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You want direction. . You want to know that you’re making the right moves. . You want to know if your focus should be placed elsewhere. . You want to know what’s next. . You want to know if this is it, or if maybe there’s more. . You want to know how to put it all into action. . Dear ones, I am here for you. . These are the ponderings I’m hearing from the Rebels the most. . What direction should I go? . Here’s the best part of all, you already know. ✨ . Your Spirit is consistently aligning for your highest good. Always placing you on the path, patient as can be. . All we have to do is make space to tune in. 👁 . So we can hear. . Female Rebels is this space. 🧙🏼‍♀️ . A place to hear your inner voice. To connect to the pieces of you that need your attention. . Through yoga, meditation, writing, tarot, and discussion we cover the entirety of our inner landscape. 🏞 . This Fall, allow your highest Self to take the driver seat. . Dear ones, I am really here for you. . Come together with a radical sisterhood & celebrate the victory that you (already) are. 🏆 . Deets in my highlights and on the FR site. . We begin 11/1 Thursdays at 6pm pst Online via video chat . Take time for you.🌿 . Enroll link in bio. . #femalerebels #makespaceformagic #selfcare #selflove sisterhood


Even when you feel like you’re flopping around like a fish out of water 🐠 💦 .. YOU.ARE.ENOUGH. .. Crying. Laughing. Shouting. Whispering. Extroverted. Introverted. Bank accounts on fleek. Just scraping by. Confused. Clear. Fit af. Only interested in Netflix & chill. .. YOU ARE LOVED YOU ARE LOVING YOU ARE LOVABLE FOREVER. .. YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE SO ENOUGH. .. Write it on your mirror. Post a sticky note on your dashboard or computer. Or all 3. Never forget your enoughness my loves. Neva eva. 🦋 .. photo captured of me glowing after some @dirtysouthyogafest #bliss .. @female_rebels ILLUMINATE (online) begins on 11/1— that’s 13 days left to ENROLL. The women in this group are f’in awe inspiring Goddesses. 🔺 Join us to: • Invoke Courage • Find Clarity • Radiate Confidence 🔻 Enroll via link in bio or .. #femalerebels #youareenough #dirtysouthyogafest


come alive 〰️ I will break every mold anyone ever placed me in. 🦋 . I will nurture the voice of doubt within by remembering how enough I am. . I will fall madly deeply in love with souls who show up and offer kindness. Always kindness. . I will surprise myself. . If you’re reading this thinking “me too, me toooo!” Say hey below with a 👋🏽 . I see you. I am you. . @female_rebels Tribe is growing. Illuminate, our 9-week program is a space to come alive. A space for love. A space for radical transformation. Enrollment is open now — link in bio or 🔻 #femalerebels #comealive #illuminate #enroll . Words by @danielledoby


What if everything is happening FOR you? . Coming to Scranton for my Grandfather’s funeral (after moving across the country just 2 weeks ago) was clearly not something I was prepared for. . As I stood shaking over 3,000 people’s hands who loved and admired my Grandfather, I was met with the warmest smiles telling me how much they love the messages I share. 🙏 . Each hug, moment of eye contact and nudge of support reminded me, this is happening FOR me and not to me. . Being with my Mom’s family, witnessing the deep love they share for their mother & father and their family; it’s a moment I will treasure forever. . Being able to hug my grandmother. Being able to be here has been such a gift. . It’s like a ⚡️ of clarity that I’m doing what I’ve always dreamed of. I’m creating a business online so I can be where I am called. So I can see my family and friends all over the country AND run an international business. . This is my Dream. To be mobile, fluid and available for my people. . And it’s here. It’s happening for me, for us. 👩‍👧 . Thank you Choo Choo Pop for shining your love on all of us. You’re with me in every step. 🚂 __ @female_rebels Fall Online Group is open for enrollment. We begin on 11/1. .. Now is the time to awaken your dreams, to give your heart the medicine it needs for your authentic self to thrive. .. Visit the link in my bio for all the details and to enroll. . Babes- I’ve never felt more ready to walk beside you. Let’s show 2019 what’s up. 🔺 #femalerebels #liveyourdreams #livewithpurpose


