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Landscape photographer based in Philadelphia You won’t see photos of me gazing off into the distance or dangling my feet off a cliff. Enjoy

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Here’s a Montana moment for you guys. Sometimes a big mountain and some morning light is all you need. #montanamoment #glaciernationalpark #mountainsarecalling


The Narrows. It doesn’t get much better than this place anytime of year. The light, the immense vertical canyon walls, the smell, it all makes you feel soooo ALIVE. Today I’m putting the final touches on my fall workshop in Zion. This should’ve happened last year but park officials didn’t want to play nice with workshop leaders but I digress. This one is going to be epic! So be on the lookout for an announcement coming very soon. Who wants to come with me? #zionnationalpark #photoeducation #photographyworkshop #utahgram #werutah


New year, new me? Nah I’m not that type of fella. But I do always have some personal goals going on. How bout you guys? I’d love to hear any photography related goals for 2019 that you’ve got!


Favorite moments of 2018 (part 2) I’m slipping this vertical set of images in here as I said in my last post for some reason you can’t have different crops in the same set on here. And while these aren’t all my best images of the past year, some certainly are, they do represent my best moments. And that is truly the reason I got into photography many years ago, to be better at capturing moments and experiences so that I could look back on those photos and be instantly transported to that time and place again. In a way to relive the experience. Looking forward to what is in store for 2019 I couldn’t be more excited about the people I’ll have the opportunity to work with and the chance to reach personal goals and milestones. The best milestone by far came to us as an early Christmas present in the last photo of the set. Happy and healthy new year everyone! And here’s to an even better 2019. Cheers!


With dreamy sunsets like this, it’s no wonder that there were three couples getting married on this beach the evening that I showed up. Definitely doing it right! #hawaiilife #sunsetporn #itsasecret


As I’m reflecting back on the last year’s worth of work (as it seems every single photographer I follow is also doing) I’m going through a lot of the images I made this year and the places that I was able to travel to. When I get back from a trip, I tend to know which shots I want to tackle first and edit and often times many others will just sit on my hard drive and never get any attention. This could have been one of those photos. Up at Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park. The brown grass and that barely there stream didn’t exactly appeal to me on my first pass. I tried a few things with this one and still wasn’t feeling it. And then I cropped out the entire right side and Bearhat Mountain and finally had something I thought was a bit unique. So here it is, some of the last rusty fall colors of this past fall in Glacier National Park, Montana. Hope you all like this one and I’ll soon be sharing some of my favorite images of the year. ——————————————————————- Registrations for our 2019 Photography workshops, including two in Glacier, are now open! For prints, workshops and more please visit If you’d like to learn all of the techniques used in creating this image and enjoy a unique photography education experience, then please consider joining us on a workshop in 2019. ——————————————————————- #glaciernationalpark #montana #autumnleaves #photoeducation #mountainsarecalling #montanamoment #exploretocreate



A year ago I was in Italy with my family taking in as much of this beautiful country as we could. This little village in Cinque Terre was high on our list of places to visit and when we arrived it was a ghost town. Apparently there was a severe weather advisory in effect and the town evacuated. Yet for some reason our Airbnb host decided not to mention that. Nothing was open, we couldn’t get any food and were starving after driving all day to get there. Since we had time kill we drove 45 min back to the nearest large city and stocked up on cheese and crackers and wine for dinner. And then set out wandering around that evening in what I would call a light drizzle. Yeah it was windy and the seas were rough and crashing waves were high, but bad enough to evacuate? Oh please! Wimps I tell you. Wimps!!! Nevertheless it might be the only time one can have this town all to themselves. #italy #ig_italy #cinqueterre #ig_italia #pastapastapasta


I enjoy long strolls on the beach at sunset next to big holes that you can fall into, get thrashed around real good and maybe die. So I had this photo all queued up for IG and then wouldn’t you know it my boy @j.snow_photo just posted one from the exact same spot. Sometimes we photographers think way too much alike. His is much better and has a starfish. So go check it out. Happy Friday y’all.


Oh Canada. I remember the day I found this isolated and majestic location. It was my first time in the Canadian Rockies and I was in awe of these perfectly sculpted mountain peaks. Driving from Banff to Jasper, I found myself on the Icefields Parkway tirelessly exploring the area with a permanent wow face. When I found this beautiful stream and mountain backdrop tucked in a nook that was dozens of feet from the main highway I knew that the long hike to what would surely feel like the end of the earth to reach this location would be totally worth the effort. I didn’t know if I would survive the dangers of walking across a road all by myself, but I looked both ways before I did and thankfully there wasn’t a car anywhere in sight #waterfallwednesday


Our Oregon Coast workshop opened up last week and now there’s only two spots left. If you’re thinking about joining us don’t hesitate to sign up! Dates are May 25-29. See the link in my bio for more details.


Palette of Autumn Glacier National Park 2018


Haven’t posted any wildlife in awhile. I’ve been thinking about Africa lately and the beauty of the Maasai Mara. It’s one of those places that words can’t do it justice and one I most certainly will return. I’d love to hear what some of your favorite places are. Those that you’re just drawn to. Let’s see them in the comments! #african_portraits #kenya


Barely hanging onto fall......barely. #swirly


Our 2019 workshop schedule is now open and includes trips to Iceland, Glacier National Park, the Oregon Coast and Zion. This image from the diamond beach will surely be one of our stops in Iceland! For the next couple weeks I’m offering a 10% discount on our Iceland and Glacier tours with code EARLYBIRD. Please hit the link in my bio for details. Enjoy!


Vascular / Iceland 2018