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They say long noodles = long life 😏. Here’s to 29 and the many adventures ahead 🎉🎈 I’m loving life in London, especially eating my way through the delicious restaurants! 📸: @greedytourists


I’ve got a new sauce obsession...Gochujang 😍. I’ve always loved it but when you’ve got a big tub of it, it can be a bit intimidating. I’ve developed this recipe for Glazed Korean Chicken Skewers which are so delicious, I made them twice in one week! Recipe is coming to the blog soooon! Promise. Pinky promise.


I may be having a sandwich post gym for dinner. But this delicious and bright salad was lunch. 🥗🥪 Balance baby, balance.


Can you spot the little green heart? The little things...💚 Cold sesame noodles with a crispy fried egg & extra toasted sesame seeds is dinner tonight. Been talking about Cold sesame noodles at work and the craving hit hard! #sendnoodz 🍜


This heatwave in London has me craving bright and fresh salads for every meal! Time to pick up some crab and make this refreshing California Crab Salad! Find the recipe I developed on @canadianliving 📷: @tsangphoto


Took a while but I think I’ve found my favourite pizza place in London! Zia Lucia’s in Islington is definitely a winner and the top of my list! Whenever I’m trying a new pizza place I will always order the margarita.. cuz that’s got to be their bread and butter. I 100% recommend @zialuciapizza and I can’t wait to go back to try their vegetable charcoal crust!


Happy Sunday 💕 I went to the Turkish store early this Sunday morning when they were bringing out freshly baked Simit! I picked them right off the baking rack 😍. I’ve been reading about this Turkish breakfast spread/dip made with tahini and pekmez (grape molasses) so I made some which I spread on top of a warm lightly toast Simit. Topped with cucumber, Za’atar, cilantro, dried rose petal & a drizzle of olive oil....the Tahini obsession continues. Ps: who are you cheering on for the world cup finals?


First “cooked” meal now that I’m back in my kitchen...salad 😅 —> Buttonhole Kale Tahini Caesar with Crispy Sweet & Spicy Sumac chickpeas and pomegranate arils 🤤🤤🤤🤤. Middle eastern flavours are my favourite!


When travelling in Beirut I was on a mission to eat as many shawarmas as I could, being the local favourite. #tastytravels brought me the most delicious beef shawarma. It was so flavourful, had just enough sauce and was a perfect snack on the hotel rooftop! I tried the chicken shawarma the night before and it was served with chips inside! Definitely a must try when you're in Beirut, you'll find a shop around every corner! . . . . . @hotelsdotcom #ad #shawarma #beirut #baerut #lebanese #foodtravel #willtravelforfood #wanderlust #foodtravel #foodie #hotel #TastyTravels @hotelsdotcom


I really need to start cooking at home again! As much as I cook at work it’s always nice to come home and cook a meal. However I ’ve been stuck on having quick and healthy (ish) meals after work. Stuck in a creative rut! But I’m always Craving a hearty breakfast this: Extraaa crispy olive oil @clarence_court fried egg + garlicky tahini yoghurt + Harissa oil +shaved breakfast radishes = 😍 my ideal breakfast! . . What’s yours?? Have you made Çilbir before?


Sundays typically mean brunch, but today it was breakfast for dinner. My new favourite traditional #Turkish style scrambled eggs were on the menu. Didn’t use all the traditional ingredients but it still hit the spot!


Simple meals for date night’s are a must, and spaghetti aglio e olio is the easiest out there. Now with @BBMints around, this garlic laden dish is on the table more often,and with a side of garlic bread for good measure.No more worrying during a date about bad breath after this delicious meal! Just pop a BB mint in for instant breath and belly refresh!. . . . . #ad #BBMints #italianfood #pasta #dinner - #foodie #londonfood #garlic #freshbreath #datenight #mintyfresh #sugarfree


This is a #beautifullysimple recipe from @waitrose and an incredibly easy one at that. Carrots, feta & grains with pomegranate molasses. It took 30 minutes to make thanks to their quick cook quinoa and freekeh. All the recipes are simple and convenient with up to 7 ingredients and just 3 steps per recipe. No need to fuss for dinner! Check out my insta story to cook along with me and see how easy this recipe really is. . . . . . #ad #beautifullysimple #waitrose #britishproduce #salad #healthy #goodforyou #onmytable


I think salted strawberry caramel is my new jam 😅


My take on Çilbir: Crispy Brown butter ghee fried egg, Tahini yoghurt, kale-pistachio pesto, smoked paprika oil and roasted tomatoes I could eat this every day! With a generous side of British strawberries of course :)


I just love how fresh florals adorn a cake! Pink florals with a pop of green. This is a mini it’s only 4” but looks mighty when decorated and filled!


Beautiful Carvoeiro, Portugal. 😍 We stayed in an flat just up the cliff on the top right. Every morning we had a beautiful view of the beach and at night a beautiful sunset view. Plus a two minute walk down the hill to the beach. Perfect. Sometimes it’s okay to not post a food photo . . . . . #Portugal #carvoeiro #beach #love #travel #europe #wanderlust #chef #holiday #vacation #cliffviews #endoftheworld #foodie #food #fun #adventure #Condenasttraveler #darlingescape #passionpassport #makemoments #travelbug #exploremore #welltraveled #igtravel #cntraveler #london #love #doitforthegram #petitjoys #worldtravelpics


Sometimes all you need is a giant strawberry pop tart with alllllll the (American) sprinkles✌🏽 Recipe on @jungletwisted