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Riding with my eyes closed?



Next race season can’t come soon enough! #blackstockmotorsportspitpass


And that’s a wrap! The 2018 sprint enduro and xc series has sadly came to an end! I had a great time racing the final rounds at gully not a few weekends back. The first day I thought it would be fun to go back to something I raced last year and ride novice a with a ktm 105. It didn’t have quite enough power to hang with the guys at the front of the pack. I was riding hard until I ran it out of gas on the last lap and dropped back to 7th place for day 1. Day 2 the track was even more rough so I knew the yz 125 would be a better option. I had a great start coming out 2nd by the first corner, after fighting hard for 2 hours I got a forth place with 4OA in the novice a class. Huge congrats to @jack.oomen @_curtis_marshall_ @knottdirtdiggin and all the other fast guys out there! If like to give a huge thanks to all my sponsors that helped me out for the 2018 race season. @formaboots @deftfamily @mikametals @ftrpowersports @wfomx @fxrmoto @rynopower_canada #wiesnerinsurance @mongoose_machine and @nattyseats ! I can’t wait to see what 2019 season bring! Congrats to everyone this year and can’t wait to see everyone next year!


A few weekends ago marked the 6th round of the xc series and wow was it a great experience. This technical track was 29km long a lap and slippery due to some rain a few days before. I had an amazing start almost grabbing the holeshot but was a close second behind Dennis knott! After him overshooting the second corner by a little bit I stuck by and was leading my class for a little bit of the first lap. 2 guys snuck by me and I was fighting hard to keep a podium position! A came through timing in 3rd place and needed to keep on the gas to hold 3rd after riding hard and pushing to catch up to second place I hit a tree and broke my handguard..... But that wasn’t stopping me! I jumped back onto the bike and ride hard the last 14km. I managed to catch up to and pass second place and hold it untill the end. I managed a second place finish in novice A. Huge congrats to @jack.oomen for winning the class! And big thanks to @tyler._macdonald and @macdonaldderrick for having me over for many nights at there house. This all wouldn’t be possible without my sponsors @mikametals @ftrpowersports @formaboots @deftfamily @wfomx #wiesnerinsurance @rynopower_canada @fxrmoto @mongoose_machine and @nattyseats can’t wait to see everyone at the quicksand sprint enduro this weekend!


A Few weekends ago marked the third round of the sprint enduro series! I was sick a few days before the race which lead to me not riding at 100%. I was the third person to go on the hard enduro/forest section and by the time I was in the forest there were ruts near my seat! After pulling my bike through that section I rode as hard as I could and made it through the enduro section clean every lap. The other tests were a lot of fun and very fast which I like! I ended up somewhere mid pack at the end of the day. Not the best results but am going to try to redeem myself this weekend at the ant hill classic! This would be possible without my sponsors @mikametals @nattyseats @ftrpowersports @fxrmoto @formaboots @deftfamily @wfomx @rynopower_canada and I’d like to give a huge thanks to @st.onge_bikeshop for fixing my bike for this race in record time! Very much appreciated! And of course my dad! Can’t wait to see everyone this weekend at the anthill classic! (Race face in picture 3&4)


Unfortunate weekend at round 2 of the sprint enduro series. I was super exited to be up at another race up in parry sound. I was feeling very comfortable in the morning. I had a mechanical failure which ended my day very early. Happy to walk away with a few points and be back next race! Can’t thank all my sponsors enough for there continuing support!






Skirt skirt🤙🏼


Today marked the 4th round of the xc series at rj motorsports and man was it a blast! It started out with Tyler picking me up from my house Saturday evening and heading up! (Thank you very much for letting me stay with you guys) me and @tyler._.macdonald spent the night up at rjs with the race the next day. Huge congrats to @william.kosowan on his 2nd place finish in mini b and @tyler._macdonald 2nd place finish in mini a! I had a terrible start (dead last). The bike took 4 kicks to get it going. I charged hard to the 3rd corner where I caught up to 12th place just going into the forest. The day was very hot but a great day had by all! After racing hard for 2 hours in the hot sun I came out with a 11th place finish. Congrats to @jack.oomen for his 5th place finish. I had a great time battling with @scott_mcelhone all day aswell! This wouldn’t be possible with all my sponsors @mddistributions @mikametals @fxrmoto @deftfamily @formaboots #wiesnerinsurance @nattyseats @ftrpowersports and @wfomx for keeping my eyes safe in the dust!and of course my dad! Can’t wait to see everyone at the next round at the antill hill classic! Awesome photo credits to @hudsonduck_99 📷



Another great shot from the race!