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This diagram is life...for real tho. 📈 The FR Illuminate squad & I have been drinking the empowerment koolaid. 🍵 Layers of shame, doubt and fear leaving our bodies. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Being vulnerable with them has left me in a new skin. 🐍 Naked/raw and feeling me af. Is it hard? Yes. Does it feel uncomfortable? Yes. Does it make me feel more connected and less alone? F yes! 👭 We all need cheer leaders in our life. Today I want YOU to be that cheerleader for one of your ppl. Why- cause you’re fucking incredible. You leave a trail of love with your smile and grace. You amaze me with your resilience and courage. You’re an inspiration and true light beam in this world. I fucking adore you! 🕯 Choose one person to reach out to today. LIGHT EM UP! ☀️💫✨ If someone has been on your mind, there’s no telling how much a phone call to say “how are you?” can do. If they don’t answer blast them with a pep rally voicemail telling them how flipping awesome they are. Send a text with pure love and admiration. Leave a note on their car. 🧧 That shit right there is life changing. #femalerebels #illuminate #empowersomeonetoday @jenpastiloff I dedicate this post to you. You’re an awe inspiring, make the Earth take a sigh, generous loving human. You make this world lighter, brighter & more real. My life is better because I met you. I love you ♾. Happy Birthday! 👑 . . ✨💪🏽 Tag a friend who’s empowered you 💪🏽✨


Lately I’ve been tired 😓 like straight exhausted if I’m honest. We don’t talk about this much in the insta world. It’s curated. The highlight reel. The moments of genius that spark when we’re peeing at 5am and we write a note in our phone and it’s revelatory and then we post it with the perfect shot amidst 100 other shots we don’t love. So the words and image are perfect and so our lives look perfect. I know better. We all do. Life is messy and imperfect and bumpy and awkward and consuming and it’s beautiful and sublime and laughing until you pee a little. 💦 It’s all the things. For me, right now, it’s her. My angel. She’s learning to walk. She says a handful of new words every day. The flying-by is in full motion. 🤱🏻 So I’m slowing down. I’m giving myself permission to go in. Hibernation season. To witness her grow. I’m sitting in the joy of what I’ve created *21 women currently in my @female_rebels online group* 🎤 drop... I’m celebrating. But not with 🍾 🎉, but with quiet, solitude and rest. We’re not going to see my family for Christmas because we are slowing down. And that’s ok. In case you need permission, here it is — it’s ok to slow down. To pause. To celebrate your success in 2018 with a bath or a nap 😴 Sending you soft, cozy love. 🧻 **How are you feeling this holiday season?** Tune in. Are you buzzing? Are you ready for a nap? 💃🏼//💆🏻‍♀️?


Just a reminder that dreams *do* come true. 🥰 @coby_cash you are the love of my life. I know we’re in agreement when I say 2019 will be the year of more music, more singing & more creating for creations sake. 🎸🎶🎤 Plus...Satya got a piano from her Nama and Moncie got a keyboard from his Zeidi for Chanuxmas so it’s on. 🎹 #myheart #musicalfamily . What will 2019 be the year of for you???


Happy, whole, full, blessed. 🌹 So thankful for this man, our children and our amazing families. ✨ family Magic from our trip back to GA. Our hearts are happy. The holidays bring blessings and this year it was special to be with Coby’s Gaga (Satya’s Great) in Savannah. She’s an incredible artist and never ceases to amaze me with her charming humor and the unconditional love she has for her family. ❤️ . Carrying this love with me. Sending it out to all of you. ✨ Counting my blessings. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹✨✨✨ #family #myhearts


This photo with my girl @muddy_sarah sums up yesterday’s @female_rebels #atlantaworkshop @santoshastudio with so much symbolism... 👁 third eyes glowing, beaming smiles, Female Rebels stretched across our hearts, holding my sister tightly, hand on hip “we got this”. 🌹 . My heart is so amazingly full. Grateful for the women who showed up and cracked open, found new places in themselves to love and nurture & who whole heartedly held space for one another. Grateful. Grateful. GRATEFUL. {more magic in my stories, must see the most gorgeous space @santoshastudio where our hearts landed 🍂🧡} #femalerebels #atlantatribe


