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📍 Oahu, HI NYC Based Actor • Model • Creative Director @take3talent NYC @wearemoreagency LA Syracuse Musical Theatre Alum 💫✌️🦁🍊🦀🌸🐶🏃🏻‍♀️🌱🏝🌎


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Hawaii is it so beautiful here 😏🤙 Photo x @danielbrittain_ @tgscollective


Currently on my way to Hawaii ☀️ Spending all day traveling west, and can’t wait to jump in to work with our TGS team on the other side🤘💥 Photo x @theadamchin


I enjoy long walks to the fridge🍦 Photo x @baldwinner


Sooooo I’m one hundred percent a summer baby, but fall fashion just gets to me💥 What are your favorite things about fall?? Photo x @lanijoelle


Haven’t been sharing my work and my life with you guys as much recently because things have been so good, which is actually pretty ironic - but I’m sorry, and I promise you’re going to be seeing more of me from here on out ✨ Feat. Dirty rooftop feet 🙈 Photo x @baldwinner


Whenever you get the chance to get out and feel the sun and the breeze and the earth moving beneath your feet, do it. It will liberate you from your mind, from others, from society. It will teach you where you came from. There is no better reminder than realizing you’re part of a much bigger world. Happy Saturday, Stay free. ✨ Photo x @mannyparra_


Got some film back from the best @danielbrittain_ @_secondhanddan 🌵 HMUA x @alexandra_giselle_ ✨ Counting down the days til Hawaii in a week with our killer TGS production team!


Today’s a good day cause I’m filming my first big international commercial ❤️ Hard work pays off. Keep Grinding. Photo x @stewcaldo


The one thing I’ve learned about the process is that everything is subject to change. Photo x @escaperealife


Trying to keep my emotions and spirits in check today as I’m reflecting on the strength and beauty of NYC on 9/11 and as a hurricane barrels towards my family and home. With these reminders that life is so precious and so fleeting, I can’t help but to feel beyond grateful for this life and this world. NYC - you have been the most fruitful home, showing me tough love, support, and inspiration on my darkest and brightest days. You are a haven and a dream to millions. Thank you for staying strong when your people needed you most. To my family, friends and home in NC, stay safe please! Sending all my love to those out in the universe who may need it today. Those who are mourning the loss of heroes and loved ones, who are remembering tragedy, who are dealing with battles everyday. You are all my heroes. ❤️ Photo x @hijoeylopez


Stormy skies with @elladegeaphotography 💥


Spent my Saturday morning putting the boots back on and getting some touches in. After growing up on the field with my soccer star brother @jsoedinho, stepping back on the pitch feels so good⚽️💥 made this quick little video to send in for a soccer audition and just thought I’d share!


Getting ready for this weekend like 💿💕 Have so many cool projects in the works and coming up - including a few creative direction sets with this dream team of women! Can’t wait to start sharing some news!! Photo x @the.ellle MUA x @brookecsmithh


Soaking up some last beach time from the long weekend in the Hamptons with wonderful people before heading back into the city for NYFW 🤘🌊 Photo x the wonderful @mannyparra_ Feat. My new favorite suit from @trippswim 👙


Happy lay-bor day ☀️ Pc @zphillips22


SO PUMPED to announce that ya girl is heading to Hawaii at the end of this month with a killer TGS production team to work and adventure🌴 can’t wait to be back on that island life where my heart is happiest ☀️ it’ll be my first time on the big island, so comment or DM me your favorite Oahu spots and/or creatives I should check out! Photo x @swayslife


Rock and roll my dudes. Happy Thursday 🤘🍒💥 @justinpatterson @kittykatnejat


Me trying to diet like 🍩 Shot x @caseykrauss #scenegrab