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"What a cyanide surprise you have left for my eyes" ❤❤❤❤❤ 24/INFP/cosplayer/artist/very much in love with @sasurealian.

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Had a blast and a half with the lovely @melbowroom at the Takashi Murakami exhibit in the Modern art museum of Fort Worth The last picture is one of my favorite pieces that was displayed 💗


💗Pink the color of a pure love 💗 Photo that I had thought I had posted but I guess I hadn’t :p I have a couple of new makeup ideas coming soon 🌸


Not a prince but a king 👑 ❤️❤️❤️ 🔒❤️❤️❤️ 🔑❤️❤️❤️ If you haven’t watched/read Shugo Chara you should! I found it in highschool and followed it all the way until the final chapter was released and cried my eyes out. It’s one of my favorite magical girl anime’s (along with Tokyo mew mew, pretear, mai hime, and few others) Photo by the lovely @melbowroom #shugochara #tadase #tadasehotori #shugocharacosplay #tadasecosplay #cosplay


Spinning around Sunday at #sanjapan2018


“You May praise my marksmanship if you like” - 🐦 Taken by @br4ndog 👌 Edited by me for maximum drama, because let’s face it, crow is a drama queen ——————————- Who’s excited for the next Persona episode that comes out tomorrow?!!! I am because my favorite palace is up next and I’m gonna die #crowpersona5 #persona5 #akechigoro #goroakechi #p5akechi #p5cosplay #cosplay #crossplay


Tadase Hotori is definitely one of my favorite characters is shugo chara and next time I cosplay him I’m definitely going to do his platinum royal outfit because that would make my 14-year-old selfs dreams come true 📷 by @melbowroom (thank you!!) #shugochara #sanjapan2018 #tadasehotori #tadasecosplay #shugocharacosplay #crossplay #cosplay


Glittery cat girl 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 If anyone is still curious I have taken 4 showers since this makeup and I’m still finding glitter in my hair and face. Send help. #catgirl #glitter #makeup #sanjapan2018 #glittermakeup


Sometimes you gotta be a bro and help ikuto have the most dramatic of cape flips 🌸 Ikuto: @april.hare Amu: @shoujo_prince Photo: @_rawrkittymeowface_


Sunday morning at the con I decided to be incredibly extra and become a glittery cat girl ❤️ I will be finding glitter in my everything for the next ten years #catgirl #sanjapan2018 #cosplay #makeup #glitter


Took a nap and turned into a cat boy ❤️ we’re doing otayuri today and San japan isn’t ready for us 🌸


Found people living their best life and handing out suckers! (I got a pineapple one) #sanjapan2018


“My sole interest is uncovering the truth” @br4ndog took some of the sickest photos in our hotel room 👌 I’ve been having a blast as Akechi at San japan! Everyone has been so kind and many pancake jokes have been had #crowpersona5 #persona5 #akechigoro #goroakechi #p5akechi #p5cosplay #cosplay #crossplay


Gonna be Akechi at #sanjapan today! So happy to be my bird boy ❤️


Both have a bit of a cold but that won’t stop us ❄️


Big thank you to @ridalovesmc for making me this awesome bracelet! I wore it with pride all Monday at afest! 🌈


At afest taking weird selfies and eating all the sushi!


“I’ve walked with you once upon a dream” Quick Aurora selfie from this morning ❤️ I’ll be at afest shortly as her (yeah it’s pretty late but I’ve been working all day 😭)


Came back from lunch to this ❤️❤️ Still unpacking and trying to preserve data for righ now so I won’t be on here till internet is set up and the place looks a little bit more put together