I’m laughing in this photo but it looks more like I’m screaming. . These last few weeks have been kind of like that. . We moved across the country from Atlanta to San Diego. As soon as we arrived we began our housing search. . In total Coby and I must have looked at over 20 places and that doesn’t count the hundreds of emails we sent. . Twice we thought we found places and they fell through. . We persisted. . My grandfather was admitted to the hospital in the midst of all this. . This weekend, as we were viewing the most amazing (like unreal amazing, pinch me) home with an ocean view in La Jolla my grandfather passed away. 🦋 I saw a hummingbird in the yard. Angel numbers twice on the way in. And I knew. This was it. . So yeah, kind of like laughing and kind of like screaming in my life right now. . Satya and I are on our way home to Pennsylvania for the funeral. . Yesterday I announced @female_rebels fall group is open for enrollment. . I feel like none of these things are separate. It’s all part of a symphony that Spirit is orchestrating. Divine timing. . My heart is bursting for this program. You must go look at the site because @jenniferlijohnson and I poured our love & affection into it. . If you’re looking for a container for transformation and sisterhood as we close out 2018, a space to be held and to hold one another, this is your place. . If you’re moving through, stepping up, ready af for what’s next, leave me a 🕸 below. . It’s all connected. We are connected. It would be my honor to walk beside you. . . . Enroll via link in my bio or go to ✖️ #femalerebels #together #everythingispossible #fallgroup #enrollmentopen photo by FR @ambercliett


The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. -Steve Jobs ✖️ @female_rebels Fall Online Group, ILLUMINATE, is now open for enrollment. I don’t take it lightly when I say, these women are the world changers. They are the Magic makers. ✨ If you’re feeling the call, I’ve been summoning you. ✨ We begin on 11/1. We end on 1/10. I didnt even plan that #1111. When it’s right, it’s right. ✖️ Comment below with a ✨ if you’re ready to join the Rebels (or if you already in the Tribe). Enroll via link in bio. ✖️ We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. 🔺 #femalerebels #fallgroup #online #enrollmentopen


Last time I visited with Pop, he met Satya. She was just two months old. I filmed him sharing some of his favorite childhood memories with me. Milking the cow. Running with the pail so full it was spilling over. Seeing his mother. I’ve watched this video over and over. Seeing all his little mannerisms. I especially love how he smiles at his bride. Every time I was with them, he talked about how beautiful she was. I keep thinking of this quote, “Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and they will be the big things.” Today I saw his smile in the sun reflecting off the ocean waves. I felt his joy for me to be following my dreams. I felt his strength in the breeze. I wish I had more of these moments of talking with him. Pop, you were a man unlike any other. Thank you for gracing our family with your courage and love. I’ll be seeing your everywhere. 🌲


In every single way. 💚 x Feeling this one big time today. Tribe, thank you thank you thank you. I love you. x Calling on your support as my heart aches for the loss of someone so dear to me. x Thank you. I love you. 💚 #femalerebels


I think moving has made us closer. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m her steady in all the change. Or because we’re getting to experience new things together. Or because moving has put a hard stop on any routine we had and forced me to be more present (so grateful for this.) Probably a little of all of the above. I’m over here cherishing this full on. But can I be honest? (trick question, you have to let me be honest) All this doesn’t come without its moments... I’m pushed to my edge every day to put the things I think matter on the back burner for this growing tiny human (aka all that matters) and every day I’m shocked at the pieces of me that ferociously hang on to the version of reality I had become so comfortable with. The Chyla that used to leave the house in the morning with a bathing suit and sweater and not come home until after dinner. 😂😂😂😂 I laugh because now I look like a Sherpa if I leave the house for a few hours. 😂😂😂😂 A message to all my ladies without babies— gurl you be full of so much time to claim as yours, do Mamas a favor everywhere and own it. Rock that free spirited, no cares in the world nature like it’s all you got. Don’t rush to the next chapter, steep in the Magic available in the chapter you’re in. 🔻 That’s what I’m doing. I’m steeping. In my girl figuring out how to stand on end tables, in her saying hi to every person who walks by, in her taking every item out of every container, in her laughing when I blow bubbles on her leg, in her obsession with taking off and putting on lids. What a beautiful chapter I’m in. 🤱🏻 What are you steeping in lately? . . . #femalerebels #satyarose #fourteenmonths #happybaby


