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Did you know that we are the original #coconutyoghurt? We created a new food genre in Australia when we first made yoghurt from coconut milk back in 2009. It was the interplay of our founders, Henry’s and Sandra’s separate stories that led to the birth of COYO®, which has propelled #dairyfree living into the 21st century. Our journey has been incredibly exciting and rewarding and we are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to create COYO®, not just a product but a lifestyle 🥥


Yep... we're thinking the exact same thing! We need one of these amazing chocolate choux ice cream sandwiches by @cloudykitchen stat 😍. While we're on the topic, if you haven't tried an ice cream sandwich using our #certifiedorganic Chocolate COYO® ice cream, you are definitely missing out - it's literally heaven between two biscuits 🍦!


Nothing welcomes in a weekend better than a pot of creamy, dreamy chia pudding topped with #certifiedorganic COYO® coconut yoghurt ❤️. We love these breakfast creations by @choosingchia, keeping things simple with quality ingredients but always making sure every spoonful is delicious! What would you top your chia puddings with? ✨


Handcrafted, slow cultured, certified organic and 100% dairy free. All of our COYO® products are made in a coconut only factory meaning there is no risk to cross-contamination with other allergens. Each batch is handcrafted by our highly trained coconut magicians and slowly cultured - island style. Not only are our coconut yoghurts fermented we also add #vegan probiotics and prebiotics to all of our products making COYO® a great source of good bacteria for our gut health! We use at least 97% pure organic coconut milk in each pot, 100% natural and certified organic ingredients, sustainably grown and ethically made. The result is our award-winning, nutrient-rich, #plantbased yoghurts and ice-creams that make your heart and tummy sing! 🥥


If you enjoy dark chocolate and spongy cakes without the guilt, this one is definitely for you. Created by @yogaofcooking this rich, velvety flourless chocolate olive oil cake is incredibly easy to make and tastes oh so amazing and it's #dairyfree 🍰. Replace the whipped coconut cream with Natural COYO® coconut yoghurt or go all out and top with Vanilla Bean COYO® coconut ice cream 🍦. You won't regret it!!


Mmmm strawberry! You make our stomach sing with excitement 🍓. Keeping it simple, with juicy sweet strawberries blended with the goodness of handcrafted coconut milk and #plantbased cultures. Perfect for pancakes, dolloped on granola or for that afternoon snack at your desk; there is no denying that strawberry is the cure-all flavour, especially when it comes to wholesome yoghurt! Filled with antioxidants, good fats and exploding with flavour, it's definitely a family favourite 🥥


We would love to see you all at the Fine Food Trade Show today happening at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. We're at stand R22. Come and try the entire COYO range, taste our award-winning kid's pouches and try our amazing new flavours and meet the team!


Vegan Date Caramel, Notella or Chia Jam ✨. Which would you choose? Eating healthy, whole foods doesn't have to be tasteless, or boring, or mean you go without your favourite foods. In fact, eating healthy is the total opposite of this. It means listening to your body, thinking about the food you eat & being happy with what you are eating. You shouldn't have to go without just because you are eating healthy, or have an allergy or intolerance. There are so many amazing, sustainable alternatives filling our grocery stores, it's basically a whole food revolution 😉. Hmm now about these delicious creations by @addictedtodates. Do you think a layer of all 3 topped with Natural COYO® is too much? 🥥 We didn't think so either! Happy Sunday 🌴.


Warm almond butter chia oatmeal with chocolate sauce, coconut yoghurt and raspberries by @oatmeal_stories ☀️! This is a classic that never gets boring! Check out the recipe below; ・ 1/2 cup fine oats  1 tbsp chia seeds  3/4 cup hot water  3/4 cup almond milk  1 tbsp almond butter  1 tbsp maple syrup pinch of sea salt (optionally)  pinch of vanilla and/or cinnamon ・ 1. In a small pan, combine oats and chia seeds.  2. Pour the hot water and let soak for 5 minutes.  3. Add the rest of the ingredients and bring to a boil, cook over medium heat for 5 more minutes or until thick and creamy, stirring frequently. . ・  Top with your favourite toppings and finish with a large spoonful of our Strawberry COYO® coconut yoghurt 🍓!


Sometimes we need to celebrate the start of another wonderful week with dessert for dinner 😍. @elsas_wholesomelife has been busy in the kitchen creating this plate of egg-less french toast with caramel date paste, maple syrup and berries and we have fallen head over heels in love 🍓. We think this recipe would go amazing with a couple of dollops of our Strawberry COYO® coconut yoghurt. Just imagine, the crispy crunchy yumminess from the french toast, combined with the creamy, naturally sweet, probiotic-filled deliciousness from our #coconutyoghurt 🥥! YUMM ✨


@brownedbutterblondie knows how to turn ordinary biscuits into something extraordinary 🍪. We think the secret to success when it comes to creating a dessert sensation like this is to always make sure you have a batch of biscuits or brownies ready to be sandwiched between ice cream, specifically our #dairyfree COYO® Vanilla Bean ice cream and then drizzled with clean,  #dairyfree chocolate sauce just for an added touch of deliciousness! What is your favourite COYO® ice cream flavour? 🍦