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Electric railways that operate on a _________, which can’t be accessed by pedestrians and is often grade separated in tunnels or on elevated railways.

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Thanks for coming, guys. I appreciate all the support.


Come see my performance as Drone on the 4th of November. Ill be sharing music I made accompanied by visuals I’ve put together over time. I’ll be sharing the stage with @almondblossomband , @morbid_willow , and other talented mutants. The performances will be around an art exhibit coordinated by , @rsquaredhair , and @madam_suesia . I’ll share more info about the event in the future. I’m probably going to die soon, so come through and witness the madness. . . . Setting the Standard High (Intro) - Drone




As this year comes to a screeching halt and the world begins its end of the year, intoxicant infested orgy, we begin to reflect on the events prior and focus on our goals for the following year. I’m proud of you guys for making it this far. Thanks for evolving with me. It’s been a strange year at best, but the knowledge we’ve shared has mutated me in a way incomparable to the years prior. I really appreciate those arriving and departing throughout these past couple of years. Whether it be positive or negative, you’ve definitely had an impact. Be safe out there tonight and don’t take any gunk from those swine. . . “Kali Uchiha” Produced and Directed by Drone . . Thanks for all of the support. I guess I’m Drone.


There are so many acids and other chemicals in bottled water. You probably ate some mutated bird and other mutated shit with your family. All the other beings we share our planet with are slowly dying off. Your entire family lied to you about Santa and all that shit to carry on a facade that is a tradition to force your parents into participating and buying into these strange corporate holidays. You probably lie your way in and out of work. Your sex life probably sucks. You probably believe in God or maybe you don’t. You’re struggling to pay bills and get upset when things don’t go your way. You worry about not being good enough or maybe you think you’re too good for your environment. There’s probably a cure for every disease imaginable, but it’s not mass produced in order to regulate some of the population. You’re probably insecure about your genitals or your appearance. You’re aiming for marriage that includes two kids, a multitude of pets and vehicles and the ability to flex on your neighbors to feel dominant/superior in some way. Your elitist mindset that is a reflection of this capitalist society stunts your creative growth and forces you to succumb to these strange ass business choices instead of what you really want. What you really want out of life will probably never be enough to make a living off of. I’m not even mad? I don’t rant anymore. Have a great day, you’re wonderful. Thanks for reading.


I made some promo videos too. Don’t be a busta ass trick, come witness the animosity. Check out @happyinhemet and @mistergirlband with a phenomenal roster of other bands at Happyfest this Saturday. Bring a friend and wear a costume.


The mutants bringing Happyfest to the people let me make a poster for them. Come through this Saturday. By glancing at this poster, you’ve been invited. It’s a fat costume party with live bands sooo dress up.




It was a filthy and obscene solute to the mutant race that silently walks amongst you. A vile affirmation that these walking obscenities pass you by, almost everyday, mostly unnoticed. They're your regular warehouse workers, they cook your meals, they run your favorite retail stores, they tutor your fucking kids, they're the EMT's of the future, and their aggression is an expression of the infinity of methods this plane of existence uses to disfigure the mind and bend the perception. This community of mutants that we all know so well brings fourth a gross roster of different minds that mesh together in violence, intoxicants, and brilliant conversation. It's rare to see crowds this diverse other than when @happyinhemet brings us all together. Their line-ups regularly include a multitude of talented bands that remind us of how fucked life can be. These experiences remind us all to keep an open mind and that, without each other, these escapades would not be possible. This aggressive unity is all that a lot of us have sometimes and, without the support of one another, none of this would be possible. Special thanks to @dirtlipdaddy for having such a glorious stage with such accommodating hospitality. Thanks to whoever showed up, your support is definitely noted.


@happyinhemet thanks for bringing all of us together again.




Try to keep ya skull intact, the strange Kanto men are back. #hollowsquad #dank


It was hot as fuck down there, but it was a dope show nonetheless .


"I'll probably get hit by a car or something tomorrow. Why? Did you want to hangout?"


Armando and Brad conquering your mind and laughing about your memories. Keep the foil close to your skull.


Nothing in the world is more dangerous and irresponsible than a