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This year's Gold List of our editors' favorite hotels, resorts, and cruise ships in the world is the first transatlantic list for Traveler, created by teams in New York and London. It spans seven continents and 36 countries. They're gold as in exceptional. Gold as in classic. Gold as in brilliant. Gold as in you'd do it all tomorrow. See the full list of winners at the link in our bio ✨.


Tucked between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, Chile is a long, narrow country known for its pristine landscapes. Its unusual shape means you can find startlingly diverse climates and topographies as you travel its length: the world's driest desert in the north; the massive glaciers of Patagonia in the south; the gurgling geysers of El Tatio; the turquoise waters in the Lake District—and that's just for starters. See all the beautiful places this country has to offer at the link in our bio. 📷 @livelikeitsthewknd


We've stayed in some spectacularly designed hotels, resorts, and villas over the years. But sometimes, even the decor can't distract from a breathtaking view out the window. Like this one, for instance.✨ 📷 @sliceofpai


Greenland is icy, mysterious, and one of the most naturally beautiful places on the planet. The world's biggest non-continental island is so much more than glaciers (although the glaciers are spectacular)—think magnificent fjords, colorful villages, fields of sheep, and that ever-alluring midnight sun. Head to the link in our bio to plan your next trip. 📷 @theolator


Our perfect day in Lisbon? Start with a breakfast full of the city's iconic pastries at the famous Pastéis de Belém, then peep at the National Azulejo Museum's colorful tiles. After wandering old, charming Alfama, gawk at the city from an alfresco hideout on high. As for dinner, you've got your pick of the best seafood in Europe. Ready to visit? Head to the link in bio for our full guide to #Lisbon. 📷@jackiecole_


What winter dreams are made of. 🏔️ 📷@loucosporviagem #poolwithaview


France has the kind of beautiful, ridiculously charming small towns that make you want to pack up everything you own and move there immediately. There's Annecy, sometimes called "the Venice of Savoie;" Cluny, tucked in the Burgundy countryside; and Eze, which has stunning views of the Mediterranean. 🏡 📷@wanderwonders


A decade ago La Encarnación, a small neighborhood in Seville’s historic center, had fallen prey to decrepitude. Then, in 2011, Berlin-based architect Jürgen Mayer-Hermann designed a startling wood-and-concrete structure—part mixed-use building, part oversized sculpture—that radically altered the Old Town’s skyline. “The Mushrooms,” as Mayer-Hermann’s Metropol Parasol quickly became known, dwarfed the low-rise shop fronts of Calles Regina and Laraña, its sinuous form soaring 91 feet above the Plaza de la Encarnación. Initially greeted with shock (and some dismay) in this conservative, tradition-bound city, the project has brought new color—and clientele—to the once non-descript neighborhood. And if you're still looking for more reasons to while away a sunny Seville afternoon here, head to our link in bio. 📷@rachelecoleman


There's a phrase we like to use to describe the rise of a destination: "It's having a moment." And luckily for you, we've rounded up 19 places that fit the bill for our best places to go in 2019. Take Siargao in The Philippines, for example. This teardrop-shaped island is an established surf mecca, has see-your-toes water that's heaven for snorkelers, and healthy coral reefs teeming with life. We're definitely adding it to our bucket list—head to the link in our bio to see all 19 destinations you should visit in 2019. 📷@jovi_travel


Art Basel Miami Beach is finally here—and so is our (sold out!) Women Who Travel meetup. We can't wait to see all of you this weekend. But in the meantime, catch us setting our away messages and enjoying the sun. ☀️ 📷@ananewyork


If you haven't made it to Prague yet, allow us to paint a picture. The historic center is UNESCO-recognized, the Christmas markets are some of the best, the beer is legendary—and of course, there's that famous John Lennon Wall. There's a lot to love about this city: head to the link in our bio for more. 📷 @amandamarsalis