This was me pushing way too hard. This was me hustling and not aligning. This was me talking and not listening. This was me forcing not allowing. . For my first time launching online, I was grinding— way too hard. The truth: x Hustling did not serve me one bit x . I was exhausted, stressed, reactive and not present. I snapped at people I love, I cried A LOT, I put something out that didn’t fully feel like me... and in the end, all the pushing didn’t lead to the result I had projected at all. . Today I was going to announce my Fall FR Online Group but everything around me is asking me to slowwwwwww down. 🐢 . My grandfather is in the hospital, we had family visiting us this weekend, we’re still looking for our new home in San Diego, and my throat is fighting off sickness for days. . So this time— I’m listening. I’m softening. I’m allowing. I’m slowing down. I’m breathing deep. I’m trusting Spirit has a different date in mind and I can relax until the energy is aligned. . Currently, baby bear is napping in my arms and I’m going to let her stay there for a while. 💛 . Give me a 🐢 below if ya feel this and need permission to slow down. #permissiongranted ✨ . . . #femalerebels #momsohard #alignoverhustle #divinetiming #everythingwillbeok


My heart feels like this today 💕 . Cracked open, soaring, so aware of the love all around me. . Thank you for your words yesterday Tribe. You enveloped me in your love and I’m flying. . This photo is me in my element leading @female_rebels at @dirtysouthyogafest. . Were you at @dirtysouthyogafest this year? Did you have fomo? Well— I have good news DSYF is hosting a one day festie in New Orleans that’s gonna be an amazing convergence of communities. If this tickles your heart, YOU SHOULD GO! Don’t drag your feet, leap! It will change your life!! . Love you DSYF Tribe!! Miss you Georgia babes! 🍑 . #femalerebels #dirtysouthyogafest


✖️Two years ago, I found out one of my male yoga students was stalking me. He was watching me through the window of my home and was caught by my next door neighbor sitting on the patio, drinking a beer, looking up each time I moved around my bedroom. x My neighbor told me this on what felt like any ordinary Monday, and in that moment my whole life changed. x I moved out of my home. Stopped teaching at my home studio. I moved from Santa Barbara a few weeks later. x In that moment, something was taken from me. And to be honest, I still wish I could get that innocence back. x I’d never again naively think about leaving my doors unlocked, or leaving my blinds open when I walked around. x Here’s the thing tho— too many people, good friends of mine, men AND women in my life responded to me as if I was blowing it out of proportion. Saying things like, “he’s such a nice guy tho” or “don’t you think you’re being a little drastic” or my favorite “you must have energetically invited this in somehow”. x The cop I filed a report with, who was a women, asked if I had led him on. x I don’t know why the F we don’t believe women when they tell us someone has assaulted, violated or mistreated them. x But I do know—this has to stop. When a women shares her deepest vulnerabilities with you, it’s not an invitation to insert your fear, judgement or doubt. It’s for you to listen, and to rise to the call. x If you aren’t sure here’s a few things I would have loved to hear, Is there anything I can do? How can I support you? What happened to you is not right or ok. x And as the old adage goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. x I’m still learning lessons from that moment. x To each and every women who looked me in the eyes and said, I’m so sorry, thank you. It’s clear to me you understood from a pain that I wish no women ever had to feel. x Wishing and hoping women could be safe isn’t enough. We must acknowledge that more often than not, there’s an element of risk for women. This is the world today. x ✖️ Believe women. Please, believe women. ✖️ . #believewomen #enoughisenough


Today I am meeting up with @danidillard, one of the @female_rebels who was in my first Georgia FR. 🤩 She’s been traveling across the US solo, journeying from town to town and it’s been a joy to witness. Spirit landed her in San Diego, yay! 🌌 . Feeling so grateful for all the amazing women in my life rooting for me as I make this major life change. Tribe, I effin love you. 👭 . . Rocking our @female_rebels tanks, few available on the site, click the ‘products’ tab. 🏹 . . #femalerebels #myTribe #georgia #santabarbara #sandiego #luckywomanami


