this queer uprising that is reshaping our world. If you aren’t local to this event you can donate to sponsor someone or spread the word! Link to site in my stories 💓 . #Repost @astraeafndtn ・・・ Astraea is excited to announce that we're honoring #BlackLivesMatter Co-Founder Alicia Garza and acclaimed queer astrologer Chani Nicholas at our 2018 #FuelTheFrontlines Awards this November! Join us there, and together we will transcend borders and celebrate the queer political imaginary 🌈 For tickets and more information, visit


. M O N D A Y M E D I T A T I O N S . Today, Mercury conjuncts Venus, reminding us that productivity without connectivity is always lackluster. Never as soulfully satisfying. Empty as a life that is only ever “busy”. I, and all the women in my family, are guilty of always being “busy”. Lately I’ve seen how much that interrupts my ability to enjoy my life in all its fullness and opportunity. I’m trying to ask myself where is the JOY? . Today as Venus retrograde gives Mercury the messages that it may have held secret until now, we get to understand in greater depth what might inhibit us. Tuning into her journey, Mercury is both blessed by Venus and able to translate some of the heartache she is bringing up for us to heal. These transits remind us of the power of loving sentiments when shared. Tell your people you love them and then back it up with action. 💓 Receive the joy when and where you can. . #MondayMotivation #MondayMeditation #VenusRetrograde #Astrology . Tweet by @adamjk who CLEARLY doesn’t know how busy I AM. Please go follow Adam for the best gifts, books on creativity, pearls of wisdom, and the cutest tarot cards out there.


H A P P Y F R I D A Y ! ! ! ! . Just a reminder to get the rest you need, check in on your loved ones/reach out to your loved ones if it’s been a weeeeeek for you. Supporting community mental health is part of supporting our own mental health. Send folks a thank you for their work. Send them a paypal/Venmo as a form of gratitude for what they do. Send extra emoji’s to your mom/those that take care of you. Rest when you need to. Provide childcare for those that need it so they can rest too. See how your self-care is connected to, and in support of, everyone else’s. Consumerist, capitalist, white supremacist patriarchy feasts on our isolation. Break those systems by finding a flow of connection and supportive encouragement for all you love in your world. ❤️ . tweet by @mikoariel


Coming out is a continual process. Please do it in the ways that are right for you. When, and if, it is safe (enough) for you to. . And you don’t have to. . It changes nothing about your identity if the only one you ever come out to, is you. . If you are thinking about coming out please set yourself up with resources specific to LGBTQI needs. Build community online if you can’t in person. . You are not in this alone. . We both want you to be safe. And happy. And free. And reflected. And loved. And we, like so many others, accept you exactly as you are. There is no right way to be queer, or any gender, or any kind of human being. You get to be you and define yourself for yourself. Every. Single. Day. #NationalComingOutDay [image: my wife, Sonya Passi, kissing the side of my face in an outdoor restaurant. Or, two relaxed queers enjoying life and loving on one another]


Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay darlings. I’m not sure what mental health looks like inside of cis-het, colonial, capitalist patriarchy, but I do know that in order to create a new world, we’ve got to be able to hold our pain with a compassionate, conscious awareness. It’s the only way a future of accountable creativity has a chance. Sending love!!! 💓


. N E W M O O N I N L I B R A . 🌑 Your horoscopes are live!! ⛓up top . 🌑8:47 PM PT – New Moon at 15° Libra . 🌑Like diamonds buried deep within, a just world is built through the pressure of injustice crumbling. The systems of harm that have ruled this world for too long are failing. The force of this process will ultimately lead to our transformation if we can stay with it. . 🌑Today’s new moon in Libra is square Pluto, and aspect that the sun will stay in until October 11th. The new moon asks us to take our grief and turn it into action. It asks us how we might get on the right side of the human story each and every day. It reminds us that every single act of justice adds up when we make it a constant and considerate practice. . 🌑 If you would like more personalized information about how this Venus retrograde will be impacting your sign, please join me for A Workshop for the New Moon in Libra, Venus Retrograde, and the Full Moon in Taurus. In it you’ll receive readings, rituals, guided meditations, and altar suggestions for all three. Link in my stories and in the scopes 🌹🔮🌑


. I N D I G E N O U S P E O P L E S D A Y . Please go to @digdeepwater and give so that folx on the Navajo reservation can have access to clean water in their homes (you read that correctly, this country is fucking appalling). Send cash to indigenous folx directly. Read and share the incredible articles that #ruthhhopkins (Twitter @ruthhhopkins) has written for @teenvogue and others (didn’t see a pp or Venmo on their Twitter but please lmk if there is one). Check out @lilnativeboy IG and twitter for other folx to follow and support. Send them $$ for the incredible work they are doing. Check out indigenous owned and operated @cheekbonebeauty for beautiful cosmetics. . Those of us that are white/benefit from white privilege and are living on stolen land are doing so because of hundreds of years of colonial genocide, theft and slavery. *Even if our ancestors came here to escape their own genocides* Sending money to folx directly, sharing articles, as well as supporting campaigns that are trusted, is the least we can do today, and every day. The new moon says so. . #indigenouspeoplesday #fuckcolumbus #ThisIsStolenLand #NewMoon #Libra


. N E W M O O N I N L I B R A . The new moon arrives on October 8th at 8:47pm PT at 15° of Libra. Libra is the sign of balance, relationship, and justice. Libra reminds us that equity cannot exist when we are forced to hide a part of ourselves, our stories, or our truth. . The scales of justice cannot function unless the whole truth is placed upon them. Whether or not our faulty systems, set up to honor the colonizing, rich, white, and male, recognize what hangs in the balance, our souls do. It is the health of our consciousness that is weighed now. And always. In these circumstances, to feel out of balance is an honest assessment of the corruption we are weighed against. In times like these our pain, and also our numbness, is a marker of our health, not our illness. . The ruler of this new moon is Venus, who has just stationed retrograde. . In Scorpio. . The boiling of our blood may be hard to temper at this time. But this time doesn’t call for temperance. Not if we want justice. . The halls of corrupt power count on our civility. They call for our acceptance of the immoral so that we will be handmaids to their evil spawn. They will say that peace at any cost outweighs the toll it takes on our bodies, hearts, and minds to carry the burden of their lies. . But we know better. . The usual niceties and pleasantries of Libra Season are put aside for the real, raw truth of this moment. With Venus retrograding through Scorpio, we are unable to escape our underworlds and the monsters that await us there, but we are also less likely to deny ourselves of the power we have when we face them. . For the full post please go to my stories for the link If you want a little extra support during this new moon, please join me for A Workshop for the New Moon in Libra, Venus Retrograde, and the Full Moon in Taurus. In it you’ll receive readings, rituals, guided meditations, and altar suggestions for all three. 🌸🌑🌺