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Leading rowing company. Concept2 manufactures Indoor Rowers, racing oars, the BikeErg & the SkiErg. Offering monthly challenges to help motivate you.

Available now: the first edition of, “As the Flywheel Spins: a Concept2 Podcast.” Join Concept2 trainer Cady as she guides you through an invigorating rowing workout. Link in bio, and search for “Concept2” in the Apple Podcasts app. #concept2 #rowingworkout #fitnesspodcast


What have you been using to get your Holiday Challenge meters with? With just under a week to go you all have completed nearly 2 Billion meters, and Concept2 is committed to $30,000 in donations (and rising). You keep Erging, and we will keep donating! #C2Challenge #Concept2


Via @adrian.juhasz18 What winter? Rowing season does not have to end. (Although many of you likely chose Indoor Erg warmth.) #Concept2


Make sure there is no offseason. #Concept2 #BikeErg


Not all garage gyms are large and full of equipment. You only need enough to get the work done. The ‘smallest garage gym on Instagram.’ Via @anonerger #Concept2


Where do you Erg? Show us, and tag #c2challenge for a chance to win some giveaway items. If you’re looking for some C2 swag put up a photo and tag. #Concept2


Some huge efforts at the #BRIC today. Via @concept2uk One person really enjoyed that! #concept2 #rowing #bric18 Nice work @moesbihi @adamneill90


Via @concept2uk The obligatory mid build photo as #BRIC18 starts to take shape. Plenty to do, but it’s starting to look pretty sweet! Come and see us at the C2 booth if you’re interested in an Erg, see C2 UK for pricing. Pickup only. #concept2 #rowing #BRIC


Which came first? The chicken or the Erg? Via @jakelunniss & @jane.erbacher It is important to know the chicken’s name is Hermione. #Concept2