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💚Certified Organic Green Drinks & Cleanses🇺🇸delivering to USA from CA & NJ to help you lose weight & maintain a healthy lifestyle💚 #chefv New store ⬇️

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Come by and say hi! Open 7 days a week! - M-Th 7-4 F -8-4 S & S 9-3 - Free samples of green drinks and other fun juices. House made almond and cashew milk made daily. - Also available at our California location! New menu items including Pitaya bowls, blue majik lemonade and more!


Successful GRAND OPENING in West Caldwell, NJ. . . Thank you to the Mayor and Councilman of West Caldwell for blessing our store with a ribbon cutting at our Grand Opening! Thank you everyone who came out and supported us today it meant so much! . . . . Please send me and tag me in your photos. . Thank you to all of our gracious neighbors who donated special prizes to our raffle @bellanailspanj @beachbumtanningwc @indigoyogastudio we had so much fun with all the yummy smoothies and giveaways! . . . Thank you to my loyal clients who traveled from Brooklyn, the Bronx, Jersey, and beyond! More photos to come this week! . . . Special thanks to my employees who came out on their day off to help us put together the Grand Opening! You guys are the foundation of Chef V! Thanks for all your hard work!! . . . #westcaldwell #livinginthecaldwells #caldwell #caldwellnj #Chefv #chefvlife #chefvgrandopening #grandopening #ribboncutting #chefvnj #ohkaleyeah #ohkaleyes


Hello New Jersey! It’s been a wild summer and lots of hard work! . . . We did a soft opening in August and have had great success. We listened to our customers to tailor this location specifically for the locals. . . . We are excited for our Grand Opening this Saturday 9/15 from 10am-1pm. We will have a free raffle with TONS of fun prizes including a Chef V gift cards, books, t-shirts, donations from our neighbors @bellanailspanj @beachbumtanningwc and @barmethodwestcaldwell and more! . . . The mayor of West Caldwell will be there 10-11 to cut the ribbon! I hope to see you all there! Cheers to your health! #chefv #chefvlife #westcaldwell #newjerseyisntboring #newjersey #chefvcleanse #chefvnj #chefvnyc


Green drinks to go! @myplantbasejourney getting her vegan juice fix! Cheers to Monday! And if your in the Kersey area please stop by our Grand Opening with the mayor of West Caldwell, NJ 9/15/18 from 10am-1pm #chefv #chefvcleanse #chefvlife #drinkyourveggies #drinkyourgreens #thisdrinkwillchangeyourlife


Come say hi this Saturday 9/15 10am-1pm! We will have free samples of our menu items, a free raffle with tons of prizes, ribbon cutting with the Mayor of West Caldwell, NJ, photos, music and tons of fun! Please come say hi! Cheers to your health! #chefv #chefvnj #chefvlife #grandopening #westcaldwell


Happy Hump Day! Downward dog is one of my favorite yoga poses! You can pretty much do it anywhere and the benefits are astounding! Just having your head below your heart ♥️ a couple times a day really helps calm your mind and give your body a break from pumping blood down (if you stand or sit all day). Your heart can have a break from all of that hard work it does without you knowing. Our bodies are magical and when treated right, they do magical things. . . . Yoga poses are magical in their own way. Each pose is uniquely designed to not only stretch a muscle but to give certain organs, joints, ligaments, tendons, etc. a break to recharge and pump fresh new oxygenated blood into the area. That’s why it is so important to breathe in your yoga poses. Fresh oxygen is pumped into the body directing attention to that specific area. . . . Try getting in down dog today and breathing deep for 5-10 breathes and see how much better you feel when you get up! 😇 . . #humpday 🐪 #chefv #yogapose #downdog #adhomukhavrksasana #adhomukhasvanasana #chefvlife


Have you tried our current detox soups? They’re light and bright enough for Summer and also warm and filling enough for Fall 🍁 ... although we are trying to hold on to every last second of Summer over here 🌞 #itsnotofficiallyfalluntilsept21!!!! #stopstealingsummer Any one else feel the same way?! #chefv phot cred @ilovefoodcoma


And your week! Labor Day weekend is coming up! Cleanse, detox and stay healthy my friends! Cheers to your health!


