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Leading rowing company. Concept2 manufactures Indoor Rowers, racing oars, the BikeErg & the SkiErg. Offering monthly challenges to help motivate you.

A premier C2 Trifecta studio, @bikerowski, pushes members to master not just the Rower, or the SkiErg or the BikeErg, but all 3. For those lucky enough to be in Ireland you may want to check this out. #SkiErg #BikeErg #Concept2 Photo @owenoconnor


Proud to support the @dxbfitnesschamp, give the 3rd qualifier workout a try! Dubai CrossFit®️ Championship Qualifier 18.3 presented by @concept2inc is now live and demonstrated by @ivandenisov 14x world champion kettlebell sport. . Head over to the link in @dxbfitnesschamp bio for the movement standards. . Best of luck to all athletes! . #dcc18 #dubaicrossfitchampionship18 #dubai #crossfit


Not all leaf piles are created equal. #Concept2


It’s not easy being green. -Kermit #Concept2


Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. #BikeErg #Concept2


Jon Williams bids us farewell after 38 years with the company. Jon was there for the bike wheel nailed to the barn floor, the barn flood, the 1000th Model A, the new building, the new building catching on fire, and just about every other facet of Concept2’s history to date. He may not be in the office but we expect him to stop in for some rounds of the Fish Game or an hour of power on the Rowing Machine. Thanks for the years, and you’re welcome back anytime. #Concept2 #KnowYourHistory


Legendary Weightlifting coach @mikeburgener is known for his cowboy hats and training Geezers. His first Concept2 workout? The beautiful 2K. Check out “10 Questions with Coach Burgener” by clicking the link in our bio. #Concept2 #SkiErg


Rower Vs. Crossfitters 250M Ski 500M BikeErg 250M Row Via @concept2silvan That was awesome!!! Thank you so much for having taken part and giving your everything @barnabe_d @esslingerlukas @jmatiaska !!! 😍😍💪💪👍👍 Representing their sports, they've put on a great show in the @concept2inc #sprint #triathlon with 250m #skierg 500m #bikeerg and 250m #rower! The win went to barnabe! So next challenge will be a little bit more crossfit focused. Any suggestions for a good @crossfit benchmark workout with rowing in there? #Concept2


The most popular Time domain in the online logbook? 30 minutes. ——— 4 Button pushes to set up: Menu-Select Workout-Standard List-30 Minutes. —————- What’s your go to workout? *logbook linked in bio* #Concept2


SkiErg classes? Yes please!🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️ Via @regymenfitness We try to always make our workouts new and exciting which is why we implemented ski ergs. Have you tried one yet? They're great for building endurance and strength. #Concept2 #SkiErg


An early falling morning at Concept2 HQ. Changing leaves means an abundance of Indoor Erging sessions will be coming soon. #Concept2


The Head of The Charles Regatta is fast approaching. Come visit us Oct 20-21 for free oar repair and Indoor Rower, SkiErg and BikeErg demos. As always our Regatta Team will be delivering top notch service. Swing by our booth! #Concept2 #HOCR