The salve to regret is being seen. The salve to regret is being heard. It’s being felt. Dr. BJ Miller . I believe the salve to most scary things — fear, doubt, shame, confusion— are those three elements, being seen, heard & felt. . A key ingredient is to be felt by your sisters if you’re a woman. And to be felt by your brothers if you’re a man. To know we aren’t alone. . To truly experience our union as a human family. . The first time I felt held like that was at @jenpastiloff‘s retreat. That weekend still holds me. . That’s why I created @female_rebels. I wanted women to be held like I’ve been held by my teachers, my family & my sisters. . It is one of my greatest honors to travel & grow the FR tribe. . #Atlanta, I’m here and I want to hug you. Tomorrow at @santoshastudio join me for an afternoon of self-nurturance and community. Be held in the wildness of these times. Come home to yourself. 🌸 . #femalerebels #atlantaworkshop ~link in my bio~ . Do you feel held? I hope the answer is yes. Tag those who hold you below. If you need someone to walk beside you dm me. Dear ones, I’m really here for you. ✨


My Queen 👑 My everything. My utmost gratitude to be her Mama. . #thankful #satyarose


New Years intentions all set 🍋🍋🔛🔝🍋🍋 . Who’s with me? 🙋‍♀️ . #femalerebels #2019 #imready


What is the most vulnerable thing you can share? 🌹 {... just you wait til that last photo 😍} . @iamsahararose prompted this fantastic question on her recent Abundance Mindset Masterclass and it got me thinking 🤔 . The most vulnerable space in my life right now is Motherhood. . Am I doing it the best I can? Am I giving her the full time and space she needs to flourish and feel loved? Am I feeding her the right things? Am I playing the right games and teaching the right words? Am I doing my best? . The truth is my answer is always “yes, and” to all of these... like you’re doing a great job annnnd you could do this and that would be awesome too. . I find myself in a lot of guilt about building my business in this phase of her life. . I feel like I should be able to give my all to her and that be enough. But the truth is, it never feels that way. When I let Motherhood own every moment I feel like a part of me is missing. . When I take time to do things I love (which I’m so happy my work is in that category) I find there is so much more of me in our time together. My giggles and joy rise up to the surface and I get to share that with her. . I think this generation of Mothers we’re the lucky ones. We’re able to pave these two paths together. Being a creator, both in Motherhood and in our career. 🎨 . It’s exhilarating. And it’s also not something I know perfectly how to navigate, but I’m doing my best. . Mamas do you feel this way too? Leave your fave Mom emoji below 🤱🏻 . #motherhoodrising #satyarose #mamapreneur #femalerebels


*BE THE LIGHT* Let light pour in from above. Let it fill your entire vessel. Let it flow down to the center of the Earth. Invite in Mothers nurturing light from below. Fill your self up with the nectar. What color is it? Maybe white, gold or another color. Surround your body with this light. Then let it expand out 10 feet at a time, quickly, from your heart to every heart. Keep letting the light fill you. Can you feel it? Close your eyes envision it if you’re able. Now send that light to every being on this planet. Every heart in need of healing. To the families in Thousand Oaks and Tallahassee. To those struggling to keep themselves calm. To your human family. ✨ As Yogi Bhajan says, “Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” You are the change. Repeat as needed. You can do this in any moment. Eyes open is just fine. #femalerebels #illuminate Share which color you saw below 🌈


*the true depiction of parenting* In one week we’ll be reunited. Life’s not the same without our little buddy. We’re so excited, especially Satya so she & Moncie can go head to head in the silly face/loud noises competition. 😝 ATL fam 🍑 I’m hosting a @female_rebels workshop at a gorgeous private event space @santoshastudio. The theme is deep reverence for yourSelf. Nurturing and clearing space for your true essence to lead. 🌿 November 25 〰️ 3-6pm Space is limited & tickets will be avail soon. If your interested leave 🍁 me your fave fall emoji below and I’ll dm you the ticket link when it’s avail. #atlantafortheholiday #familylife #femalerebels #selfgratitudeworkshop


