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Keeping up with editing all these vlogs for Vlogmas has been no joke (and we’re a week behind). But I’m proud of me and @ktorr19 for vlogging every day! The content has been pretty quality if you ask me 💯 If you’re not caught up, head to the link in my bio to watch Vlogs 1-7!


We...joined a bowling league. 🎳 😎 #GutterLovers


Counting down until my third Christmas with my #wcw 🎄 Christmas is probably my favorite holiday. 🧐 Comment your favorite thing about this time of year below! (Mine is spoiling my loved ones and is definitely NOT the cold weather 😅)


Had to say goodbye to this sweet baby angel this morning. Congrats on your surgery @rezztracy I can’t wait to see your reveal tomorrow! 💕 thanks for spending your recovery in Austin with us. 😬


Bet on women. 💪 repping my @breakingtco shirt for the WNBPA ✊ during my workout with @Chadhumphreyfitness in SA yesterday morning. 🏋️‍♀️


We might have the least well lit bathroom in America. But when life hands you lemons...take a shitty selfie. 🍋🤷‍♀️


#throwbackthursday to @tacotuesgay showing off the hairs on his chinny chin chin a couple weeks ago. Looking forward to our bowling league coming up, because I miss your stupid hairy face. 🐻


Post workout chillin with my favorite curly pup @atxshinerdog 🐶


It’s Monday, I woke up with a headache and an endless to-do list so I’m struggling to make it through this workday. 🥴


@ktorr19 and I recorded a quick little video about our Pre-Resolution Resolutions and it’s up on our channel (link in my bio). We’re trying to make a conscious effort to make some good habits before the new year so we can take them into 2019. • • We’re going to be posting about our workouts, meals, projects and goals on Instagram and YouTube so make sure to follow along and help keep us accountable! And if you make some pre-resolution resolutions we want to know them. Tag us in your posts so we can cheer you on. 😁 • Wish us luck! 🍀


Light of my life 💡 @ktorr19 #wcw


Went out to 6th street last weekend to celebrate a friend’s 21st birthday and all I got was this stinking cute photo. 🙃 • In all seriousness though, I’m trying to cut out drinking until New Years and it took some serious self control on dirty sixth (I literally had to pass a shot to someone else at one point and I compromised by sipping on one beer at the end of the night). But I did get to soberly experience the mayhem, get a photo where I don’t have drunk eyes (which happens to me from drink 1) and remember the whole night. Not to mention waking up without a hangover was pretty cool. 🤓 • I know that I’ve never been great at moderation — in any aspect of my life —so challenging myself to work on holding myself accountable is something I’m actually looking forward to, weirdly enough? Here’s to small goals, healthy choices and partaking in moderation. Cheers. 🥤


We’ve never met a photo booth we didn’t like. 😉


Lord of the strays. 🐈🐾👑 • 📸: @seethestarsablaze


Forever thankful for this face I get to kiss 💋 @ktorr19


LOVING the newest designs we cooked up for @flavnt_streetwear just in time for Black Friday! Especially when the wifey @ktorr19 models them. 😍😘 Head over to our FLAVNT Instagram for deets on free shipping for the day and all the new merch we dropped. 😎