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~Do not tame the wolf inside you just because you’ve met someone who doesn’t have the courage to handle you. ~


Here are the rest. And I get to use one for my school yearbook photo! Yay


Today was so much fun! My family and some of my brothers and myself went to the gravel pit and blew up pumpkins. We got 65 ish pumpkins and by the time we were done there wasn’t any left. We filled them with tanerit. And shot them. It was so much fun. We got hit in the face with pumpkin guts and everything. It was great


I did a fall photo shoot with my dog. It didn’t go so well. But did get a couple good shots. The second from last one was hilarious. #fall2k18 #photoshoot #dogsofinstagram #greatdanesofinstagram #fall


You know your a horse girl when...😂


Go like my photo! @horse_contest_243


...there are always silly photos too. Haha


Did a photo shoot with my sister. She needed a school photo. So I did them for her.


Sisters B-Day sleepover!! Me and my favorite sisters went to Cash and Carry. We got a while bunch of terribly unhealthy junk foods. And we are watching every chick flick we know of.



So these aren’t by any means my best runs. I just did these in my arena. I was gonna do a Live of me riding but it wouldn’t work. :(