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Happy New Year!!! Like many others I have set a few goals for myself this year. Although I’ve set goals, I set them with The mantra New Year, Better Me in mind rather than New Year, New Me, because I like who I am but I think we should always strive to improve when and where we can check out my new video where I start my 2019 goals with you (Link in bio)! Did you set any goals for the new year?


Finally cooked in cast iron without food sticking! Even the eggs came out without leaving a mess in the pan! I was so intimidated about cooking with cast iron but after watching Lisa @farmhouseonboone cook with cast iron in a few of her YouTube videos I decided to give it a go. Now I've requested a 2 in 1 cast iron dutch oven for xmas! #castironpro #notreally #conventionalhippie #greenbutnormal #nomorenonstick


A couple of package free wins while grocery shopping today! I stopped by @greentopgrocery specifically for the bulk soy sauce but was pleasantly surprised to see they carried organic bulk fruit slices too! Perfect for the goodie jars the switch witch is gonna leave for the kids!!! #supportlocal #shopyourcoop #conventionalhippie #halloweentreats


My go to kit. I try to keep these items in my purse or car at all times. That way I'm prepared for the spur of the moment coffee, or treat! It takes me all of 2 minutes to switch out a clean kit at the end of the day so I say it's a two minutes well spent if it means I can avoid single use items. I challenge you to see what single use items you can replace by using your go to kit instead. Make sure to share with us in the comments! #conventionalhippie #babysteps #ichallengeyou #reduceyowaste


Well since we skipped fall I made some elderberry syrup to help my boost our immune systems. This stuff is super easy to make and the kids LOVE it! Save yourself some money and protect yourself this winter by making your own Elderberry syrup. Recipe will be on the blog soon! wintergoaway #healthykids #conventionalhippie


Loaf #2, better than rock hard loaf #1. Still a little dense but not horrible to eat. Hopefully 3rd times the charm! Any tips and trick on making sourdough bread? #conventionqlhippie #sourdoughfail #breadmaking #plasticfree #moneysaver