Had a blast meeting local @hungrygrl_bigcity at my kitchen today! We tasted, sipped, toured and laughed! Excited to do more fun things together in the future! #chefvgreendrink #bestgreenjuice #healthyaf #healthygreens


In honor of #humpday check out this hot mamma @teresamichellelee sipin’ on some Chef V poolside! She makes being pregnant look so chic! . . . A lot of people ask me about raw unpasteurized juices while pregnant. I tell them, it’s not recommended to a juice “cleanse” while pregnant as your body releases toxins into the bloodstream and can affect your baby. But having a green drink as a supplement to your diet is actually really good for you, unless you are a high risk pregnancy then raw unpasteurized is not recommended. The green drink gives you natural energy as well as phytonutrients that help keep you healthy and functioning your best which helps your baby function their best too! Just make sure you are consuming solid foods as well throughout the day and not just juice. I recommend waiting 15-30 minutes after consuming the green drink to have solid foods, so your body can easily absorb all the nutrients from the drink. . . . Cheers to your health and happy mid-week everyone! Always waiting for the weekend to come!


Sunday FunDay 💖Now serving Pitaya bowls at both Chef V locations! Cali and NJ! Just swap any of our açaí bowls for pitaya💞It’s a fun superfood to mix it up! This is the ‘Refresher bowl’ made with Coconut water and a Cacao muesli topping! You can add vegan protein, hemp, chia, or whatever else you love! Yum yum!


It’s Fri-yay baby and sadly summer is coming to an end😭!!! I know it’s not even 8am on the West Coast but it’s almost Noon in the East coast! . . . Green drink now and definitely champagne later!!! Anyone else ready for some bubbly?! #friyay #chefv #greendrank


Cheers to @mar_jac in her work out gear and favorite post workout drink! . . What’s your workout routine? favorite thing to drink after? . . Did you know your body is craving nutrients after a workout?! Are you giving it organic goodness or chalky chemicals called ‘protein’? Make sure you can pronounce all the ingredients you put in your body and also make sure they are certified organic and expire within a couple of days. Cheers to your health! #chefv #chefvgreendrink #chefvcleanse #fitbabes


Chef V is a proud sponsor of one of the coolest Mom groups out there @momsonmaternity which started as a way for Moms to meet other Moms on maternity leave and educate Moms on all this new stuff they gotta figure out! . . A little over a year later, the founder, who is also my good friend, @aimeecruz28 has morphed this group into more then she probably imagined when she envisioned it. This mom group met at Nordstrom’s last month and were lucky to score this fun mom box and Chef V Green drinks! Luckily we snagged this hot mamma’s pic! . . . Cheers to @momsonmaternity and all the wonderful Moms that are a part of it! Cheers to your health! . . . . . #chefv #chefvcleanse #chefvgreendrink #momsonmaternity #momsrock #momsruntheworld


Talk about a BIG WEEK! Today’s story came out in SD Voyager magazine. Excited to have been picked as their feature entrepreneur! Even when I’m currently on the East Coast. Cheers to kickin’ ass! @sdvoyagermag Link in Bio 💚💚💚💚💚 . . . . . . . . . . #womenentreprenuers #girlsruntheworld #chefv #chefvlife #cheflife #chefvcleanse #chefvmedia #chefvinthenews #chefnews #greendrink #bestgreendrinksever


Oh Kale Yah! Just passed our NJ organic inspection, building inspection and health inspection!!! Open for business and taking orders! Store front will be soft opened to the public 8/7 next week! We can’t wait for you all to check out our amazing new spot in West Caldwell, NJ. It’s been a lot of work to pull this off! But we did it!! (PS they don’t do letter systems like CA and NYC) #chefv #chefvnj #westcaldwell #caldwell #cheflife #chefvlife #ohkaleyah


Cheers to 2 Years of marriage my Love! (And I still forget to shut all the cabinets!) Thanks for being the most supportive loving husband a woman entrepreneur could ever ask for! I love you so much! ❤️❤️❤️


On this #tastyTuesday enjoy my healthy low-sugar açaí bowl! Did you know some açaí bowls have over 90grams of sugar??!!! That’s equivalent to 3 coca colas! Omfg!! And this whole time you thought you were being healthy? 😤 That’s because most açaí comes sweetened with fruit juice and then the cafes blend it with more fruit juice, fruits, and top with fruits and sugary granola. Even though it’s fruit sugar it’s still a Butt-load of sugar (and when I say butt-load I mean straight to your butt-load!) check out this super healthy low sugar version of an açaí bowl that you can make on your own anytime. Top with your favorite low sugar fruits and coconut flakes or raw nuts for a fun crunch! Link in bio or check out