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An artist exploring self portraiture. 'Lil Big Sis of @dieforcola , @ctsecond , and @brookieisme

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Embrace your dark light: retrograding, rewiring, rewilding. #videoart #selfportrait #naturewalks #experimentalfilm #wildwomxn


I wrote a new song tonight. Full moon in taurus. Been thinking about mourning through movement. Been burnt out. Been not digging social media. Been feeling like being in my life. Been thinking about my feet. Been thinking about my body. Been sleeping lately. Been reflecting about tradtions. Been weary of politics. Been stiff in the joints. Been stiff in my thinking. Been conversating with the shadows. Been preparing for more. Been feeling a lack of motivation. Been overwhelmed. Been blessed. Been off, been on. Been piecing it back to together, slowly full song link in bio.. #afrofolk #afrofuture #indie #witchesofcolor #witchesofcolour #experimentalfilm #ambient #shadowwork #venusretrograde


Offerings: nastarium, lemon balm, lavender. #wildmedicine #altar #witchesofcolor #witchesofcolour #selfportrait


Full moon in Aries. This is song is called 'Daydream' link in bio #lullaby #afrofolk #folksoul songwriter #witchesofcolour


Day 5 of the #sensualselfiechallenge. One of my new moon intentions was to make my sensual expression and exploration high priority. To reconnect with my body. To respect it's needs, as well reintegrate it with spirituality. It doesn't always feel easy. I am unlearning a lot of patterns that were to protect myself. But patterns that I have outgrown because they don't protect me anymore they keep me guarded and isolated. I have been guided to care for myself even in my fault and undo and recalibrate into something new. It's unfamiliar and uncomfortable. I also know that I have to grow, and trust myself a bit more. #selfportrait #witchesofcolor #witchesofcolour #healing #reflection #plantmedicine


The #sensualselfiechallenge is over, and the weekend ended up being busier than expected to take photos in time. I have a couple of more photos to share still. Day 4 prompt, calls for adornment of the body and hair. I have pearls in my hair that you can barely see in this photo, and borrowed earrings. I been dancing a lot in my room and kitchen since coming back from Guyana. Something got recalibrated and reconnected and there is no way I could of done that here. In North America, I experience all these body image issues and have to work real hard to affirm myself to myself. I really know I am not alone. I struggle less with community, but it is a forever effort to love yourself unconditionally. It's all day, everyday..with others, in solitude. It's a journey without end but promises personal freedom. #selfportrait


DAY 2: What kept me from making sensuality a priority is that it is a bit different from what I was indoctrinated with, or what I was expected to play as a woman. It's closely intimate with my spiritual walk, which is a bit weird, a bit alien, a bit dark, non-linear. Alot afrofuture. witchy. Its pretty wild in here. We are one, I said. A prayer of union, gratitude for self awareness. Thank you for listening, this is a lot of Opening I am not used to. Now I am back to homework, which I will talk about later. #sensualselfiechallenge #witchesofcolour #witchesofcolor #wildwomxn


3/3 I kind of ran out of footage. Third installment, I wish I could show you my visual memories as clear as they are in my mind. I could of used my camera more, but I wanted to simply absorb as much as I could, without a phone in hand. I met some warm people but bringing a camera into those interactions were not appropriate for the intimacy created and shared. I want to go back as soon as can with more time in the country. #guyana🇬🇾 #landofmanywaters🇬🇾 #documentary #guyana #experimentalfilm



Full moon in Pisces. Full version, link in bio. #folklullaby #folksoul #indie #experimentalfilm #videoart



I love mango, I love Guyana. . . . . #guyana🇬🇾 #mango #roots #royalty #landofmanywaters🇬🇾 #melanin


Shout out to my lil big bro @dieforcola , who stepped out of his comfort zone last night. #cola #dieforcola #torontorappers #manifesto2018


1/3: I cannot tell you how many times I have cried. I miss Guyana so so much. I love Guyana so so much. There is much to process and say. I am not fully back yet. I know where I am going. I love my people on such a deep level. I know everything I do now is for our upliftment and healing. The song I am playing is called: 'Reminicsing of Sun' I am homesick and lovestruck. There are more songs brewing inside to be shared soon. I was born here, but my blood is Guyanese. #guyana🇬🇾 #portrait #indie #folklullaby #landofmanywaters🇬🇾