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How am I related to this loon?! Day off work, so he cycled to our dads house. In Somerset. From Fulham. WTAF. #cycling #insanity #heneedshisheadchecked


That's not a shadow around my midriff 😱 absolute sweatfest in the fitness room at the Penta...bleugh! Pyramid intervals on the bike, s&c session then a core work out all dedicated to @projectmarathongirl who is poorly and can't train (and it's her birthday 🎂) #juliaBFit #sixpackshred #sweatyhairdontcare #gymbunny #gymandtonic #strongnotskinny


I've waited years for this book, thank you @pvbrett for one of the most epic book series I've ever read #bookworm #traintravel #coffeeandbook


Absolutely stunning evening for a swim, shame the swim was a bit rubbish. Felt drained and not feeling it, but 800m done. Nice to know that swimming is like running, sometimes it's just not clicking, so chuck it in the f*ck it bin and move along 😊 #swimmer #injuredrunner #injurybench


Today has been rather eventful. Saw the consultant this morning, he confirmed the tear in my hip and I'm booked in for surgery to fix it in 3 weeks time. I've had a cry, but you know what? I feel so relieved. I know what it is, I know what the fix is, I have a couple of weeks of pain, then a couple of months of rehab then I'll be back. I'm allowed to continue to swim, cycle, gym & yoga in the meantime, just no running. So I've transferred the races I can and accepted the races I cannot, and now it's just a wait until 10th July when I go under to have my hip fixed. #injuredrunner #injured #relief #illbeback


Seeing him enjoy @parkrunuk so much makes my heart sing #juniorparkrun #running #missingmyboy


At my happy place 😍 #memyselfandi #solocinematrip


Sundays used to be reserved for long runs, but today I took myself off for a long cycle. Planned to meet @zenacphillips at the Copper Horse in the Great Park, safely navigated the 8miles to there, then a chatty pootle around the lake, before she headed home and I carried on to make it my longest cycle ever. Seriously dead legs by the end but proud of myself #pushingmylimits #runnersnotrunning #injuredrunner #cycling #windsorgreatpark #friends


Super proud of monkey today, nearly 3min PB from last week at junior parkrun this morning #proudmummy #inspiringthenextgeneration #juniorparkrun #woodleyjuniorparkrun @parkrunuk


I really miss having a cat. Luckily @vikkir_c has asked me to cat sit Fang while they are away, so I can get my feline fix 🐈🐈 😊 #catperson #bengal #catsofinstagram


I'm really struggling today. My heart sank when I saw the letter from the consultant. I was hoping with my all heart it wasn't a tear and I'm beyond gutted. How do you get a tear in your hip from running?! It makes no sense to me. I know I should be focusing on the holiday we just booked, that I should be thankful I'm not in constant pain, that I can still swim and cycle with no pain. I know I'm jumping to conclusions, I know I'm presuming, I know I'm basing my conclusions on what happened to me 6 years ago, where I lived with a torn labrum in my right hip for 6mths, then another 11 months from seeing the doctor to finally getting it fixed through a 3 hour surgery, then 5 months of rehab. I need to focus on what's coming up this weekend, lazy morning with monkey having pancakes for breakfast, scooting to the park, cuddles and general cheekiness. Then parkrun juniors with him Sunday, followed by a nice long cycle ride to my happy place with a friend. Might even go to the cinema. Doubt I'll stop the unhappiness creeping in, doubt I'll stop myself dwelling or crying. I can but try. But right now, that spiral is pretty slippery, and there is a rather large black dog sat at the bottom waiting for me 😢 #struggling #spiralling #depression #thinkhappythoughts


Well that's a bit sh*t Appointment Monday to discuss what's next #injuredrunner #tornhip #fml


Holiday in t-minus 69 days with @barryod071 & Oliver. Cannot wait for sun, sea and sand in Lanzarote #summerholiday #cannotwait #sunseaandsand #countdown


Ouch!!! Week 5 of #juliaBFit #sixpackshred. 60sec boat hold. Plank dips, crossovers, left side plank, right side plank, sit ups, unicycle right unicycle left. 40sec effort, 10sec rest x2. 60sec hip tuck plank. AFTER a 25min bike pyramid set then a 20min S&C session. #gymbunny #timelapse #strongnotskinny


Absolutely gorgeous lunch cycle with @shonadarley. She said it was a 12mile loop, hmm ever-so-slightly out there and so ended up giving me my furthest & longest ever cycle, so I'm over the moon! #runnersnotrunning #cycling #lunchride


Ahh got to love @suunto open water GPS, more like 2625yards (aka 2400m in real money) aka 3 big laps of Horseshoe Lake. Not only was this my longest ever swim, it was also my furthest ever swim *does a happy dance* felt strong and loved it. #openwaterswim #horseshoelake #pushingmylimits


As challenged by @projectmarathongirl, 4 things I love about me. I'll be honest, I'm in a funk and not sure if I can think of 4 right now #pityparty. So let's see... . 1) my resilience. I've been through hell at work in my previous role, I was bullied and that manager is still there but I got ground down day in day out and I've come out the other side, the scars are pretty deep but I'm working on that. . 2) my courage. 2 years 2months ago I walked away from my marriage of 5 years. I was deeply unhappy and it was the bravest thing I have ever done. . 3) my sense of adventure. Be that going on a running tour in the Scottish Highlands, exploring cities or the forest on foot, putting myself firmly outside my comfort zone. . 4) my openness. I've seen what happens when you don't communicate properly. Assumptions are made, fingers are pointed behind backs, judgements are formed. I try to be open about what is happening with me with my friends; I've lost friends from the lack of openness, and not having the difficult conversations, those ones that make you feel sick at the very thought of having them. I also am very open about my battle with mental health, which I've hidden for years; it's got me nowhere and lost me friends, so let's see where it gets me being open about it. . So I challenge you - post up 4 things you like about yourself. (NB this took me over 15min to write, excluding the 90min break I took after point 2) #ichallengeyou #postivevibes #positivethinking #positivementalattitude #mentalhealth


I had a HIIT and core session planned for tonight, but I'm so tired. Got comfort food cooking and a night in front of the TV planned with a whisky to keep me company. Listening to my body, and screw feeling bloated and lazy #shebelievedshecouldbutshedidnt #listentoyourbody #tired #restday