*REFLECTION* Your life is a reflection of your words. With your voice you become a powerful manifester. It’s easy and acceptable to say things like: I’m tired. I’m sick. I’m stressed. {esp on voting day} This creates more of that energy in your life. Instead of saying what you don’t want (which is good to know) try saying what you do want. Here’s a few mantras I had on repeat to land me in my dream town, in our dream home with my dream man and our sweet baby girl, completely filling up my @female_rebels online program ILLUMINATE.🧞‍♀️ • I want to live in a town where I’m surrounded by conscious creators. • I want to help women awaken their true desires surrounding them with sisters who celebrate them. • I want to give back to my family & friends with my succcess. • Money flows to me because I am using it to spread goodness. • I am in love with my life, celebrating joy and sharing that with my daughter. • I am showing my children what it’s like to live out my wildest dreams. ✨✨✨ The best part of all— you get to try out new mantras as your life and desires evolve. You are a Divine creator. God is in you. 🏔 Use your power wisely. This is me shouting from the rooftops my BIG LOVE for the @female_rebels who are on this ILLUMINATE journey. Thank you for being gorgeous reflections of possibility. I love you. I got you. 🧞‍♀️🌿🔮 . What mantras are you using to manifest your dreams? Ready GO! Share below, guaranteed we can vibe off one another’s desires! 🌌


86,400 seconds in the day. That’s your wealth. How are you going to spend it? -Aubrey Marcus . Coby and I were dreaming what our perfect days would look like. It took me aback when he replied because I realized we want very different perfect days. . Relationships, I believe, are our greatest opportunities to awaken. To see the pieces in us that are triggered and in pain and to gently bring them to the light. . To soften, receive and hear someone else fully. . I’m learning. I’ve noticed I’m pretty hard set on things going my way or the way I envision them and when they don’t it rocks my boat more than I’d like to admit. . This little angel (yep, she’s eating sand) is teaching me so much about what a perfect days is like. . Play, laughter, spontaneity, self-nurturance, long walks and lots and lots of nature. 🌿 . Here’s to the BEST MONDAY EVER. Choose it! . Whats one thing you need to have a perfect day? ☀️ . #femalerebels #relationships #growinginlove


One little 🐒 jumping on the bed {swipe left} 🎃 . FR starts today! 20 women are on board the 🛸 What an unbelievably Magical week it’s been! ✨ . Thank you for all your support & love! It’s just the beginning my loves... 🧡 . #satyarose #femalerebels #mylittlemonkey


I’ve been doing some abundance practices that have been blowing my mind y’all. Today I held a ball of light in my hands, called it my day, and brought everything into it that I want for the day. Thanks @christiemariesheldon for the guidance (it’s on youtube, you can do it too!) . Then I decided to turn the music alllll the way up and dance around my patio, move my hips connect to my sensuality, pleasure and desires. I offered the energy up and out and brought it all back to my heart. ⚪️ <— my energy ball was purple 🌈 . There was a time when this may have seemed silly to me. Now I call it playing with life. Awakening my own Divinity & fully opening to receive my wildest dreams, because why the fek else are we here. . Here’s to the best day of our lives! 🎃 Happy Halloween my loves! . Female Rebels enrollment closes tonight at midnight. Join us NOW, link in bio! . photo is a tb of me dancing my heart out at SB’s block party 🧡 . #femalerebels #illuminate #bestdayofmylife


Y’all my heart is so full right now 💛 Female Rebels ILLUMINATE group is absolute Magic. ✨ I know I use that word a lot & it’s cuz I fekin love it! Magic to me means- miracle. It means possibility for the unimaginable to happen. I’ve seen it happen with my Rebels over and over and I know this group is going to blow everything out of the water. This is a curated group, women I’ve been reaching out to, plucking from their incredible lives and calling them to come together. . FR is about to go through a major upgrade. Not just by moving to a virtual platform and bringing women together from all over the world- Yes world— we have a Londonite joining us!! 🇬🇧 . It’s the quality of the women who are saying YES! They’re brave, creative, kind, generous humans who are ready to Awaken their Dreams! I’m so flipping excited I could pee my pants— who knows post baby I may have just done that a little. 💦 . Are you thinking about joining us?! Don’t fret! There’s still time! ⏰ 1 day to be exact! Enrollment closes tomorrow at midnight! (Yes, that’s Halloween night so do it now- so you can wiggle around in your costume as a new member of the @female_rebels!) 🎃 . Tribe- THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!! . #femalerebels #illuminate #wevegoneinternational photo by brilliant @lerinawinterphoto