This. This is the exact moment I’ve been praying for. My girl smiling big, her Dad and brother exploring the water behind her. This is everything. . . AND it’s not all easy or perfect. Moncie went back to Atlanta this weekend. Coby and I have been crying, a lot. I woke up with a sore throat because my heart is processing. . . How do we make this work? How do we make sure Moncie feels loved and supported from afar? How do we generate additional funds to have him come to us and us to him? . . Quite a few of my Female Rebels have been surprised after our sessions where I shared my struggles. “I thought your life was perfect”, they’d say. . . Cue me —>🤣 Real > perfect. . . This little girl is perfect. My love for her is perfect. But my life, it’s messy, and beautifully imperfect. . . For the imperfections, the lessons, I thank you. Keep sculpting me. Keep showing me how to align with my deepest desires. . . How’s your Monday feeling? Perfect or real? 💕 . . #momlife #satyarose #fourteenmonths #calibaby #sandiegolife


Moving means healing: a new place; a new lens with which to see the pieces in myself that need my nurturance. . . On top of my list, healing wounds around money. Recognizing and honoring my worth. Knowing it, asking for it and receiving it. . . A chain that runs deep— to my mother, my mother’s mother and my father’s mother, and back for generations. . . When I first tried to watch Game of Thrones, I couldn’t because I had the most horrendous nightmares about the women in the brothels. I would dream of myself or my sisters being those women. The pain overtook me. In many ways, we’ve come so far, but let’s face it—there’s still Until every woman is safe, no woman is safe. . . May my courage and fortitude to heal create a ripple to the hearts’ of women everywhere. . . I AM ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH. SHE IS ENOUGH. WE ARE ENOUGH. . . Tag a sister and remind them of their Enough-ness. . . #femalerebels #youareenough #sheisenough #newlifechapter #sandiegoliving


I’m so forkin happy to be back in California ☀️ . So many places hold my heart and feel like home — Scranton, Pa where I’m from, Scottsdale, Az where we moved when I was 12 and I went to college, Aspen, Co where I saw my Spirit in nature, Santa Barbara, Ca where I met my soul Tribe, Atlanta, Ga where my little angel came into my life and now San Diego, Ca... I can’t wait to see what you have yet to awaken in me. . . Being here with my love and our little family, I feel like my dreams are coming true. Like fo reals. Living by the beach with my family. I’ve wanted this since I was a little girl. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦☀️🌴 . . Keep living on those prayer baby, ya just never do know what way the winds gonna blow. 💨 . . #dreamlife #californiagirl #itcanbethisgood #holdthevision #takeaction #trust


I am constantly talking to my angels. ✨ It first began by them speaking to me through others. I’d hear my ears ring and began to notice it was particular ideas or words being shared that I needed to pay closer attention to. ✨ Then, I had a few clairvoyants deliver me messages from my angels and I was awe struck. Things they couldn’t possibly have known coming through. Like my Great Uncle being called Red and the cup I gave him when I was 4. Apparently in a past life I used to control the weather because not one, but two energy workers told me this! ✨ Then when I started reading cards about 3 years ago, right before I began @female_rebels, I noticed messages were repeating in the cards. I had a hard time believing at first but I began to see patterns. Repeat messages that were giving me guidance. It since has snowballed into signs, numbers, spirit animals and messages abound. ✨ It’s one of my favorite things in this whole world to know those who have passed are with me. ✨ Do you speak with your angels? How do they communicate with you? ✨ Happy New Year to the Tribe! Shana Tovah! I’ve got a great feeling about this one! ✨


They asked her, “How did you free yourself?” She answered,“By embracing my power.” @yung_pueblo . . . Embracing... my dreams + desires are just the beginning. ⚡️ . . . photo by goddess @lerinawinterphoto . #femalerebels #nextchapter #embraceyourpower