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Your courage and your strength move me, your radiance beyond physical beauty captivates me and your endless love for not only me and my wellbeing (oh and bronsons too!!) but LIFE gives me an overwhelming sense of pride to call you my wife! Our life’s journey together will be unparalleled to anything else we could ever imagine and I’m so ready for that. Thank you for your sweet soul and loving embrace. Thank you for seeing me, and who I am, more clearly and lovingly than anyone else ever has. I will always cherish and protect you at all costs Luna VonCutthroat.


The moment you said “yes” was the day I knew I had my life back again. You couldn’t have come at a more perfect time , cause yes, timing is everything. The light you bring to my life is nurturing and energizing. In my life of constant controlled chaos, you remind me to slow down and bring me peace that no one else ever has. And In just one kiss, gaze, laugh or feeling, you stop everything else that goes on around me, and all I can see is what’s important... And that’s us and our happiness! And I can never express how good it feels to be able to share that with you. I am forever grateful for our love and the wholeness it provides. je t'aime - - - #TheVonCutthroatsAGangsterLoveStory #twinflame #voncutthroat #theoriginalcutthroat #jewelry #disneyland #pastlives



And in an instant... your whole life will change before your very eyes without a moments notice and completely unexpected. But in that moment you will know everything in your life has led you exactly where to needed to be, after you’ve finally learned to love yourself and finally learned to let go... I love & I surrender - - - #theoriginalcutthroat #voncutthroat #destiny #twinflame #TheVonCutthroatsAGangsterLoveStory



TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY-LONG POST: so a week ago today I underwent a transformation that I’ve been wanting to do now for roughly 15 years, but through life’s journey I never come across the right opportunity to do it. But when the moment came I made sure not to miss it. So Last week I finally split my tongue by the talented @zentriratna . It was something I was more than certain I wanted to do, and something I wanted to do for me and me alone and chase made me feel even more comfortable with my decision of doing so. I’m thankful for him being part of my experience and could have had a more perfect person to do so. But now that I’ve done it I can honestly say with all confidence I’m very happy I did. The process of getting it done as well as healing was quite the journey and it really taught me a bit more about myself than I expected. Just another step of me just becoming and Creating the me I want to be. People may not like it, or may not understand it and that’s ok... they don’t have to. Because I am comfortable in my own skin and love who I am. #voncutthroat #theoriginalcutthroat #barber #barberlife #california #effyourbeautystandards #bodymodification #bodymods #tonguesplit #tonguesplitting #la #oc #orangecounty #santaana #dtsa #liveforyou #evolve #evolution #potd


My heart literally sank when I heard this news..... ever once in a while you come across someone you hardly know,but you just knew there were capable of incredible things. You could feel their character and passion through their energy and vibe alone. For me that was @thekevinlu a fellow American barber over in echo park. Kevin was in a tragic car accident yesterday morning and lost his life at the young age of 21. my heart weighs heavily and I can’t begin to imagine what his family might be doing through. Please spread the word and help his family with what they may need. There is a link to the go fund me account on the @americanbarbershop_official page. Any little bit counts. Rest In Paradise hermano and May your energy and spirit surround us all.


💈AMERICAN BARBERSHOP💈 Professional. Original. Exceptional. The keys that make a barber, these are the keys that make our barbers. The ideology we represent is what makes us the @americanbarbershop_official . We love what we do and what we love more is to make you guys enjoy your time with us. If you guys want to see what it’s like, book an appointment online and enjoy. Book before Labor Day, link in bio • • • #americanbarbershop #barbershop #professional #originalbarbers #exceptionalservice #hairservice #haircuts #hairstyles #barbershopconnect #freshcut





Most of you need to stop giving a damn about what everyone else thinks and start giving a damn about how/what YOU FEEL! - - - - - 📸 @ari_muerte #theoriginalcutthroat #voncutthroat #barber #hiking #zion #optoutside #fitness #fitspo #ootd #effyourbeautystandards #nature #photography #art #health #freespirit #adventure #live #utah #tattoo #ink #mensstyle #mensfashion #roadtrip