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I'm here to shoot photos and eat cheeseburgers. And we're all out of cheeseburgers. DM for prints or if you want to eat a sandwich sometime

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Can’t wait to spend 4 hours hating everything for 20 minutes of the best boardin ever. Worth the excruciating pain.


We camped out at a pretty cool looking lake the other night and right when I was about to go to sleep I heard a pretty big commotion coming from the dock. Went down to check it out and it turns out brett and Quentin were having a seriously heated argument about whether or not dilly bars are better than the Doritos las tacos from Taco Bell. I honestly think both are pretty good and even though a bit of a scrap ensued they’re still buds. Made for a half decent picture too


The most scenic coal mine in town


Finally got the chance to check another natural hot spring off the list yesterday. It was a fucking long bumpy drive in but oh so worth it. There’s really nothing quite like getting soggy out in nature while eating some chicken sandwiches and dumping a couple pilsners into the old gut.


Three magnificent bastards out hunting for leftover sandwiches


Movies like terminator and terminator 2 make robots seem like real troublemakers but I chilled with this one and watched the northern lights for an hour last night and not once did it try and destroy all of humanity.


With summer coming to an end I was going through some photos from July and came across this one of Dylan and Sharon's place at Mussel Beach. They bought a trailer and did one hell of a job turning this little campsite into a home for the summer. Spent many awesome nights here and it didn't hurt that it was one of the few places in Bc without a fire ban either. Thanks for the hospitality!


A great view of the Milky Way over Long beach got even better when those meteors decided to shoot by. There was a slight glow to the breaking waves as well and it really got emphasized over the 30 second exposure. My wish to see bio luminescence may just have come true as well.


It's never a bad time to go to the beach


Navigating the foggy beaches of the west coast


I'll take coastal fog over forest fire smoke any day.


Girl Jim sure knows how to wind down after a long day surfing and drinking beach beers


The stars were shining real strong on mussel beach all week 💪.


Just got back to the mainland after an incredible week in Tofino. Surfed with good friends, caught up with old friends and drank beer with new friends. It didn't hurt that we were treated to views like this almost every night.